I jumped the gun when I wrote this a few days ago. Mea culpa.

Uncover DC has done the journalistic homework I should have done, and it appears that Kathy Barnette, one of 7 Republican candidates for US Senate representing Georgia is legit. Despite Trump’s endorsement of Dr. Mehmet Oz, Barnette is gaining momentum and could peak at just the right time to become the Republican challenger in the November election.

Here’s why:

Does Kathy Barnette Really Support BLM & Defunding the Police? – UncoverDC

Gaining in the polls, Pennsylvania Senate GOP candidate Kathy Barnette has fired back against the “crazy allegations” being cast against her.

UncoverDC did some ACTUAL JOURNALISM. Thanks Michelle Edwards for making some simple calls. 

Amazing.  — Tracy Beanz

Read this and learn how the games are played. 👇