Russia going to the UN tomorrow is definitely something to keep our eyes on. 

I don’t even know to expect. So many possibilities. 

Pepe is excited.


Capsule review:

Precious few books or articles do justice to both the core challenges facing Ukrainian foreign policy and the reasons Ukraine’s success or failure in meeting them matters to the rest of Europe. Garnett’s book does. He brings balance and subtlety to the core issue — Ukraine’s relationship with Russia — treating specific conflicts in detail, but only after laying out the deeper and more basic factors at work. Rather than end at that, he goes on to explore Ukraine’s relations with its remaining neighbors and to show in what fashion Ukraine will, amid this larger mosaic and despite the studied underestimation of the West, figure in the well-being and safety of the rest of the continent.

POTUS opened the door of all doors.
Expand your thinking.
What is the keystone?

What is the keystone?
What Nation dominates all others?
What Nation has influence over most others?
What is the keystone?

Find the keystone.
What holds everything together?