The Wartime Presidency Part VI

How does the government-in-exile and devolution merge together to protect America?

This article is dedicated to Joe Keating, (FA handle: @Horatio). Joe was loved by many and passed away before his time. Joe was always very complimentary of my work and loved reading my articles and threads. A great patriot and a gentleman, I look forward to meeting him again some day and telling him how we won the second American revolution.

In Loving memory,
Joseph Francis Keating
January 31, 1965 – January 25, 2022

The topic has come up in conversations I’ve had with other patriots in the freedom movement.
Patel Patriot asked me this once in the interview he had with me.
“So what’s the difference between devolution and the government in exile?”

This article will go deep and explain the similarities and differences between these two theories, and how they mesh together. At the end of this, I think you’ll come to the conclusion you cannot have one without the other.

Let’s step back a minute and talk about when devolution goes active and when a government-in-exile goes active.

Simply put, Devolution is a reaction to an attack. Government-in-exile is a reaction to an invasion.
In writing this article, it became difficult to snap a chalk line and organize some events on the devolution side, and others on the government-in-exile side. I looked back through my articles and the ones that Patel has written and realized that in many instances we were discussing the same material.

It was there I realized that there was a simple dividing line between the two ideas: Devolution is the the military chain of command executing decisions within a pre-written battle plan, while a Government-in-exile is a civilian government displaced as a result of a invasion by a foreign power.

Patel and I have merged these definitions a bit and there’s much crossover between the two. I’ve found this definition is the easiest way to reconcile the two ideas and merge them into one functional unit.

Now, keeping that definition in mind, what’s devolution?
Devolution is a set of orders ready to go in the event of a catastrophe. Here’s a fictional example:

April 1983, 02:00

Tensions between the USSR and NATO are at a very high level. This is also the time of a huge NATO excercise, Fleet-Ex. The Soviet Union believes they are about to be attacked and launches a massive nuclear strike. At the same time, a Soviet ballistic missile submarine has sneaked close to to the US coastline without being detected. The submarine launches her missiles at Washington DC – total flight time is 3 minutes. The president cannot be reached in time and dies in the nuclear blast. The military is uncertain who is the commander in chief at this point but must launch its own counter attack before the Soviet missiles strike the silos. Fortunately, a pre-existing battle plan is available in the event something like this happens and is implemented immediately. Command is devolved to the commander of NORAD and launch orders are given. In the battle plan, it is instructed that an Emergency, (commander in chief is dead) Permissive Action Link code of 0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0 is entered and the warheads go active (don’t laugh – this REALLY was the launch code before President Carter ordered it changed in 1977).

The missiles launch before they are destroyed by the incoming Soviet warheads.

Now that scenario is hypothetical, but something like that devolved battle plan certainly exists. That hypothetical battle plan is devolution – it allows the military to act in the nation’s defense if the president were to be killed or incapacitated and there was no successor.

Key takeaway: devolution mostly involves the military but may have some civilian input to achieve the continuation of government mission. No matter who’s involved, a devolution plan allows the United States to continue its military functions to respond to an attack or even to fight a war (under special circumstances).

What about a government-in-exile?

When nations are invaded, and about to be overrun by an enemy, an option available to them is to vest all governing authority into one person (or group of people), and arrange for that person to flee the country before capture. I go into detail in Wartime Presidency II about how this exact situation happened to the government of the Philippines and how I noticed similarities in what Trump was saying and in what Trump and his team were doing.

A merging between the two?

When President Manuel Quezon fled the Philippines, he couldn’t take everyone. Many Filipino and American soldiers were left behind and continued fighting the Imperial Japanese forces until the official surrender on May 7-10, 1942. After the official surrender, many of those in the American and Filipino armed services continued to fight as guerilla forces. They did so until the liberation of the Philippines by allied forces on August 15, 1945. During the Japanese occupation, the resistance was so successful that the Japanese only managed to control 12 out of 48 provinces.

All this happened without any input from President Quezon or Legislature of the Philippines. The Filipino armed forces were operating under a form of devolution.

Evidence for devolution?

There’s tons. I won’t do a re-hash of Patel’s entire Devolution series, but I will post this one document from Part 13 because it’s so important.

