On May 25, 2017, a person using the monicker “Navy Jack” was prolifically tweeting threads of great interest to me. I printed them and save them in a 3-ring binder. Years later, I’m sorting through much of my saved papers and came across the binder. Opening it up, I was amazed to re-read what Navy Jack had written.

I have a pretty good idea of who Navy Jack is. I bet you can guess too.


This article is very solid. You have to put it into context.

Clapper and Brennan Leave Come Holding Russian Conspiracy Bag – What Now?

It is not coincidental the origin of all ‘vast-Russian-conspiracy’ stories seem to start with a discussion of intelligence gathering beginning in July of 2016. The GOP convention to n…


Come not only wanted the investigation, he seeded it to keep it going. It gave him leverage with incoming administration. Leverage that he needed to avoid complications associated with at least three previous investigations where he covered-up criminal activities for @HillaryClinton.

James Comey was the lead prosecutor that cleared the Clinton’s of wrongdoing in the Whitewater scandal.

James Comey pardoned Hillary Clinton of espionage and intentional leaking of highly classified material in the email server scandal.

James Comey refused to investigate the hundreds of millions in payoff that Hillary received for deals she made to enrich herself and her family while Secretary of State.

James Comey pardoned Hillary Clinton for removing and leaking highly classified material in the Anthony Weiner laptop scandal.

I know what you are thinking: FBI directors do not have the ability to pardoned criminals. That right is reserved for the President.

The facts are that Hillary committed all of the above listed crimes and the evidence was conclusive and overwhelming.

That face is that neither Loretta Lynch nor President Obama objected to Comey’s vast overreach of power.

The fact is that Congress did not object to Comey’s vast overreach of power.

So clearly Comey has been the protector of the Clintons for decades.

None of the cases listed above are the reason Lynch, Obama and Congress did nothing to stop Comey’s abuses.

James Comey has kept a secret for Obama, Clinton, and the highest ranking members of Congress.

A secret so terrible, that should it ever see the light of day the rich lifestyles of all of these people would be over, forever.

A secret that would land them in Federal Prison for the rest of their lives.

Comey came into possession of the secret on Oct. 4, 2012.

What he learned is that in order to prevent Mohammed Morsi from being deposed as President of Egypt, actions were taken by the US State Dept to support the return of Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman to Egypt.

Morsi was elected President because of his promise to return Egypt’s spiritual leader who was incarcerated in the US for his part in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

The protesters at the US Embassy in Cairo and Tunisia were demanding the return of Sheikh Rahman.

There was never a protest about a Youtube video.

Comey learned that the attack on Benghazi was a failed attempt to kidnap Ambassador Chris Stevens.

He learned that the kidnappers were sent by Morsi who intended to trade Stevens for the Blind Sheikh.

It was only a few weeks before the Presidential election in the US. Obama and Romney were in a tight race.

To save Obama from a loss to Romney at the polls…

The public could never know that the Egyptian President had been put into power as the result of a CIA/State Dept led color revolution.

The public could never learn about Hillary’s promise to Morsi to endorse and help facilitate the return of the Blind Sheikh.

The public could never know that the Egyptian leader we put into power was behind the attack and failed kidnapping attempt in Benghazi.

In order to ensure that nobody talked, the Congressional leaders of both political parties were entangled in the cover-up.

Surveillance of these leaders was commenced by the White House. The leadership of both parties were trapped.

John McCain and Lindsey Graham led the cover-up effort for the GOP. Feigning outrage over the attack, but secretly communicating and visiting with President Morsi in Egypt to keep him and his family quiet.

James Comey made sure no real criminal investigation occurred. He made sure that the identities of the Benghazi attackers were concealed.

He made sure no members of the Egyptian Rahman Brigade sent by Morsi to kidnap Stevens were ever interrogated.

He made sure that nobody actually responsible for the attack was ever arrested.

