Righteous Russia – Part 5

The Mind War

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While others have and continue to dig into much closer detail regarding the ongoing Russia-Ukraine crisis—both real and manufactured—I’d like to transition from discussing the short and long-term fallout of Russia’s justified and largely misrepresented military operation to the other war being fought beneath and above the real one on the ground.

Here, we’re going to use the ongoing Russia-Ukraine situation as the premise, but you can apply this concept—this cognitive filter—to many conflicts in the past, and likely a few to come in the near future, especially if a similar dynamic starts to play out between China and Taiwan. As I said in previous entries in this series, I do not have a firm grasp of the relationship between China as a sovereign nation and the CCP, nor do I have a firm understanding of its leader, President Xi.

That said, what I do here on Fearful Symmetry is approach narratives from a macro view, and I would argue that both sides of the ongoing Shadow War those of us in the Truth community have been aware of for years—if not decades—approach warfare from a similar macro view.

Now, leaving aside military and logistical strategy, and even national intent from both the Russian and anti-Russian factions in the current crisis, let’s take a look at the narrative war being waged on top of the real one.

Readers in this audience are almost preternaturally aware of the way information is weaponized in today’s media, as well as how more covert information is weaponized in a more literal manner by all sides in the interconnected web in the ongoing war of Sovereignty vs. Globalism. That said, it seems that most discussions on the way information has been weaponized surrounding the current series of crisis on the international stage has focused on the controlled corporate media’s impartial and inaccurate depiction of Russia’s ongoing incursion and occupation.

But what if there is more at work here than Deep State propaganda and Russian spec ops, potentially in coordination—as argued in this series—with patriots in the west? What if patriots WANT the corporate press—and by extension, globalist allies—to weaponize said information against Vladimir Putin and Russia? What if that’s the macro goal burrowing under and soaring over the tactical missions being actioned on the ground?

How could this be a boon to an eventual patriot narrative? One that holds Russia up as vindicated rather than vilified? How can the constant media disinformation being parroted by every chyron and waxy, artificial digital mouthpiece be a GOOD thing when it comes to the OTHER war being waged at this time? The war that, some would argue, matters just as much, if not more than the one featuring real bullets and real biolabs and real casualties.

I’m talking about the War for the Mind. The Collective Mind, that is.

We all know it’s being waged, that it has been in progress for decades, if not centuries. That the Controllers—be they Prussians, Communists, Globalists, Nazis, or all at once—have engineered crisis and responses to them in order to bring about a desired mass psychological response. Some have referred to this psychological war tactic as “mass formation psychosis,” and while that’s a great term, I’ve got a simpler one.

We’re in a Mind War.

Your mind. My mind. But more importantly, the collective mind of society at large. The mind that NEEDS to be won for any of this to mean anything, and the mind that has been thoroughly, mercilessly dominated by the Deep State and its Globalist Controllers … until very recently.

What if patriots have turned it around on them? What if the very storylines the Controllers are disseminating in a desperate attempt to turn public opinion—and therefore, psychological momentum and all its ensuing mandates of rulership—ends up having the opposite effect?

We might refer to this concept, this psychological war tactic as seeding consciousness. Explained simply, the process of seeding consciousness on a given topic does not necessarily go hand in hand with the seeder convincing the subject of a concept. In fact, it’s more effective if the subject is unaware they are being manipulated.

Many of you have likely experienced this in your own lives. Ever try to convince a ‘normie’ that there might be more to Russia than meets the eye? How about Pfizer? How about the events of September 11, 2001? JFK? (Well, that last one was so botched by the powers that be that it’s become just about the safest ‘conspiracy’ to discuss in the open.)

No matter what you’ve tried to convince a narrative-absorbing ‘sleeper’ of, you’ve likely encountered immediate and somewhat dramatic resistance. In this way, on a micro level, breaking down walls of cognitive dissonance is much more difficult—if not impossible—than simply planting seeds in the consciousness of the subject and waiting for world events—engineered or otherwise—to water them.

In short, you don’t need to defend or argue a concept or position in order to introduce it into the mind of a subject.

Relating this back to the crisis at hand, Russian patriots and their allies don’t necessarily need their version of said narratives to be argued BY the media, social or otherwise, at least not now. They simply need the concept to be argued IN the media.

