At least the last one for tonight…

[Day 83]… I predicted Poland 3 weeks ago, because I saw Srđa Popović tweeting about it. Next thing is topple.
They are going to move across Poland and take the Kaliningrad area[[]]](

That will probably start WW3.
Sid Blumental is the check writer, the bagman.
Still no Marc Turi, just like the Braverman/Brown email; all we have is email, no physical appearance or social media witness of seeing them in person.
Whenever there’s an explosion at an embassy, an ambassador getting fired, then USAID is going to be dirty
You need to have NGOs and you have to control the police, otherwise there will be reports of missing children

You mean to tell me Muslim Brotherhood meets at Feinberg’s Egyptian Mansion? A: No. I think Steve Feinberg is in the police phase, he is meeting with people who know the Muslim-Brotherhood phase / Disruption phase.

You need to disrupt and then bring in the police. The planning with the military is happening here.

This [strategy] is all outlined by George Soros in the Albanian email. Don’t know why I didn’t include that here:
Step 4 (using the example of Haiti) Get the kids, get the girls, ship the men as mercenaries all over the place, market the girls overseas, and you have the women doing slave labor and prostitution.

What you don’t see is the pipelines but I guarantee you they are already drilling. Secret drilling happening since 2010. I hate to paint such a negative picture but it’s true.

Use DFS, create construction and telco monopolies along the coastline, and then attack the people and takeover.

This is happening now in the US, with DHS: The opioid epidemic, the VA not giving healthcare, the IRS stings, the kiddy porn entrapments, same thing as Mexico.< It’s 103 not 102 Jane Does The attractive girls are managed by “Gypsy type organizations” put in by Tyler Drumheller, they travel in groups of 600 and pick up kids along the way These guys who go crazy–Myron May assistant district attorney New Mexico ended up going crazy and supposedly shot someone in the law library[][][]–which is the cover. He’s the guy who fingered Epstein in New Mexico, claiming prostitution and drug ring at a sex ranch. They are harassing him with informants 24×7 and of course he’s going to go crazy. Same thing with the Navy Yard shooting in DC [George believes Mccabe was originally CIA in 1993 and has infiltrated the FBI. That he was the original one who threatened the NYC police officers to establish JTTF.] They were going to break NY and then go to DC. With the help of US Secret Service. Same thing happened with CFR and the World Bank. Just a reminder you have NY Chief of Detectives saying that the emails contain child sex trafficking, perjury, Obstruction of justice, money laundering and pay to play Preet hasn’t done anything Between Weiner, Epstein, the Pundit article: I don’t know how much more of a smoking gun you need Day 83 pt2]

I use my hand as proof-of-life

I deleted episode 5 from yesterday because it was poor quality, plus I don’t want to fight the pizzagate battle of what it all means
I just wanted to say it’s the frequent use of enforcers and enforcer gangs, when they are managing a bunch of girls in a sex ring, they will use all kinds of intimidation tactics. So they show women being sliced up and murdered. Fear is commonly used tactic.

Step 3: This is privatizing war
Bush had a fine hand, he knew how to take the oil without the sex trafficking. He was happy with arms and oil (((and drugs))). But with Petraeus, it adds Bush plus kids and sex trafficking


George recommends Laura Dickenson,“Outsourcing War & Peace”, it’s all about DynCorp

This is not a secret (((, this is an open conspiracy)))

JTTF is DynCorp in the US
DynCorp subsidiaries are G4S, Serco; Wackenhut

Feinberg should not be the lead economic advisor for Trump; now he’s going to be doing security for the Mexican border; this is the last company in the world I would want doing security

Cynthia Mckinney, why is Dyncorp still getting contracts?

$6.7 trillion missing, it’s going to be these DynCorp contracts that they want to hide

Hospital here, could be involved in organ harvesting. I started thinking about how remote it was. Check out incineration happening late at night in Haiti for evidence of that.

We’ve got to get there, take photographs of people in the parking lot. Dyncorp helicopter logs
Rahman in Syria and Asfari Petrofac CEO are your suspects
Send 200 agents to Haiti, that’s where the warehouse is
Who are the other suspects of the 19?
I’m backing out of the the IRS penalty phase. I’m going to let the #HRCRatline figure this out.