Patel Patriot’s Devolution Series

Devolution – Part 13
If you haven’t read the previous installments of my Devolution series, you can do here: Devolution – Part 1 – by Patel Patriot Devolution – Part 2 – by Patel Patriot Devolution – Part 3 – by Patel Patriot Devolution – Part 4 – by Patel Patriot Devolution – Part 5 – by Patel Patriot…

This is Trump’s Federal Mission Resilience Executive Order (FMREO) or EO 13961 of December 2020. Patel wrote in his article, this one document is proof of devolution, because we have seen behavior from the Federal government that matches what’s written in this document.

I’ll also point to the color revolution that Patel explains in detail in Devolution Part 12.

Patel Patriot’s Devolution Series

Devolution – Part 12
If you haven’t read the previous installments of my Devolution series, you can do here: Devolution – Part 1 – by Patel Patriot Devolution – Part 2 – by Patel Patriot Devolution – Part 3 – by Patel Patriot Devolution – Part 4 – by Patel Patriot Devolution – Part 5 – by Patel Patriot…

What’s a color revolution?

A color revolution can be defined as a regime change brought about by street protests, disputed elections, and favorable media coverage.

Most color revolutions are brought about by the support and influence of a foreign government or NGO – they’re usually not brought about by popular support within the nation’s borders.

That foreign influence is key, because depending on the scope and depth of the influence, a successful color revolution may be considered as a debilitating attack or an invasion. This puts it within the authority of the US Military.

Let’s remember the events of 2020: Were there street protests? Yes – thousands of them in every major city.

Was there a disputed election? Yes – President Trump has repeatedly and consistently said that the outcome of the 2020 election was fraudulent, while the media and political establishment have said that there’s zero proof of these claims.

Was there favorable media coverage? Yes – The mainstream media in the United States was hyper-critical of President Trump, and supported the protesters no matter what they did or how violent they became.

Was there foreign involvement? Yes – and here’s the smoking gun. May 30, 2020: It was caught on Twitter that a protester rushes the barricades set up around the White House, you can hear in Mandarin Chinese, “Go, go, hurry up, leave quickly!!”

Rioters outside #WhiteHouse. Man says in Mandarin Chinese, “Go, go, hurry up, leave quickly!” @realDonaldTrump @SecPompeo investigate, you need to investigate what kind of a role #CCP is playing in this when #US and world want to hold CCP responsible for #CCPVirus
(Thanks to Duane Cates for finding this! His research abilities far surpass my own!)

This person likely was a Chinese spy trying to incite the crowd to rush the White House grounds in the hope that the protesters would be shot by Secret Service agents doing their duty to protect the President of the United States.

Had this occurred, it would have been the Kent State massacre of our time. It would have been legal, it would have been a justified use of force to protect the office of the President, but it also would have been the end of the republic. The enemy would have a final and decisive victory.

As Duane Cates has said ad nauseam, that’s why Trump went to the bunker that night. The Secret Service protects the President and the Executive office – not the building. Once the President and Executive staff were safe, the need for deadly force evaporated and the protest was a simple crowd control issue.

Does this image in front of St. John’s church make more sense now? The republic survived, God won.

Also, the military was monitoring the 2020 election. If we can see evidence of cheating, you can bet the farm that the military did too. Remember General Nakasone’s tweet?

The color revolution and the stolen election provided all the justification needed to activate devolution and protect the nation.

One more thing:
Remember how Acting Secretary of Defense Chris Miller said he needed to, “look the NORTHCOM commander in the eye”?

This was six days before President Trump left office.

Here’s the transcript;“Uh, I needed to look the commander in the eye, because, you know, the president, SecDef, me…I, whatever the correct English is, you guys can clean that up. Should have paid more attention in high school. My wife would be ashamed of me not knowing the proper preposition — and then, uh General VanHerck. So, you know, you just, I said it before, you can have VTCs all day long, you know, but you wanna, like, I wanted to look the guy in the eye and get a sense for his soul and I think he probably needed to do that for me as well.”