Humans are emotional creatures. Most are far more emotional than logical. The Controllers understand this, which is why the corporate press does everything in its power to first traumatize and later massage narratives into that vulnerable normie hive mind. But when they are met with storms of chaos they did not engineer … when narratives are formed on the fly and in a panicked state, then the media makes mistakes, and cracks begin to form in the manufactured narrative.

We’re seeing that in the current situation. The media reactions to Putin’s timely and direct maneuvers have caught the Deep State by surprise. Rather than carefully crafting a sturdy, tall and nearly impenetrable wall of cognitive dissonance for normies, there’s nothing but a thin veneer of barely-contained threads forming a cracked and cracking narrative eggshell over any number of inconvenient truths slipping out like sprung leaks from Ukraine.

Fast-forwarding to the potential narrative endgame at play here for the ‘good’ side, whoever that may be, people are conditioned to react strongly to plot twists, and that is because surprises engineer micro versions of the ‘fight or flight’ response. In effect, surprising someone makes them remember something. So, as dramatic and emotionally-charged as the media firestorm over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has been, imagine once that emotion settles, only for it to be brought back tenfold with a barrage of cascading plot twist reveals about the narratives the media fed them regarding the whole thing.

Talk about whiplash.

Starting to see how bad news by one side can be turned into good news for the other, on a long enough timeline?

If we leave Russia-Ukraine narratives and their ensuing boomerangs to the side for the moment, consider the mass psychosis the COVID-19 psyop had on collective society, and now imagine the dare I say Biblical backlash once all government-implemented and media-fed narratives start coming down one by one, or all at once.  

Similarly, we witnessed countless occasions during the Trump Administration of the collective American and even global consciousness being bombarded with false narratives that are embedded into the ‘accepted narrative’ with no basis in reality. Thus, when reality comes back around—and it has a way of doing just that, again, on a long enough timeline—we can see how something like the Trump-Russia collusion hoax actually helps patriots long-term in two ways, and even before bigger reveals are made:

1)    Trump’s alleged cozy relationship with Vladimir Putin looks better and better in hindsight for normies every time they refresh one screen or another to get the latest fear porn out of the Russia-Ukraine crisis.

2)    When the concept of foreign collusion by a major U.S. presidential candidate (or even sitting President,) comes back around in the media, the public has already been seeded/primed by the concept. The concept is no longer alien. It is understood. It is rationalized. It can more directly interact with the frontal cortex, and therefore the conscious mind because the subconscious fully understands and accepts it as a thing that exists.

Here, we can see that, when the public has been primed on a given subject, it doesn’t much matter if they’re being sold lies at the outset—in fact, it can be beneficial if said lies engineer a bigger initial emotional response—so long as the truth lies in wait, readying for its final, and utterly emotionally arresting response.

When attempting to combat false enemy narratives, one need not argue against them all too strongly at the outset, but rather concentrate on reverse-engineering them, so long as the counter-narrative is built on a foundation of inarguable, provable truth rather than lies.

All that remains is to flip the actors, shake well and you’ve got the prime rubric for reversing every narrative from COVID-19 and the Great Reset to the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election and the War in Ukraine.

As stated in the film Inception—and marking the second time I’ll reference this direct quote—we’re told that, “the greater the trauma, the greater the catharsis.”

If the globalist, corporatist press has done anything in their time, surely it has been to traumatize viewers with a mix of lies and engineered tragedies. Patriots, in my view, have allowed this to take place, not because they want to be party to the fomenting of public trauma, but because they know they’ll need fertile psychological—read: emotional—ground for the many, many, MANY reveals to come in this strange, exhausting, compelling war we’re in.

Thus, when these narratives are turned around on them, the emotional—and therefore, cathartic and positive—reaction to them by many will be overwhelming.

Circling back around to the Russia-Ukraine ‘crisis,’ now that the lens has been focused, my entreaty in this piece is to get you to look at “bad news” not as a bad thing, but as a necessary precursor to truth, as the truth hits that much harder when it arrives in the direct wake of intervening and masquerading lies.