Day 83 pt3]This is a fun one.

I’m more like a stinger missle, going left or right, using contributer information as feedback confirmations, algorithmically, recursively refining the target location using new information

I liken it to being on Jeffrey Epstein’s Dyncorp Helicopter, as I get closer in, I get a good view of how close the mansion is to the CFR building. I’ll show you (((George shows the viewers the google maps, 2 min walk, if that)))
I’m going to say there’s a brownstone in that mansion(((RE: DynCorp and CFR, involvement in LASK)))
I’m not saying it’s Feinberg, I’m saying DynCorp is linked thru CFR to the LASK. This is Kissinger’s neighborhood. Not saying he’s involved.{
If you have a family member that was missing, ask them if they’ve ever been to the Feinberg mansion
Why do I keep harping on DynCorp?
People keep getting gangraped by police forces, people keep dying of weird circumstances, police/politicians keep getting blackmailed by the counterterrorism division
Why build a hospital out in the middle of nowhere when it’s needed at Port Au Prince?
Publish 650k emails and get me off your list, I’m going to drop the whole thing with DynCorp; there is enough exposure that they are done with this program anyway
Myron Mays was on a path to being the next Barack Obama. All of a sudden his life went to nothing. Because of McCabe–the disruption campaign.If anyone is wondering my motivation, I’m being selfish–I value my life and my family’s–that’s my motivation

First guy on the list of the 19 missing state dept emails is Christopher Stevens — they are withholding his name, I guarantee it.
Also ;Jack Lew
Denis McDonough
I didn’t come up with DynCorp. It was given to me by the contributors
There’s going to be 3 or 4 more people from this list that’s going to finish the list
John Podesta
Bill Burns
Joe Biden
Sheryl Sanderg
Lael Braned
Michele Floury
Loretta Lynch
Jennifer Granholm
Jaime Gorelick
Tom Perez
Gergory Meeks
Terry McAuliffe
Howard Schultz
Neera Tanden
Carol Browner
John Sexton
Gene Sperling
Tom Nides
Wendy Sherman
Bill Burns
Tom Donilon
Mike Morell
{{Members of the congressional black caucus (Cummins and Conyers)?}}

Day 84 pt 1]
Ambassador Stevens was sent to Libya to get the Sarin gas from the stores. The reason he was killed because he knew about the child trafficking out of Libya to Malta and to Greece. THat’s why the french investigators were killed in the plane crash over Malta

Film coming out, Kara’s film, Trafficked, sex trafficking from the oil wells
In the hand of the conspirators (Hillary and Cheryl Mills) talking about Flint Chambers’ Dyncorp LapDances
There are 3rd party articles corroborating
Who is the Federal Prosecutor in the 1999 case from Bosnia that slow footing case against Dyncorp– it’s Claude d’Estree.

Not only over here at the Boston bombing.
Text: “Lauren Johnson “Carbon Monoxide” Cse 23 Year old Vancouver, WA Death; Korbel School, Denver University”

McCabe still hasn’t recused himself from the Huma, Hillary case or the 1999 case

Who was teaching these police to gangrape these police forces? Dyncorp. Not all police, just a group of six or seven.They are coming in from Federal Bureau of Prisons on parole. They aren’t really police. Theysay they are police but [they are criminal police imposters on parole]

Monica Petersen was sent many times to Haiti by Claude D’Estree, and she was doing a Master’s thesis on trying to disprove this guys’ film. She kept saying, ‘wait, that IS true…women are being put into debt bondage’ these women are having to go into prostitution. She also connected the microloansharking to Carlos Slim. She connected it to Carlos Slim. She validated that Kara is right. That’s why she was killed.

Where is Monica Petersen’s Master Thesis, we’d like to read it.

Even morally-challenged people like Gov Rod Blagojevich, even hechallenged Rumsfeld in the Chicago Tribune over the Dyncorp sex trafficking, and they slammed him just like they slammed McKinney.

Here is a rep from Georgia, Nancy Schaeffer. She did a lot of work around the world about trafficking. She and her husband were murdered.

