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JUST IN: Majority Leader Chuck Schumer Postpones Gun Control Legislation – Does Not Have the Votes

Looks like they will need another false flag, most likely within a week or two, they are running out time with schools because the school year is coming to an end. Nolte: Never Forget Democrats Want to Remove Cops from Schools

The Democrat party can never be allowed to forget how hard it has worked to expel police officers from schools.

At the state and local level, Democrats have and continue to push and push and push to remove police and leave schoolchildren defenseless. 

never forget this

Senators Chris Murphy (CT) and Elizabeth Warren (MA), along with Representatives Ayanna Pressley (MA) and Ilhan Omar (MN), introduced [a bill] that would prohibit federal money to be used to fund police in schools.

And guess who was fully on board?

The legislation has the backing of the two major teachers’ unions, the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and the National Education Association (NEA). It also has the support of a number of civil rights organizations, including the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights and the Human Rights Campaign.

At least two-thirds of American high school students attend a school with a police officer, according to the Urban Institute, and that proportion is higher for students of color. Now, the national uprising for racial justice has led to a push to remove police officers from security positions inside schools. School systems in Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Denver, Portland, Ore., and two districts in the Bay Area have all moved in recent weeks to suspend or phase out ties with police.

Never forget this:

When Minneapolis students go back to school in the fall, they’ll find the hallways free of police. The local school board announced on June 2 that it would cancel its contract with the Minneapolis Police Department. In doing so, officials satisfied a long-standing demand of the local teachers union and other local activists. “Kind of overnight, people woke up,” said Greta Callahan, the president-elect of the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers, Local 59.

Representative Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) on August 24, 2020 on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. (Tom Williams/Getty Images)

Never forget this:

Denver Public Schools became the third school district in two weeks to sever a million-dollar contract with its city’s police department to remove officers from schools — a move that at least a dozen other school districts are considering following the death of George Floyd in police custody and the subsequent chorus of ongoing country-wide protests over police violence against black people.


  • Biden’s America:
  • Shootings, corruption, can’t feed our babies, can’t afford gas, can’t keep a job, vaccines, pay to play, take care of foreign countries, control the citizens, lies are truth, crush the economy, corrupt the youth, steal our voice.
  • Americans will never allow this to happen again.

Lisa Mei Crowley @lisamei62

  • Praying for the victims’ families in today’s school shooting.
  • Who’s really causing the rise in these senseless shootings? How many shooters were on the radar of law enforcement agencies or the FBI? How many were seeing “therapists” prior to their heinous acts?
  • It’s not the guns.

“Symbolism will be their downfall” – Q

Covid vaccine: The side effect appearing up to ‘1 month’ after getting the Pfizer booster

  • A new case study published on Wednesday in the International Journal of Dermatology documented cases of bullous pemphigoid showing up after getting the Covid vaccine.
  • Bullous pemphigoid is a rare skin condition that causes large, fluid-filled blisters.
  • Researchers reported a case series of seven patients with bullous pemphigoid, four of which had a new-onset bullous pemphigoid following vaccination and three had a post-vaccine exacerbation of a previous bullous pemphigoid.

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