This concept of consciousness seeding can be applied to virtually all aspects of this ongoing information war.  So then, let’s apply the concept of consciousness or narrative seeding to the ongoing Russia-Ukraine crisis and all its spiderwebbed fallout, and let’s see if we can turn some current negatives into future positives.

If we are indeed watching the unfolding of the greatest story ever told, what better way to ramp up the second-act tension than with one final and desperate barrage of enemy lies?

Now then, in Ukraine, what is the macro war being waged and what are its ends, apart from the purely strategic? We’ve all seen the videos—both real and largely doctored or misrepresented—enough to know that there is a psychological war being played out on a global stage. While it may seem like Ukraine, and by extension, globalist interests are winning this narrative war, the other side may be playing a longer game, planting seeds that, once flowered, will form a latticework that ensnares the invisible enemy in too many simultaneous traps to escape. Remain still, and they are paralyzed, and therefore, defeated. Twist and thrash, and they’ll tear themselves apart on the thorns their barbed lies have sprouted.

What does this narrative counter-maze look like? Remember when I said Putin and Trump are better storytellers than the Deep State? What stories are they currently telling?

First, the tactical battles being won by Russia, and therefore, by sovereignty include the direct exposure of almost hilarious levels of Ukraine corruption, the exposure of President Zelensky as a WEF, Schwabian puppet on strings, the exposure of bloodthirsty war hawks screaming themselves hoarse on both sides of the imaginary aisle in U.S. Congress AND media, the stark reveal of Russian might and therefore, Union weakness, the elimination of very real terrestrial threats to sovereign nations, from Nazi battalions to bioweapons, and much more.

It’s taken just two weeks for Ukraine, rather, the government of Ukraine to be revealed as nothing more than a corrupt eggshell criminal syndicate run by elitist kingpins and guarded by Neo Nazis, and real ones, not the media inventions from Covington Catholic or your occasional Trump rally—battalions who are now finding out what it actually feels like to go to war against fighting men—and Spetsnaz—rather than the innocent children of the Donbas.

It is true that these truths are fighting through a sea of blaring lies, so much so that Vladimir Putin issued an executive order essentially designating MSM members as enemy combatants—a narrative seed all on its own, and one nearly identical, though far more direct than Trump’s countless references to the very same as the ‘enemy of the people.’

But, I would argue these same enemies have helped the truth in the long run far more than they’ve hurt it. After all, what better thing to compare a truth to than a corresponding dark mirror of a lie?

In my view, here are just a few of the many counter-narratives being seeded into the public consciousness due to ongoing events, and likely to be bolstered and enhanced by those to come.

1)    The Collective Arrogance of the West

Put simply, when even the CIA is saying this entire conflict could have been avoided, you know you’ve messed up big.

Before we even touch on some of the spicier narratives that have been seeded into the mass collective unconscious of world observers, the surface-level of Russia’s Ukraine invasion has only served to highlight both the stunning arrogance and the resulting incompetence of the West, represented most primely by Germany, the United States, France and the UK via the utter helpless incompetence of NATO and the utter powerlessness—in force or will—to check a seemingly unchained Vladimir Putin.

There is no putting that genie back in the bottle.

Normies—most of them—already viewed Russia as evil. Now, however, their comforting illusions of implied, automatic Western morality and globalist security and rationality have been shattered. The world has forever changed as a result of Putin’s grand move, and if it was being pulled toward collectivism inch by greedy, clawing inch through feigned practicality dressed up as morality, the ensuing whipsaw back toward sovereignty and nationalism, even if only to avoid the threat of war, will be swift, violent and long-lasting.

The beauty is, normies don’t even have to use those evil terms, ‘nationalism,’ or ‘sovereignty,’ if they don’t want to. Pragmatism will be their safety line, which will allow them to preserve their internal sense of moral superiority while lamenting that, next time, it might be best if we just stay out of the whole damn thing.

Now, onto the spice …

2)    A Rudderless United States Apparatus and a Leaderless Administration

Aside from their utter lack of control over Russia’s actions on the international stage, or their presence as a deterrence in the normie narrative, the United States ‘government’ is being either ignored or contradicted by other sovereign leaders around the world as the Pretender-in-Chief and his handlers fumble for purchase in a sea of contradictory choices.