The Super Bowl is the number one area for abduction. Feb 5th in Houston, TX. Don’t let your kids run by themselves. The number one event for human trafficking.

Day 84 pt 2]
True Pundit article about the clinton foundation talking about likely money laundering coming up through LA, el chapo and offshore accounts “FBI NYPD: Clinton Foundation Propped for Money Laundering, Financial Transactions with Islamic Terror Groups

[]George talks about ‘sharding’ accounts, trying to split them up. There is investigator software that can easily see what they are trying to do. This is the old Marc Rich Funnel.

You are going to find that Lionsgate IS the funnel. The movie funnel money coming from El Chapo (you’ll see a link below that says El Chapo gave 15M to CLinton Foundation). It’s the Times of Mexico that reports that story. Carlos Slim even owns the Times of Mexico

Lionsgate did the Hunger Games where girls had to run for their lives. If you read Cathy O’Brian’s description (((“mk-ultra victim”))), where she was told to put on only a pair of tennis shoes and run naked as fast as she can, only to be raped. It’s almost the exact story of Hunger Games

This article is a type of FBI limited hangout. When FBI is looking bad, they throw a bone like this.

This is a ‘slow foot’ leak to show they are doing something.
Where have we seen this before? Marc Rich, in his story.

Except replace Lionsgate with Rupert Murdoch and 20th Century Fox

McCabe is the litmus test. If he doesn’t recuse himself and release the emails, then he’s just sitting on the emails, obstructing and “compartmentalizing”
100M a month is what Mena operation made over 20 yrs ago, so a 140M fine is a fart in the wind

Philipe Reines is the bag man of the film funnel, doing parties in LA, He’s going to take people from the Sean Penn parties, the Lionsgate meetings up the ranch in New Mexico or to Podesta’s place in Lake Tahoe

The FBI is very scared of coming forward because they were crushed before by these guys in NY. So they have to release this info through “their kids at the library” (((I assume this to mean ‘deputized civilians on twitter’))) I give it out as fast as I get it
CNN only produces cover stories
If Sean Penn is at the party, get the guest list if you see either of these two people ((((Asfari and Rahman))) in NY, LA or Florida
Corrections: It wasn’t US State Dept versus Dyncorp. I believe it was Wesley Johnson out of Texas filing a RICO against Dyncorp.The FBI is hot on the case

[Day 84 pt3]
George wants Braverman to do a press conference
They are shutting down the CGI — Clinton Global Initiative: the part that couldn’t be publicized, the 1100 hidden donors, the politicians in the EU, NATO generals. It’s the money funnel. Reason is, to destroy the evidence.
It says 24 people are going to be laid off
This article wouldn’t have come out if they haven’t already destroyed all the evidence (((Because it was published by Carlos Slim))). They never would have risked having the NY police dept going in with a warrant and getting evidence.
The only thing left is getting people involved out of the country. These will be the high flyers with diplomatic passports. Diplomatic passports allow people to come in and out of the country without being questioned by police in order to do these kinds of deals
In any kind of trafficking, you need a passport issuing authority. So you need to take over some government to issue your passports; you always run the risk of being caught by INTERPOL or local police.
All signs point to MALTA for issuance of these passports. It’s a small country and easy to control. “Knights of Malta Can Issue Diplomatic Passports — Guistra Enterprise Partners?”

{{Look at Belize also, according to John McAffee}}
Get a cellphone from a Haitian factory worker and look at the microloansharking interest rates
Take screeshots on the phone and look at activity around payments to a Telcell Telmex cell

If I were investigating I’d look at all the players’ cellphone purchases and transaction records
Contact Conchita Sarnoff and get a timeline for Epstein and his movements, and then correlate cellphone records–Epstein is going to be the funnel point for all the cellphone records.

Whenever we find the 24 Knights of Malta–or whatever they call themselves–that are bidding on these girls, we’ll be able to correlate when he got pictures of the girls, what they bid and when

Watch the Hustle 2 trailer to see how the bidding thing works.

Again, McCabe, Litmus test: release at least the metadata on the cellphone calls

[Day 85 pt1]
If you stop at the first story and don’t go beyond, you end up 180 degrees from the truth. Basically CNN.

