Joe Lange posted:


I believe we are watching a replay of the second fake impeachment of Trump in this phony Jan 6 committee.

But while everyone points out that they don’t believe the “surprise witness” testimony, I don’t believe people are understanding what’s really happening.

This isn’t the same playbook by the enemy to try and frame Trump, it’s the same playbook by the White Hats to blow up the committee and expose them as enemy combatants.

 Q said she is a “plant”. But who planted her as a surprise witness?

Looks like the same playbook as Vindman.


Vindman was a surprise witness. A “whistleblower” who testified that Trump said crazy things on his call with Zelensky. That he’s crazy, angry and unhinged and unfit to be president.

It’s the same narrative that the enemy has tried to paint Trump with since he came down the escalator, and they’ve failed.

But that doesn’t mean they won’t stop trying.

It’s the only play they have left to stop the bleeding of them losing support with normies and even democrat voters.

Do you think Trump doesn’t know this?

Who planted Vindman?

Who planted Cassidy Hutchinson?

How easy is it to offer up a whistleblower with info on Trump saying and doing crazy stuff that doesn’t sound believable but that the enemy takes seriously then spotlights the testimony?

They take the bait every time!

It’s too easy!

Vindman becomes the guy that will bring down Trump.

Then the transcript is released.

They walked right into the trap.

Hutchinson is now the one to bring down Trump.

We all know Trump is sitting on evidence to expose the democrats in their Jan 6 conspiracy to frame Trump.

Kash Patel has the evidence.

I believe we are witnessing something a lot bigger than people realize. I believe there are a lot of players in this game who are painted as enemy but are being used to actually expose the enemy.

Some examples?




But what about “star” surprise witnesses in phony impeachment and select committee hearings?



What about a Steele dossier that has a story about Trump and Russian prostitutes pissing on a bed the Obama’s slept in?

All these things have one thing in common and that is to reinforce the narrative that Trump is crazy, dangerous and unfit.

What if that’s exactly the narrative Trump wants by the enemy in order to expose them for being what they are accusing him of?

There’s an invisible hand moving in the background of this play.

It’s not just a devolution that is protecting this country from being destroyed from within.

It is much greater than that.

It is actively destroying the enemy from within.

It is on the offensive, not the defensive.

Q told us FISA goes both ways. All these people are enemy combatants.

We are monitoring everything they do.

There are no such thing as surprise witnesses to the Trump team.

The only question is who planted the witnesses?

Do whistleblowers have immunity from lying before Congress?

Is this Congress even legitimate since the entire 2020 election was stolen?

Does it even matter or are these witnesses plants to feed the narrative the enemy so eagerly wants to hear

Their itching ears are eager to hear any dirt on Trump.

We are still in the largest sting operation in world history.

It’s still active and I would suggest we are in far more control than most people can even imagine.

All just my opinion though