I’m sure Scavino has been posting numerous videos of Antarctica for the past year for no reason whatsoever, he’s just bored or something.

Brian Cates


Scavino, GeorgeNews & Military are referring heavily to Antarctica.

Then Scavino’s video post with penguins all screaming “it’s happening”. 

Penguins live in Antarctica & they know something’s happening??!? 🤔

So makes you wonder what in the world is


(which I assume was their point)

So here’s what I found:

•Antarctica has no permanent population, no citizenship or government.

•It is governed by the Antarctic Treaty, which includes 54 countries.

•There are 70 military “research stations” in Antarctica, which represent 29 countries from every continent on Earth.

•Since no country owns Antarctica, no visa is required to travel there.

•Research focuses on terrestrial and marine biology, medical research, ocean sciences & meteorology.

The Antarctic Treaty bans military activity in Antarctica. Military personnel and equipment may only be used for scientific research or any other peaceful purpose.

The Atlantic Treaty is meant to represent the “common heritage of mankind” principle.

It says that these countries must work TOGETHER to ensure the preservation and wellbeing of the natural land, and to cooperate with their fellow members.

Each person in Antarctica is governed by the laws of their home country. 

Then I found a ton of military posts & pics of Operations & Missions happening right now in Antarctica.

Operation Deep Freeze 2022 is one I noticed.

There’s also a Navy Squadron called Puckered Penguins. (Dan Scavino penguin video 🐧)

The countries all recently collaborated to make new guidelines for ships operating in polar waters called The Polar Code.

And oh yeah…….this guy.

Pretty subtle 😏

Scavino’s latest posts contained references (clues?) to Antactica:

Brian Cates notes:

“You can take one of two views: Kash Patel and Devin Nunes are punking everybody with all this Q stuff they’ve been posting on Truth Social since the launch; it’s all just a little harmless trolling that means exactly NOTHING. And Scavino is showing over a dozen videos of Antarctica because he’s just messing with everybody; it doesn’t mean anything at all.  The other view is there is something going on, but we won’t clearly see what until there’s some kinda ‘big reveal’.”