While war hawks in both the Democratic and Republican caucuses bay like hounds for the blood of Russian—and by extension—American troops, the Biden Administration remains meek and submissive. At the same time, what little efforts they take in appeasing the warmongers—sanctions and stern words toward the Last Tsar reborn—come off as poorly-planned and self-defeating.

On the world stage, the narrative situation is even worse for the U.S. faction of the Controllers, summed up most starkly by the borderline hilarious dueling Poland fighter jet headlines and the very public and very direct insults by Saudi Arabia, both of which could be not-so-subtle markers that Devolution triggers are going off left and right as the Biden Admin attempts to steer the chaos in their desired direction. (For more on this utterly compelling and continuously affirmed theory, read Patel Patriot.)

Far from providing a digestible morality treatise to the persuadable normies of society, these international humiliations have made the Biden Administration appear weak relative to national leaders, and just as unprepared and reactionary as they were in the not-so-distant Fall of Kabul in August of 2021.

To the lay person, incompetent and panicked responses to international military crisis is starting to become a modus operandi for the current regime. In hard times, shared ideology—at least, the appearance of it—only gets you so far. Results generate confidence, and a public that is under siege by the simultaneous and compounding fronts of skyrocketing inflation, energy costs and media narratives about the impending inevitability of World War 3 is being primed for a results-driven mindset.

Anger will be the mood of the populace, and anger begets change.  

3)    A Puppet Government with Nazi Enforcers and Bioweapons

Perhaps the most emotionally-affecting and opinion-skewing narrative currently being eviscerated by the mass formation of a counter-psychosis in the great Mind War is that involving the ruthless, cutting exposure of the leadership of Ukraine as little more than a NATO-installed and Nazi-supported crime syndicate.

It took a little over a week for Vladimir Putin’s—to normies—bizarre accusations about the Nazification of Ukraine and bioweapons laboratories in the heart of the disputed territory to be validated by a preponderance of evidence dug up by anons (particularly Clandestine, who kicked the whole thing off,) repeated and dissected by independent journalists and finally nervously confirmed by Victoria Jane Nuland, the current Under Secretary of State in front of a sweating, suddenly bipartisan Congressional committee.

The significance of U.S.-funded bioweaponry, active Nazi war battalions and rampant high-level money and favor laundering being at the forefront of the Mind War at the same time cannot be overstated, and we haven’t even begun to see the effects.

For example, what happens when the collective public consciousness begins to be led toward connections between U.S. biolabs in Ukraine and wet market-adjacent labs in Wuhan, China?

Are Dr. Anthony Fauci, Francis Collins, Peter Daszak and other high-profile COVID narrative-forming individuals about to be thrust back into the spotlight heading into the summer of 2022? Are governmental and government-adjacent organizations such as the CDC, NIAID and FDA about to be made complicit in crimes against humanity to the average American?

In the great Mind War, all is connected, and the sum being built from Wuhan to Kiev to Taiwan will be far greater than its multilayered parts.

4)    Central Banking Exposed

I may set aside an entire feature on this particular aspect of the current conflict, as it portends to have some of the most immediately impactful and lasting effects on both the United States and the world at large.  

Suffice to say, for now, all we need to know is that, as an interesting biproduct of his incursion into Ukraine, Vladimir Putin has utterly exposed both the tyranny of the western central banking system and its weakness, as he has refused to blink in the face of sanctions that have and will continue to be devastating only to the populations of the banking nations themselves.

The psychological whiplash this will cause around the world is just starting, and it’s far from over. It may very well be the bumpiest part of this Mind War to endure, and it is one that will require a complete psychological rewiring of worth and value to the average unawakened individual.

But it, like the other narrative demolitions discussed here, is inevitable.

Russia has exposed both the problem of Central Banking and its solution at once. A nation that controls its own resources, and a nation backed by gold is a nation that can dictate the terms of its own destiny. A nation that operates in the real will not bow to those that operate to the incorporeal hegemony of the false.  