Who is General Glen D. VanHerck? He’s a 4-star in the Air Force and his official biography lists his current position as Commander, United States Northern Command and North American Aerospace Defense Command.

USNORTHCOM conducts homeland defense, civil support and security cooperation to defend and secure the United States and its interests.

Let’s see… Secretary Chris Miller, who had just conducted “some of the most complex military operations in our nation’s history” wanted to meet face to face with the EXACT General you’d need to devolve the military chain of command and make sure Brandon has adult supervision.

Look closer;“I needed to look the commander in the eye, because, you know, the president, SecDef, me… and then, uh General VanHerck.”

President Trump was at that meeting as well, if you look at the transcript closely.

But the press wants me to believe they just complained about the cost of the F-35… yeah, right.

Evidence for the government-in-exile?
When I initially wrote this series of articles, there wasn’t much evidence for a government-in-exile. I took some statements by President Trump, evidence of a successful color revolution, and I looked to the past to see what other governments did when they were faced with invasion.

That’s when I found Commonwealth Act No. 671 and what the Government of the Philippines did when they were invaded by the Empire of Japan.

Forming a Government-in-exile was a reasonable response by a duly elected government to protect itself in dire circumstances.

However, since December of last year, if the idea of a government-in-exile is kept in mind, the behavior of the former Trump administration makes sense. Unlike devolution, we cannot point to a document and say definitively, “here is the evidence for a government-in-exile”. But we can observe the effects.

1: Mark Meadows and the cabinet meeting
Mark Meadows told the press on July 30, 2021 that Trump had a meeting with his cabinet.

The press went nuts. They picked up on what Meadows was saying only to have their confirmation bias kick in and dismiss the statement as nonsense.

Did the government-in-exile of the Philippines do the same? Yes. President Manuel Quezon had regular cabinet meetings with the cabinet members who fled the Philippines with him.

2: Mike Pompeo’s statement about two state departments:

On November 10, 2020, days after the election, Mike Pompeo had a press conference where a member of the press asked the secretary if a delay in meeting with the Biden administration officials would cause a problem with the state department. Intentionally or unintentionally, Mike Pompeo dropped a reference to two state departments in his statement to the press. Take a listen.

“The world should have every confidence that the transition necessary that the State department is functional today, is successful today, and will be successful with the President who is sworn in on January 20th, a minute after noon will also be successful.” – did you catch the subtle reference to TWO different state departments? Will be successful… will also be successful.

Taken alone, this statement means little – just a grammatical error in saying the one state department will be ready.

However, there’s evidence that there are two state departments serving the interests of the United States. One is under Secretary Blinken, that executes the foreign policy of the Brandon administration.

The second can be seen with former Trump officials going around the world and meeting with foreign officials and nations. Look at the list: Ric Grinnell is in The Balkans as a “special envoy” to help Bosnia and Serbia reach a peace agreement: Mike Pompeo (Former Secretary of State) is in Taiwan, accepting an award and meeting with officials: Jared Kushner (Former Special Assistant to the President) went to Saudi Arabia and the UAE back in January/February 2022; Steve Mnuchin (Former Secretary of the Treasury) visited Saudi Arabia in October 2021; Mike Pence (Former VP) met with the President of Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu.

What’s subtle but critically important?

The foreign officials are agreeing to the meetings – and official business is discussed.

Ladies and gentlemen, that’s foreign recognition of the government-in-exile!

Right now we have the following countries covertly recognizing the Trump government-in-exile:
And we also have three other countries that overtly recognize the Trump government-in-exile:
Saudi Arabia
Have they come out and said, we recognize the government-in-exile of the United States”?

No – and you’ll never get such a declaration.
But recently, regarding the Ukraine situation, the UAE and Saudi Arabia refused to meet with the Biden administration.

Vladimir Putin has even said that Biden is an illegitimate president, and refuses to meet with his administration.

Dear reader, this is one of the strongest pieces of evidence for the government-in-exile you will ever see – pay close attention to which countries recognize former Trump officials.

