Kash Patel gives the best explanation that I’ve heard of the RICO lawsuit that President Trump just filed: 

“The whole point is to get to discovery… 

I think what the President wanted to focus on was finally say, ‘I’m not going after onesies & twosies here, I’m bringing everybody in, one federal lawsuit, everybody’s gotta go to the table as a defendant.’” 🍿

More interesting information on Trump’s lawsuit from Kash: 

– He filed it in the Southern District of Florida where Kash was public defender for 8 years and thinks the judges give everyone a “fair shake”. 

– All the defendants can enter into a JDA (joint defense agreement), but that gets very complicated when everyone is looking out for their own interests. 

Bottom line: They’re FOOKED.

In case you haven’t read it yet… Trump’s legal complaint at the link below