Tracking DARPA’s “tag and trace” technology gives you everything you need to know about viruses, vaccines, and biosurveillance since 9/11. And one name at NATO always seems to get the vaccine bids at the WHO and the Wellcome Trust.

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Assange Predicted Ukraine War With NADRA (National Database and Registration Authority)

He was jailed for it too.

…What did Julian Assange know about biometric phones and national identity cards and databases in 2012, and how was he trying to warn us in 2017?

Some of the most interesting posts to Wikileaks in 2016 and 2017 concern a Ukrainian Billionaire financed, nationwide surveillance system for Pakistan called NADRA.

In February of 2017 with the breaking news of the Awan scandal in Congress, I began following a national surveillance system in Pakistan called NADRA, being paid for by three Ukrainian billionaires (which smacked of yet another CIA, Cofer Black front in Ukraine).

NADRA is the first national biomentric survelliance system ever installed, beginning with Pakistan in 2012.

The biomentric fingerprint collected from phones a decade later is helping Pakistani police identify dead bodies on the streets and in morgues.

The Awan Pakistani Spy Ring in our US Congress that I was reporting on at the time had many contacts with the Pakistani ISI Intelligence Service installing NADRA in Pakistan, so NADRA was of keen interest to me and a frequent topic of my reporting.

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