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Here’s an excerpt to whet your appetite:

A lot of claims were advanced in just the last 2 weeks about these biolabs in Ukraine; from outright denials that they exist at all to artfully worded admissions that attempt to gloss over their nature and purpose

When the U.S.S.R. collapsed, it left behind various bioweapons labs that then appear to have been subsumed by the newly formed Ukrainian government. And then beginning in 2005, the United States began to very helpfully offer to come to Ukraine’s assistance with improve and safeguard the facilities. This happened at a time where it has turned out that the US was establishing such relationships with over 300 biolabs worldwide. 

Biological weapons were a legitimate threat during the Cold War, so much so that in 1972 many countries signed an international treaty at the United Nations banning their use and development called the Biological Weapons Convention [BWC]. 

[By the way, is anybody else wondering just what the hell people like Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, John McCain, Barack Obama, Richard Lugar and others were actually doing all those years in their tours of places like Syria, Libya, Iraq, Ukraine, Taiwan, China, etc?]

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Members of the Azov battalion

So since 2014, Russia has been nervously watching these twin developments right across it’s border in neighboring Ukraine: mounting attacks on the Donbass region by increasingly out of control and spreading private militias made up of actual Nazis, and the proliferation of bioweapons labs engaging in increasingly dangerous pathogen experimentation. It’s not like Putin hasn’t told the people behind this puppet government in Ukraine to stop this activity. He warned them many times they were playing with fire. Many times since 2014 Russia’s warnings fell on deaf ears.

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