Comey now held the secret. A secret that gave him extreme power over both political parties.

A secret that enabled him to pardon Hillary Clinton for serious crimes, knowing that nobody would dare object.

This is also the genesis of RussiaGate. Comey’s close friend Chris Steele in the UK, fabricated the anti-Trump Russian Dossier.

This dossier is the source of the never-ending investigation and recent appointment of Comey’s close friend, Bob Mueller as special counsel.

The purpose of RussiaGate is to prevent prosecution of Clinton, Comey and the others involved with the series of crimes listed above.

They have no evidence that they themselves did not fabricate or facilitate. They know they do not have a case.

They will continue to damage President Trump until he either resigns or other arrangements can be made.

Comey has the support of everyone implicated by the events of Benghazi. None dare speak out against him.

This includes the leadership of both political parties.

Please note that I am not alleging that Hillary Clinton intentionally removed Stevens’ security detail just days before the Benghazi attack to facilitate the kidnapping.

I am not alleging that Stevens was ordered to stay at the Benghazi compound all day on the day of the attack to ensure he could be easily taken by the kidnappers.

I am not alleging that the CIA Annex GRS operators and the Pentagon were ordered repeatedly not to intervene to rescue Stevens by the State Dept, CIA, Pentagon and Obama in order to ensure the success of the kidnapping.

I am not alleging that the reason Hillary’s emails have never been released from the period immediately prior to and immediately following the Benghazi attack is related to any conspiracy on her part to ensure the success of the kidnapping.

I am stating that CIA Director, Gen David Petraeus, was forced to resign as the result of an affair with a Ms. Paula Broadwell immediately after he made an unannounced trip to investigate the Benghazi attack/kidnapping for himself.

I am stating that Paula is a high ranking US Military Officer and covert asset of the FBI Counter-Intelligence Division reporting to Director Comey.

I am stating that Benghazi is the source of Comey’s power to pardon criminals like Hillary Clinton and until the source of Comey’s power is removed, this nightmare will not end.

Obama’s been spying on those that could expose Benghazi since 11/12. Spying on Trump since 4/15. Take it to the bank.


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A newly released court order from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) found the Obama NSA routinely violated American privacy protections as his administration and officials scoured through overseas intercepts and targeted U.S. citizens.

The Obama administration failed to disclose the extent of the unlawful activity until just before the election in 2016. The FISA court ruling states the illegal searches conducted by the NSA under Obama were “widespread” and created a “very serious Fourth Amendment issue.”

Summary – Russian Collusion

The Obama Administration extensively surveilled Trump. The surveillance picked up activities of Russian spies both here and abroad hired to assist with development of opposition research paid for by Never Trump members to discredit Trump. the creators of the opposition research “dossier” were provided with actual intercepts by a member of the Obama Administration. This inclusion of actual intel appeared to confirm the validity of the opposition research initiative because it was based on the very chatter their use of Russian spies caused trying to dig up dirt against Trump. The FBI investigated. The investigation initially did not consider the fact that the ability to confirm some elements of the communications contained in the “dossier” were in fact provided to Fusion GPS by an Obama Administration insider to enhance the credibility of the dossier. There was nbo collusion between the Russians and the Trump campaign.

Summary – Russian Hacking

Russia did not hack Podesta. Russia did not hack the DNC. Podesta was hacked by someone in the EU using a broad email phishing scam. There were multiple intrusions to the DNC servers. One conducted by Guccifer 2.0 released donor, opposition research and financial information. The other was focused on exposing preferential treatment of Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders by the DNC to ensure a Hillary nomination. The later was done by an insider. This fact is confirmed by Obama Admin surveillance intel provided to Fusion GPS and incorporated into the “dossier.” It has also been confirmed by multiple witnesses. CrowdStrike was hired to cover up the insider aspect of the lease associatated with the mistreatment of Bernie Sanders by the DNC.

MY NOTE: Seth Rich.