One more very odd thing!
Right before Mike Pompeo arrived in Taiwan, Biden also sent a team. The team was led by Admiral Mike Mullen (former JCoS Chief) and will be joined by joined by former deputy national security adviser Meghan O’Sullivan, former Under Secretary of Defense Michele Flournoy, Mike Green, and Evan Medeiros, both of which were senior directors for Asia on the National Security Council. Here’s what’s strange about this. Isn’t Taiwan the new conflict zone? Haven’t we heard that China will invade Taiwan once Russia is done with Ukraine?

Now, this is Brandon’s team – you will note that the support staff to Admiral Mullen are former National Security people from the Bush and Obama administrations. Admiral Mullen made a name for himself in 2020 when he objected to Trump using force against ANTIFA and what we now know to be Chinese agents, who he considered “protesters”. This protest happened on the night of May 30, 2020 in front of the White House.

Here’s what I want to point out: All of the members of this diplomatic team to an international hot spot are former government officials. Why isn’t Antony Blinken going? Isn’t the sovereignty of Taiwan an important issue in the Pacific?

The most important person who’s going there is actually Mike Pompeo, and Pompeo is meeting with Taiwan’s foreign minister.

Here’s what I think: I think Taiwan is meeting the Secretary of State… of the government-in-exile.

Taiwan is broadcasting to the world that they’ve counted the cost and when their national security is on the line, they put their faith and trust in the government-in-exile of the United States – not with Brandon.

3: General Michal Flynn:
He actually went and said it. I’ll let you listen yourself.

TWO governments. One elected, one selected. This is one of the strongest examples of a government-in-exile that you will ever get.

Who is part of the government-in-exile?

Patel found a list of individuals mentioned in The FMR EO as laid out in Devolution Part 13: The Federal Mission Resilience Executive Committee
On this list we have the following individuals: Chris Miller, Secretary of Defense; Chad Wolf, Secretary of Homeland Security; John Ratcliffe, DNI; Robert O’Brian, National Security Advisor; Tony Ornato, Assistant to the President, Deputy Chief of Staff; Russell Vought, Director, OMB; Mark Meadows, Chief of staff, not named as an individual, but the position of Chief of Staff is the executive position that the other individuals report to when they complete a a deliverable as part of the FMR EO
At the bare minimum, these individuals are involved in the government-in-exile.

But there are more obvious people involved as well: Donald Trump – President; Mike Pence – Vice President; Dan Scavino – Social Media Director; Ric Grinnell – Special Envoy/Ambassador; Mike Pompeo – Foreign Minister; Jared Kushner – Special Envoy/Ambassador; Mark Meadows – Prime Minister.

Who is in the devolved chain of command in the military?
Civilian lead: Chris Miller, Civilian lead: Kash Patel, Civilian lead: Ezra Cohen-Watnick, Commander: General Glen VanHerck, USSOF – this comes from Miller’s involvement. USSOF were broken out of the normal chain of command and made independent. It’s one of the official acts Miller did as Sec Def.

There are certainly others, and Patel has laid out a case in Devolution Part 9.

I’ve listed these individuals here because I can point to a connection between them and a devolved chain of command, or they were involved with the government-in-exile. In other words, I’m fairly certain these people are involved.

How does devolution and government-in-exile mesh together to protect the nation?

In order to answer this question, we need to step back to January 20, 2017. That day President Donald J. Trump was inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States. When Trump came into office, he had a vision for transforming the federal government from an entity that served itself at the expense of the citizen to an entity that served the citizen first.

He encountered individuals within the federal civil service who were not at all interested in helping Trump make his vision a reality – a more accurate statement is that these individuals were downright hostile to what Trump wanted to do.

Immediately, the establishment assigned “minders”. General Mattis, John Bolton, General McMaster… their job was to make sure that the status quo wasn’t upset too much.


That didn’t work out so well for the swamp, did it?

In theory, the swamp intended to frustrate policy implantations and actively thwarting Trump at every turn. The vast civil service ranks could also be relied upon to slow roll policy, or even for acts of insubordination.

And that brings us to a contradiction.

Now that the swamp has Brandon back in the White House, and “Orange Man Bad” is gone… why can’t Brandon get anything done?

Let me introduce you to a old military tactic.