Looking at who the script-writers are Morell was the one who came up with the fake WMD narrative and at 9/11; he’s been running psyops
I think I’m too late for the kids
This is my form of disruption. Running a counterintelligence is better than doing this

As soon as I say, I think the kids are at the hospital, then they move them
This makes a lot of dust clouds and you can take pictures of license plates
I have to continually disrupt in order to create these evidence trails

Someone sent me Charles Ortel’s audit of USAID
The answers are going to be in USAID and World Health Organization (WHO)

Money Laundering through Hollywood. If you didn’t know that Hillary was behind Fast and Furious and you didn’t know that there was consolidation of cartels into Sinaloa to sell the oil leases off the coast of mexico, then the hollywood money laundering story makes no sense.

His agent friends put releases through kids and social media, through the library, (((Because subverts at the top have ruined the FBI and they can’t do their job normally)))Because CGI has shut down and they destroyed the evidence, you have to throw them off so as to create more evidence to pick back up ongoing back to “The Whistleblower”.

The film demonstrates the trafficking intimidation tactics: If you leave this place, then everyone in this place will be murdered. If you ever run away we’re going to kill everyone here

D’Estree–a front man–was brought into the US Attorney’s Office in 1999-2001 to slow-foot ths whistleblower Kathyrn Bolkovac. That’s why the US didn’t bring a lawsuit to Dyncorp

Merrick Garland and the OKC bombing or Comey are other examples of slow-footing
You can’t say have the CIA investigate these things because DynCorp IS the CIA; so instead you have cutouts–fake people, front men, to run investigation, but at the end of the day, they are CIA covering their asses
With OKC they killed a lot of people; but the Korbell School psyop technique seems to be to kill a few people and hire crisis actors to maximize the emotional / psychological impact as killing bunch of people.
Conspiracy theorists fall into the trap of thinking the whole thing is faked, but people really died; and
there are also crisis actors.
Madeline Albreight – Serbian ‘waving the bloodly flag’ was the disruption to get NATO bombing. All these lawyers Podesta, McCabe, Kadzik are not real lawyers, they are all CIA cutouts. They are all extortionists and obstructionists. People put words in their mouths.

Comey has a cutout’s career
“Dynberg” gaffe. I like it.
Keep sending me people you think may be on this 19 emails list
People can FOIA places where people worked
CIA might say “conchita sarnoff” don’t you know her dad’s propaganda network, she could be a cutout
Yes I know, as Reagan says ‘trust but verify’

Day 85 pt2]
Udo Ulfkotte — A German journalist died of a heart attack in his 50s for reporting that every journalist in Europe has been bought-off by the CIA; he calls out fake news. “There is no place for Muslim Culture in Western Europe” (called an islamaphobe)

You need only 90/10. Only 10% are needed to be revolutionaries to get things started. Vorsichtburgerkrieg! Otpor type disruptions in Germany

George thinks the suspicious activity reports (SARs) are FOIA-able
The amounts in SARs are going to line up with movie deals and expenses
Every time there’s a leak, McCabe has to come out with a cover article; his compartmentalization means he’s not a good guy
This is a repeating pattern. It’s going to happen in Kallingrad in few weeks
Rudy Guiliani stopped this in only 1 year, Comey had the case for 9 yrs and couldn’t do it. (((ie:Comey is a cutout)))This is one syndicate. It’s a small number of people, certain key people in key positions.

Day 85 pt3]
This will be a crazy one
I knew Neil Brown was a NOC because of the deep oil training
CIA folklore: when they do a topple, they take the male war orphans they will pick the boys as ‘pets’, groom them into Rhodes scholars. LIke the disney kids.
Bill Clinton is one of these–horrible family conditions but then goes to ivy league and gets an ivy league degree and becomes a Rhodes Scholar.
Barack Obama: same thing {{mkultra?}}
Braverman may also be a groombaby of CIA
When Netanyahu put out the logs for the Yemeni kids, it’s kind of like saying I can put out the logs for all these kids. Cut it out with the UN Resolutions against me, because I can put out all the logs of the kids. They are trying to turn all the journalists into NOC, not just Anderson Cooper

