Does Devolution Require Trump’s Return?

  • There is a question I keep getting so it’s time I answer it properly. Here is the question as asked by @jabisbad on Truth Social:

Does devolution require Trump returning as President?

To answer this we need to understand exactly what a Continuity of Government [COG] plan accomplishes.  

These pamphlets outline the Army’s COOP [Continuity of Operations] program and planning procedures. Combined they mention the word “Devolution” 60 times.

Here is the definition of COOP:

The “disruption of normal operations” was the theft of the 2020 election involving a foreign government and (if you read Devolution – Part 19) transnational criminal organizations.

Here is the definition of Devolution:

As I discussed in Devolution – Part 13, Trump issued Executive Order 13961 and this was how he implemented and executed Devolution. Here is a recap of that Executive Order from Part 13:

FEMA CONTINUITY TERMS can be found here. A few mentioned in text below include:

[FMR = Federal Management Regulation]

[PPD = Presidential Policy Directive]

[NEF = National Essential Function]

At the same time that he issued Executive Order 13961, he issued the Federal Mission Resilience Strategy.  

  • The Devolution series is chock-full of evidence that devolution was initiated. To understand how the rest of the devolution plan unfolds, we need to look at the 4 phases of a continuity plan (the notes in red are my own):
  • We are currently in Phase 3 and we don’t move on to Phase 4 until “immediately after an event concludes”. Nobody knows what that conclusion will look like but that is what we are waiting for.
  • This is the description of Reconstitution:
  • The key phrase from above is “resume normal operations” and this phrase is one of the reasons I believe Trump comes back as part of the devolution plan. The “normal operations” before devolution was initiated had Trump as the President of the United States. Therefore, returning to “normal operations” would mean we would be returning to operations that had Trump as President of the United States.