June 25, 1940: France falls to the Wehrmacht as Hitler’s armies march across Europe. Winston Churchill created the Special Operations Executive, or SOE. These were the commandos that both trained resistance forces and carried out sabotage missions in occupied Europe.

There was another, far more secret group within the SOE, however.

This group would be a constellation of commando units that would stay behind in Britain in the event that the island nation was invaded and conquered by Nazi Germany. Arms caches were constructed across the country and supplied. Had the Nazis successfully invaded Britain, these stay behind troops of the SOE would have given the Nazi troops one awful time.

Fortunately, the Royal Air Force and Hitler’s catastrophic military expedition into the Soviet Union made Hitler abandon his plans to invade Britain and the stay behind troops were never needed.

Here’s what I think Trump did during his time in office.
Trump never trusted the bureaucratic arm of the Federal government or the military. Could Trump trust people like Lois Lerner or Colonel Vindman to faithfully carry out his vision?

Certainly not.

Another strategy was needed that would accomplish the same mission of the stay behind SOE units in the event his administration was overrun.

Trump implemented a three pronged strategy. One that kept his options open in the event the political establishment tried to cheat.
Prong 1: The PEADS
Trump issued a ton of PEADS and EO’s that were tied to the COVID-19 National State of Emergency. So long as that emergency existed, the PEADS would frustrate the enemy administration.

Prong 2: The Judas Goats
A Judas goat is defined as “A Judas goat is a trained goat used in general animal herding. The Judas goat is trained to associate with sheep or cattle, leading them to a specific destination. In stockyards, a Judas goat will lead sheep to slaughter, while its own life is spared.”

Trump has placed these people into the Democratic Party over decades. Their mission?

Lure the Democratic Party to expose itself to the American people for what it truly is – a Fascist organization hellbent on dominating every facet of American life.

Maintain the status quo
They do this by making statements or authoring legislation that appears crazy to us, but brings out the fascist wackos on the left.

Those wackos think it’s safe to let the mask slip and start implementing their plan only to have the American people recoil in horror.

Judas Goats suck up all of the oxygen in the room – they intentionally propose policy and legislation that cannot pass, even with Democrat control of the legislature. Precious political capital is spent for no gain. The status quo is maintained. Trump succeeds where his deep state minders failed.

Prong 3: The stay behind troops
Over four years, Trump would have been able to insert and promote select people within the Federal civil service ranks. In the event that Trump’s administration was overrun by cheating, these people would be placed to sabotage the policy goals of the incoming administration. These stay behind troops would have been quietly inserted and promoted to positions within the civil service corps, in order to inflict the maximum amount of damage to the incoming enemy administration.

Remember the “list of failure” that I billeted in the introduction to the Wartime Presidency series? That’s the stay behind troops at work – sabotaging the Brandon administration.

I’ll take a minute to note that these troops will not be able to thwart all of the enemy administration’s goals – high fuel prices are an example. However, they will be able to frustrate some policy goals:
Failure to implement Federal universal vaccination policy in the private sector through OSHA;
Failure to implement a Federal vaccine passport.

Those are two examples of successes that come to mind.

Remember the Filipino armed forces that became guerilla fighters after May 10, 1942? Those soldiers were stay behind troops and they waged a campaign of irregular warfare against the occupying Japanese forces.

History shows this was effective, Japan only controlled a fraction of the total land mass of the Philippines.

One last item; Could Biden launch a nuclear strike?
I know that some people are concerned that if Brandon realizes his number is up, Weiss is coming for him and his family, and Trump suddenly creates a constitutional crisis that could thrust him back into the White House, could the deep state panic and launch a nuclear strike against Russia or China in order to create a catastrophic event where they could implement the great reset?

I wouldn’t worry too much about that.

First, Brandon can’t just push a red button and launch the missiles – the system doesn’t work that way. The release of nuclear weapons is a process that involves hundreds of people.

Foremost, the commander of the North American Aerospace Defense Command or NORAD will be involved in any strike order.

Who’s commander of NORAD?

That’s right, General Glen VanHerck. The same man Chris Miller and Trump met with eye-to-eye 6 days before Brandon “took over”.

Trump thought of everything, and we are in good hands.

Until next time,