And for those unawakened among us who think of U.S. FED notes as “money,” unironically, financial sanctions on Russia have permeated the news cycle, since the West had no other actionable threat. The governments of the West have spent nearly a century instilling a church-like dogma surrounding the FED, the banking system and the stock market. The Central Banks have convinced the world that we need them, but they are parasites. They have and always will need us in order to survive. All we have to do is say no, and Russia is showing us that in no uncertain terms.

Is Russia being removed from the petrodollar, ie: Central Banking apparatus, or are they removing themselves? If one of the world’s true Superpowers leaves THE system of international finance, can they not start up a parallel system, bolstered by their own natural resources and real money reserves? Can they not partner with other similarly-positioned Superpowers?

With one fell swoop, Vladimir Putin has threatened to bring it all down. He’s threatened the architects of the Great Reset with a very different version of it. One many of us might even welcome. And in the psyches of the unawakened, he has threatened their faith in those red and green numbers with their accompanying acronyms that have been scrolling across screens for their whole lives, certainly making sense to those in white suits with bleached smiles.

If they are valueless … where does one find value?

5)    Contradictions in Sovereignty

Perhaps one of the most obvious narrative failures that demonstrates how badly the Mind War is going for the Controllers resides in the inherent contradiction the media, political class and elitist thought leaders have revealed in defending on behalf of Ukraine everything they’ve spent the better part of the last decade eviscerating with their collectivist propaganda.

From national sovereignty to robust and respected borders to an armed citizenry to financial independence, Russia has put the Deep State narrative—which is all the Deep State truly is, at the end of the day—in a Chinese finger trap; the only way out of the contradiction is to dive farther in, to gaslight to such an absurd degree that the whole thing goes up in a green-flecked immolation of fiat, globalism and disarmament agendas.

It may seem like the populace at large enjoys holding contradictory views, but minds innately seek logic and balance—order—like a key fitting into a lock. The collective consciousness finds itself in a narrative trap, because their narrative Controllers—their storytellers—are caught in one. This causes psychic tension, which causes emotional stress, and soon enough, they will need release from it.

Herein lies opportunity, and therein lies one piece of the genius of Russia’s grand play.

Like water seeking its own level, the truth, when revealed, will be that much easier for the public to accept, as it will break the psychological lock they’ve been chained with. As I said in Part 4 when envisioning the foundation for the Age of Mirrored Empires, a victory cannot be a lasting one if the victor is seen only as a conqueror. He must also be seen as a liberator.

And what better thing to free than the collective mind of society at large?

6)    Globalist Weakness

The strength of one is defined by its relation to the weakness of another.

Thus, sovereign strength dovetails into and exposes the weakness of its polar opposite, as the strategic and economic war that has broken out as a result of Russia’s grand move has rendered an accelerating mass of societal debates on practical grounds rather than purely ideological.

In the end, Russia’s argument is sovereignty and all it entails. In the end, Russia’s argument will win if for no other reason than one:

Power is power.

Not the threat of power. Not the appearance of power.

Power. Is. Power.

The power to create. The power to hold. The power to, if necessary, take that which one is entitled to.

And the opposite of power is … nothing. Defanged bureaucracy. Toothless sanctions. Economic, energy and strategic dependence.

In other words, the Controllers’ paradigm is being shattered before our very eyes, one exposed contradiction at a time.

The Mind War has been waged for decades, but I believe Putin’s move is far from an opening salvo. It is the beginning of the endgame in this grand Shadow War.

The full psychological whiplash of the global collective of humanity—a much more potent thing than the Globalist Collective it has been largely enslaved by—will be severe.

“Never again,” we will say. But we won’t be talking about the ghosted memory of some engineered crisis or some narrative-massaging, exploitative tragedy. We’ll be talking about the enemy. And the enemy is a story. A story of globalism. Of collectivism. Of illusion and deceit that caused untold suffering.

So, the next time you feel yourself getting angry at false headlines, blubbering State Department mouth pieces lying with abandon in front of tense, white-knuckled congressional vultures or engineered social media ‘movements’ that will fizzle out by the time you can track down their origins. Remember that mass formation psychosis goes both ways, and remember that the enemy has lost control.

The more they try to regain it, the more they push themselves unerringly toward the cliff.

The Mind War is just beginning. The Mind War is already won.

Stay tuned for Righteous Russia – Part 6