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Soros’ warning and Q’s prophecy: America, Russia, and China have prevented the New World Order

Cesare Sacchetti  20 March 2022

Soros’ latest piece on Project Syndicate, one of the favorite magazines of the liberal circles, sounds like a real warning.

George Soros claims that both Russia and China are threatening our “civilization”, and with civilization, the financial speculator means basically the model of the open society.

The open society is a society without borders where the nation itself melts down into an indefinite melting pot. The culture and the ethnic identity of the State disappear and are replaced by a sort of universal governance that rules over the nations.

This governance is controlled as well by a tiny élite composed by the biggest global corporations and the banking system.

This is basically the essence of the New World Order. The New World order is a system founded upon tyranny.

And the tyrants are members of these supranational circles that are not elected by the people. We are talking about groups like the Bilderberg, the CFR, the Club of Rome, and the Trilateral.

Each one of these groups is controlled and bankrolled by powerful banking and industrial families such as the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Duponts, and the Astors.

What could surprise the readers is the fact that Soros is including China in the list of the nations that are endangering the accomplishment of this totalitarian plan.

The pact between China and the Western élites

After all, China was considered by Soros himself like a “model” just a few years ago, while more recently Soros called for the overthrowing of Xi Jinping, China’s President.

What possibly could have happened to explain this radical u-turn?

Before trying to understand why Soros has had this radical change of heart, we should delve more into the causes that built the industrial power that China has today.

In the early 80s, China was a rural country and it was very far from achieving the technology that it has today.

The globalist élite had a very precise idea of the economical “model” upon which globalization is founded, and it is the neoliberal one.

In the neoliberal world, the economic power is amassed into the hands of a tiny group of capitalists. The State cannot intervene. It is reduced to a mere spectator who doesn’t have to interfere in the economic process because the status quoguarantees absolute control of the economical resources to a small group of oligarchs.

Globalization has tremendously sped up neoliberalism. However, this acceleration was solely possible with the explosion of China.

In order to achieve globalization, the Western (neo) liberal world needed a huge market of cheap workforce who could produce goods at lower costs. China perfectly fitted the role. This is why the Anglo-American corporations migrated to China since the 90s and this is why Wall Street and the City of London poured billions of dollars into China.

The economic power of China is a direct creation of the West. The West needed the Communist Chinese dictatorship. We could say that China was the primer of globalization. The Western institutions had a crucial role in this process as well.

The European Union and the United States opened their markets to Beijing. There was a precise intention and will to allow the low-quality and cheap Chinese goods to access the Western markets.

In this regard, the best example is the decision taken by the Clinton administration that granted China the entrance into the WTO.

When Bill Clinton established permanent normal trade relations (PNTR) with China, it built the foundations of China’s success.

As a result, the US trade deficit and unemployment skyrocketed but this was not something hard to predict. It is basic economics. It is quite easy to assert that if you allow a flood of cheap foreign goods to access into your market, you will unemploy your domestic workers.

This is what caused the deindustrialization of the Western world, and in the case of the United States, the best example could be the end of the Rust Belt, which was the heart of American manufacturing.

China won a game with rigged rules, but the West had wanted the Dragon to win in the first place. The highest ranks of the banking and financial world signed a pact with the Communist dictatorship because China’s growth was part of their plans. China was the way to build a more integrated world, a world where neoliberalism rules and a world where the middle class disappears. The only winners of this game are those who sit at the top of the system.

If we look at how the wealth is distributed now, we can have a better idea of the consequences of globalization.

Presently, 10% of capitalists own 76% of the world’s resources and this gap has only been exacerbated by the fake pandemic.

However, the honeymoon between China and the Western financial world went through a crisis. The West started to realize that China was not so interested in ushering in a world government after all.

In 2019, George Soros launched his first warning when he defined Xi Jinping as a threat for open societies.

China has gained a huge economic power but it does not want to deliver it to the hands of the Western elite. The dragon aims to build its own economic empire and this is why the differences between London and New York, on one side, and Beijing, on the other, have grown to the point to become irreconcilables.

The Belt and Road Initiative is the perfect example to understand how predatory China has become. The countries that sign the BRI end up often in a so-called debt trap. China-owned State corporations lend money to the members of this partnership.

Later on, they are suffocated by the interests of these debts and in order to repay them, they sell out to China their strategic infrastructures.

Sri Lanka is one of the several countries that got trapped into this rigged mechanism.

Under certain aspects, we could say that this model is predatory like the one enforced by the IMF and the World Bank that loaned money to third world countries. These countries were forced to sell their key natural resources to Anglo-American corporations in order to pay their unbearable debts.

However, this is one of the main reasons why the so-called Great Reset has failed. The World Economic Forum had a precise strategy in mind.

The original idea was to trigger the COVID terrorist operation in order to drag the world towards a global totalitarian governance ruled by the financial élite.

We can find a perfect explanation of this plan in the Operation Lockstep paper published by the Rockefeller Foundation in 2009.

