“What I believe Trump and his team did in the days, weeks and months after Biden’s “win:

I believe Trump spent the election night in Mar-A-Lago’s SCIF and he and the Military watched as the critical election infrastructure was attacked by a hostile foreign country, China. If you watch Trump’s speech that night, it’s clear he’s not the same as usual. He looks bleak, sad and tired, when normally Trump has optimism, courage, tenacity, hope and charisma. I think this is because, that night, he saw his country getting attacked, and seeing such an event live on the spot must be pretty shocking to anyone, even for someone with the resolve of DJT. 

I believe he nullified the entire election by using a PEAD. An act of war that places a puppet as President doesn’t get to stand and so, this election couldn’t stand right here and there. 

Then Trump got to work. He started putting in place a government-in-exile, a shadow Presidency/Government and started putting Devolution in place, working with newly appointed Sec Def Chris Miller, USDP Anthony Tata, Kash Patel and ASD(SO/LIC) and UDI ECW. He also signed another PEAD, placing all government authority in him, just like Commonwealth act 671 did for President Quezon of the Philippines (major thanks and props to SLAG for his work)

Miller and Patel then travelled the world to meet with all 11 Combattant Commanders, explaining to them the situation that the US is at war and explaining them their role in what was coming. 

Patel and Miller then stonewalled Biden’s cronies on Special Ops, given that the bulk of what was happening at the DoD at that point was in the Special Operations realm. 

Trump then used another PEAD, suspending the ECV (I agree with PP that this is what President Trump did). Why? Because the election being an act of war, it couldn’t stand. Biden couldn’t be normally both confirmed and sworn in. 

Therefore, constitutionally speaking, Trump is still POTUS right now, although, given that we are in a state of Devolution, there isn’t really a true POTUS right now. 

Trump is also still the real CIC. He left with the football after all and he lives at Mar-A-Lago, which has a SCIF. The perfect place to be if you were in his shoes. In fact, I believe that he and General Glen Van Herck, the Commander of NORAD, are the two most likely picks as to who has the football right now. Biden doesn’t have the AF1 callsign after all, and given that this callsign is assigned to any aircraft operated by the US Air Force that carries the CIC of the US Armed Forces, I believe this is good evidence that Biden is NOT POTUS nor CIC. 

As for J6, I believe it was a sting operation. Trump needed one final piece of evidence to (later on) prosecute Antifa and the Dem party and their allies in the FBI, given that all of the above orchestrated what really happened on J6. As PP wrote in Devo part 6, I believe Trump’s goal was to make Antifa infiltrate J6 and he succeeded. Pence did his duty on that day, and mark my words, he’ll be back as VPOTUS one day and he will someday be praised for his actions. After all, didn’t he and Miller work together on “some of the most complex military operations this country has ever conducted?)

Constitutionally, PDJT is still POTUS, meaning that the true POTUS and CIC lives hidden at Mar-A-Lago, while the joke that is the Brandon “admin” redpills one American after the other. 



“The best is yet to come”–