Nickels and why some are hoarding them

Note: Earlier today I found a nickel that had been embedded in my washing machine tub for weeks. It had somehow lodged itself sideways in a seam that connected the tub bottom to the wall structure. The only visible part of it was the coin’s rim. My attempts to remove it were fruitless, so there it sat wedged in a seam for months.

Today, after removing some laundered bedsheets, I noticed that the disk had become dislodged and was now lying there at the bottom of the tub, shiny and smooth. It was barely recognizable. The nickel coin was worn smooth.

I bet that nickel’s intrinsic value is now worth more than its denomination, despite its engravature almost completely erased.


By Radiopatriot

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  1. I learned to make rings from coins a few years ago, and noticed as I studied coins that the nickle was the only remaining coin that the metal had not been adulterated. So I started saving the old ones just because I figured sometime they would mess with them too. Maybe it is just and old lady thing, but I felt sad that they were busy changing the appearance of all the coins as well …why did they feel the need to make quarters for each state? Was is Pride or Divide? So how Big would a vault be that held $1 million dollars in nickels?….

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