Everything was described accurately in that publication that “imagined” a pandemic that would pave the way the end of the nation-States, which would be replaced by supranational organizations.

According to the original Rockefeller and Davos plan, we should have been already into the Great Reset.

We should have been into a society where unvaccinated people would be permanently banned from society.

Those who would refuse the “rules” of the tyrannical global leadership would be deported into COVID concentration camps.

It has not happened. We are still here. We have not been locked up into these “facilities”.

China’s defection is just only of the main reasons that explain this failure. Too many countries, especially the world superpowers, have not supported the enforcement of this totalitarian plan.

The New World Order as the term itself claims is not local. It is global. Therefore, if we want to understand the strategy of the real hidden powers that have been ruling this world for decades, we must understand what their goal is.

The aim is to build a one-world government and the only way to achieve this purpose is to integrate every country of the globe into supranational political structures.

Undoubtedly, as in a chess game, you have pieces that are more important than others. If you want to get a chess mate against your adversary, you need to use the most strategic pieces in a cleverer way than your opponent does.

Q’s prophecy: US, Russia, and China allied against the NWO

China is certainly a vital piece as the United States and Russia as well. You can’t get to a global government if you don’t have the participation of these three powers.

And the architects of Davos don’t have them. In this regard, we could quote a Q drop that advanced precisely the hypothesis of a joint collaboration between these three world powers to prevent the New World Order.

For those who are not familiar with Q, the most accredited hypothesis is the one that claims that Q is a military intelligence group that has been working with Trump even before his candidacy in 2016.

Some have claimed that Q is a sort of psy-op but this claim has been disproven by facts. If we analyze its drops and if we look at the unfolding of the events, we realize that Q is everything but a psy-op run by the deep state.

What Q wrote, often translated into reality and Trump himself hinted countless times to 17, the number that identifies Q.

In this regard, the most blatant example is the fact that the Great Reset has completely failed and the United States has played a vital role in this matter.

Trump’s election has wrested the White House from the hands of the deep state powers that always controlled America, such as the CFR, the Trilateral Group, and the Bohemian Grove.

America First doctrine changed the history of America and the world. For the first time in many decades, the United States choose to separate itself from the dominion of these hidden powers.

America stopped being a force to carry out the New World Order and started being a bulwark against globalism.

Certainly, globalism had different plans for America. The cabal wanted Hillary Clinton in the White House. The COVID terrorist operation should have been managed by Clinton who would trigger the global Great Reset.

Russia would probably end up completely isolated and surrounded by the West.

Biden’s electoral coup d’etat was the way, in the idea of the deep state, to reclaim the control of the United States.

Biden should have enforced what Trump was instead preventing. However, we have seen on several occasions that Joe Biden is not responding to the deep state’s orders. Actually, the alleged President of the United States keeps carrying out Trump’s foreign policy and keeps angering the Euro-Atlantic block.

The most likely explanation of this anomaly is the one that Joe Biden has never been in charge. According to several military sources, Trump would sign the Insurrection Act before leaving the White House in 2021.

This act halted the normal transfer of power from the old administration to the new one. The power is still held by the military that abides by the former President’s orders and this is the reason why we don’t see Biden what he’s supposed to do.

It’s an extraordinary and unprecedented scenario but we must acknowledge the fact that we are living in historical and unprecedented times.

This is another fundamental reason that logically explains why the Great Reset has failed. The US is the queen on the chessboard. It is the most important and powerful piece of all.

Basically, it is impossible to get to a global government without America. You need the political, economic, and military power of the United States to achieve this goal.

Trump’s countermove has been so brilliant that has completely foiled the move of the deep state against him.

The deep state is now powerless before this situation. The military operation that Russia is running in Ukraine has only accelerated this process.

By choosing to denazify Ukraine, Russia has just written a new page of history. A page where the absolute rule of the Euro-Atlantic block has come to an end. We have been living in a world ruled by the total prevalence and tyranny of NATO, which is the military arm of globalism.

Whoever tried to oppose the idea to surrender its own sovereignty was attacked and bombed by NATO.

This happened to Slobodan Milosevic and Muammar Gheddafi.

Russia has just led us to a new world, which is not the New World Order. It is a world where the unipolar world has ended and the multipolar has started.

And this perfectly fits with Trump’s agenda who always aimed to free America from the stranglehold of the Atlanticist lobby.

Russia is helping him in this matter. Trump and Putin are leading the world towards a new historical phase where the sovereignty of the nations comes first and where the power of the Rothschild-led financial institutions gradually fades away.

Wherever Russia is looking at, it only sees friends to build new alliances. There’s an entire world out there beyond NATO and the EU.

China has joined this alliance most probably for opportunistic and nationalist reasons, but this does not change the fact that China is not interested in renouncing to its sovereignty.

As a result, the liberal world order has lost all of its referents, but the EU is too weak and powerless to stop the mechanism that has been set in motion.