Udo Ulfkotte,:“I was a Non-official cover for the CIA. They bribed me for planting a story that Gaddafi was making Sarin gas and Saddam in 1988”[]Blue helmets in Kosovo they changed to the white helmets in Syria; in Germany they were called the yellow angels. It’s always a color and then some social justice NGO cover.
The program is dramatically expanded under Hillary

[Day 85 pt4]
I mentioned that there are Israeli families in the US that will host war orphans of Lebanon wars. Braverman might be Avi Braverman’s adoptive son
I wanted to give an update on Haiti in this episode
Digicel 5 Star Hotel in Port Au Prince, the Marriott
I want to make contact with Danto. Going to be visiting USAID sites. Send me places you think I should go.

JTTF program with the FBI, they create a cell within the police force, a quasi public-private police forces (similar to white helmets in Syria), they will be tied in with UNICEF centers. I will map those UNICEF sites and visit them. It puts people on notice that there is sunshine coming

A lot of people want me to talk about Shandalone
Direct victims and families to the FB #HRCRatline site
Neele d’Estree to publish Monica Petersen’s Master Thesis
Not going to add child sex trafficking to the Marc Rich slide until there is proof

[Day 86 pt1]
George discusses conversation with Monica Petersen and her friend discussing Tony Rodham’s mine and her findings at Caracol Industrial Complex…in her words, “there is human trafficking happening through Clinton’s Caracol”
George discusses the USAID clearing / zeroing out of the World Bank account daily in order to hide how money is spent
If you want to donate to George, give to Judicial Watch or Danto in Haiti
USAID money is being concentrated around the northern coast, near the mine area and industrial park, not where the damage was done in Port Au Prince far off in the southern coast of Haiti.
They are putting up container ship ports and oil tanker ports at Port Lafito, Bigio Family
They have a helipad on the hospital and it’s remote.
5000 UN Peacekeepers nearby.
George thinks “cholera” victims are donors for organ cruises
This remote hospital is the ‘junkyard’ where you’re getting parts and then flying it up to the luxury hospital in the industrial park.The above hypothesis is 80% fact 20% working theory
Why do I think this?
We know that sarin gas, gang rape, sex trafficking, and microloansharking slavery isn’t off the table…if they are willing to do these things nothing will stop them from organ harvesting.

George discusses the mind map, reveals himself as a software developer.

Day 86 pt2]George gives suggestions on where to investigate in Haiti
There is a prison near the coast and near the port.
“The Clintons mined blood from prisoners in Arkansas” so it’s not outside the realm of possibility (((George kind of glossed over how bad this was…Arkansas Prison Blood Scandal)))
Bill Clinton becomes the UN Ambassador of Haiti 6 months before the earthquake
Rajiv Shah becomes the head of USAID 5 days before the earthquake at 37

George adds new people to the 19 (on the Hillary Gmail list) and what they were talking about.
Victoria Nuland, Rajiv Shah?, Doug Band? Justy? Lanny? OPIC? Latitude Capital?
Joe Wilson Still a NOC?
Confessions of a hitman type; or economic spy?
This is why we have to publish those 650k emails, because they could be harvesting prisoner organs.
This could be the Guantanimo of the world.
This is where the spirit cooking comes in
Yes, they teach the satanic stuff, but the reason I keep saying it’s a cover is because it’s psychological comfort for the aggressor. They know it’s wrong to take someone’s heart out. But they try to create a revenge motive. They convince the people that are doing that that they are taking revenge against you for something.

It’s called ‘bad jacketing’, the FBI is famous for this. I take this guy’s suit off him and then put a nazi jacket on him. I can send an anonymous letter, I can send an email, I can talk to a neighbor, there’s a million ways I can bad jacket someone.
Then the person over here who doesn’t know any better says, “oh he’s a child molester”, this is what Dyncorp is doing.
They are targeting people who are speaking out. Haitian politician that exposes Clinton had better be careful or he’s in for a spirit cooking.
It’s not just politicians being spirit cooked; it’s also these 40 kids and 102 Jane Does. Brownstones are all over the world.