PS: Fox News fired her for criticizing Fraudci.


Durham’s under their skin. 

PS: Big time.

–Spygate Down, Telegram

Kanekoa The Great:

Twitter banned another one of my accounts yesterday as my last post about this article started to go viral. 

They don’t want lefties realizing Hunter Biden’s Chinese private equity fund is investing in the world’s top polluting Chinese oil, gas, and coal companies, while Joe Biden declares war on climate change in the United States.

But they can’t stop me from spreading the truth because I will continue to expose the Biden Crime Family on telegram, gab, rumble, truth social, substack, and every platform that allows freedom of speech.

Joe Crushes American Energy While Hunter Gets Rich From Chinese Fossil Fuels

Joe Biden fights climate change in the United States, while his son’s Chinese private equity fund holds investments in Chinese oil giant, Sinopec, which creates more CO2 emissions than all of Canada.