WHY is it a plot twist that will grip the entire nation? 

Simply for this reason: The Shadow Cabal used the Democrats and the corporate news media and all the US institutions they control to HAMMER THIS COUNTRY FOR FIVE FREAKING YEARS that it was the Trump family that benefitted from foreign interference in our elections.  

So when it’s revealed that it was JOE BIDEN that was the actual beneficiary of foreign bribery and actions that interfered in the 2020 presidential election that’s going to stun people.  

The family currently in the White House will be proven to be an actual crime syndicate put there by criminal actions.  

And it’s not a GOP dirty trick.  It won’t be bullshit dossiers created by political operatives peddled to the news media.  It will be concrete evidence denoted in federal criminal indictments.  

And guess what will also be happening at the same time that the Bidens are being exposed for all their foreign entanglements? 

Durham will continue to prove with indictments and trials that the “Trump Russia Collusion” bullshit the Democrats & the MSM buried the country with from 2016-2020 was a political dirty trick that came straight from the Hillary Clinton campaign.  It was never true and all the people pushing it knew it wasn’t true.

Mueller and his merry crew knew it wasn’t true and engaged in dozens of politically motivated prosecutions of Trump associates anyway. Which is why Durham is investigating the Mueller SCO on top of everything else he’s doing.

You have been patient thus far. Be patient a few weeks longer.