This is why George Soros is extremely worried. Soros realized that the world that was originally conceived by the banking powers, to which he belongs, is gone.

The window of opportunity of the fake pandemic is closed now. Therefore, globalism has had a rude awakening.

It wished to conquer the world but it has realized that it is the world that is conquering globalism.

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By Radiopatriot

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  1. My brother and I were given a prophecy of this that we chose to call The Q Prophecy BEFORE ever knowing that someone else called it that. We published the last update to it 11/23/2020 on our website. We have so much on our website, like the fact that we cannot find any more than 8 kingdoms of man in the Bible, with the 8th being Great Britain & being taken down by the White Hats. We have also said if the NWO were to succeed, this would represent a 9th kingdom of man that we can’t find in the Bible. THIS article is confirmation of our interpretation of Revelation 17:17 (tidbits from our Blog 2 below). King Jesus returns very soon as recorded in Revelation 19! For much more, read our Blogs 2 & 3 at


    Many may not know that an American non-military security clearance is called a ‘Q Clearance.’ One with this level of clearance can have access to very highly classified information. Such material is revealed only on a ‘Need to Know’ basis. Oftentimes, a person chosen for a mission will be told they need to have access to these secrets, thereby justifying their being ‘read into’ a particular portion of classified information.

    In Revelation 17:1, John is approached by an Angel. He did not ask for the Angel to come to him or to explain anything to him. God determined that John needed certain ‘decodes’ so that Christians, spanning two millennia, would be able to understand the symbols found in Revelation chapter 17. In keeping with this, the Angel offers to show John the following symbol meanings:

    Woman on a beast (Revelation 17:3-7)

    The beast the woman sits upon (Revelation 17:8-12)

    The conspiracy that destroys the woman (Revelation 17:13-16)

    How this unbeatable foe is defeated…oh my! Revelation 17:17 (Q:Q???)

    Footnote for Revelation 17:17 in the Geneva Bible written by John Calvin and John Knox, high ranking leaders of the Reformation! (Emphasis ours):
    Revelation 17:17 “…that the Kings should execute upon the harlot, that which pleased God, …and also that by one consent and counsel, they should give their kingdom unto the beast, …being blinded have before depended upon the beck of the beast that lifteth up the harlot, so it is said that afterward it shall come to pass, that they shall turn back, and shall fall away from her when their hearts shall be turned into better state by the grace and mercy of God.”

    The Q Prophecy

    The Q Prophecy plays out over 7 years from early October 2020 – early October 2027. Although the entire time frame of The Q Prophecy spans 7 years, this is not the so-called ‘missing week’ of Daniel. It is simply a 7 year period of time. That week has never been missing: it is when Jesus, our Savior, went to the Cross to pay our sin debt. See: “Jesus Christ: Just Another Man or Son of God?” – Total Onslaught Series #201, by Dr. Walter Veith. (See also entire Part 1 Blog: Monster Movie.) The 7 years of the prophecy are divided in half.

    First Half of The Q Prophecy

    The first half spans from the Feast of Tabernacles ending October 9, 2020 to April 8, 2024…exactly 3.5 years! April 8, 2024 is when the next great eclipse over the USA occurs, completing the X begun almost seven years earlier in the eclipse of August 21, 2017. The intersecting point of the X falls right over the middle of America. The X across America represents that the ‘time of the Gentiles’ has ended. Interestingly, America is known as the great Gentile nation.

    What will be happening during this 3.5 year time period? The Great Babylon system is destroyed, in all of its worldwide components: Fiat money system, corrupt political and judicial elitist tyranny, shedding of innocent blood, crimes against children, trafficking (human, drug, any unlawful trade).

    This is accomplished as a controlled demolition carried out by: The Commander in Chief, The Justice Department, White Hats and Q Digital Soldiers as part of The Great Awakening and the Where We Go One We Go All worldwide movement. Many involved are Christians. Simultaneous with the controlled demolition, the earth’s systems will be renewed/built back up. We see evidence of this in the many moves President Trump has been making during his first term (pulling out of NAFTA and TIPP, new trade deals, bringing the Federal Reserve into the Treasury, etc.).

    1. Truth-Watch dot weebly dot com, Mystery Babylon and the NWO series. The Holy Spirit showed me, culminating in 2010, that MB was specifically linked to Isaiah 47 and revealed in many passages in the Bible. In 2011, He showed me the cult from Sumer and how it was the root of polytheism and “her children” (the secret societies) were still around, controlling man for millennia. The battle has never been different – false teachers just never kept the peoples aware. Blind and asleep in our false sense of U.S. constitutional freedoms, they crept in unawares. We can NEVER let this happen again. Teach the children the truth!

  2. As I wrote many years ago in the article “Illumicorp”, the plan to subjugate would require moving the U.S. Military the criminal cabal developed, from nationalism to globalist control. That would be a tall order. We outnumber Them. We needed to wake up and a vast majority have.

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