Incomprehensibly evil attempt at transhumanism

“Cognitive Carbon” has posted something that goes beyond belief. I’m going to let him tell you the story…

The Video:

There are reasons to think that at least some portion of what is covered in this video may point to a dark truth. We must therefore steel ourselves and find the courage to face down an almost unthinkable magnitude of evil—should the evidence of what is discussed here be revealed as truth in the future.

The claim (whether true or false, we cannot know) is this: the U.S. military was working with genetics researchers on a way to exploit a common respiratory virus to be used as a vector to deliberately infect a large population of people (radical Islamists, according to the video), in order to deliver a gene-splicing DNA-based payload to the brain.

The goal: to disable a set of genes that are believed to be associated with strong “religious experience” centers in the brain (the so-called “God genes”). The presenter and audience members in this video clip above openly discuss the idea of creating a custom-engineered respiratory virus to “vaccinate” people against “religious fundamentalism” in the Middle East.

What common respiratory viruses are there that might be engineered? Rhinoviruses, Adenoviruses (colds), influenza viruses… and corona viruses. 

Think carefully about that last one. What was MERS? When and where was MERS1? What was SARS? When and where was SARS2?

The idea of doing something like this—genetically altering people using viruses without their consent or knowledge— is evil and utterly abhorrent on a number of levels (it isn’t clear that it is even technically feasible, who knows for certain—but do consider what CRISPR is able to do these days.)

Let’s set aside the debate about the validity of the claims for a little while so that we can talk first about the simple existence of the video, and what it may or may not mean. 

However, do hold in the back of your mind this thought: besides U.S. Neocons looking to eliminate radical Islamism without warfare through “genetic engineering”, and besides the “elite cabal” from the Davos/Klaus Schwab crowd who want to depopulate the Earth and create a more compliant one-world-governable population (in which religion takes a back seat to One World Governance), there are other evil actors to consider who might have an interest in doing things like what is discussed in this video. 

The Chinese Communist Party, for example, would likely not hesitate to exploit something like this, even against its own people, in order to stamp out “pesky religious fanatics” whose religious ideology interferes with the grand goals of the CCP regime. They might not hesitate to target, say, the Uighurs, or the Falun Gong followers, or Chinese Christians… but we’ll come back to that.

Let’s tack back to the video. The clip in question first surfaced sometime before 2011; there are copies of it still floating around out on YouTube (which have curiously not been taken down by the YouTube thought police for being “misinformation”. This is worth some careful consideration, given YouTube’s censorship-happy tendencies.) 

This video, and other copies of it, were written about in a blog post back in 2011, and strangely, Reuters thought to ‘fact check it’ and write about it again in May of 2020for some reason. One wonders why Reuters chose to do that … then.

A timestamp on the video suggests the creators want you to believe it was recorded in May of 2005. That may or may not be true; it may be a fake time stamp. The prominent positioning of the timestamp makes it purposefully stick out; the creators of the video clearly wanted you to notice it. But the fact that this video was written about as far back as 2011 makes it at least plausible that the clip could have originated as far back as 2005.

We’ll cover one of the more ridiculous claims made about this video later and explain why that claim may have been strategically associated with the video to discredit it.

Let’s first be really clear up front about what we know, and what we do not know. This video EXISTS, it has existed for many years, and it was created by some unknown person(s) for some unknown reasons. That much is established fact.

It does reveal that discussions (genuine or not) took place about genetically engineering respiratory viruses to cause some genetic modifications in the brains of targets. We do NOT know if any of the subject matter discussed in it is true or false or even feasible. 

It may be that this clip captures a real briefing that actually took place; or it may have been created as a sophisticated disinformation piece to make some group of people think it was real.

Let’s first dismiss the idea that it was a simple “prank”. It is simply too elaborate of an idea, and there’s no obvious prank value in it (who is the target audience of the “joke”?) 

There are really only a few possibilities to consider. (1) This clip was deliberately leaked by someone with a conscience who wanted to expose what was taking place in some dark corners of the Military Industrial Complex. (2) This clip may have been created by an intelligence agency to mislead our adversaries into thinking that the U.S. either had, or was working on, technology like this; (3) this clip may have been created by someone looking to create a storyline for a documentary or fictional movie; or (4) this clip may have been released so that some portions of truth that could have been inconveniently leaking out in other areas could be deliberately blended with obvious bullshit. 

This might have been done so that people would be fooled into throwing out the whole “meme” as false because of the deliberately implanted implausible nonsense, thus providing some cover for the darker realities that were actually true. Consider, carefully, how many times you have seen this technique in action in the last 4 years: the techniques used to discredit election fraud, fake impeachment, vacccine hesistancy, etc.

This latter technique, it is worth noting, is a favorite one for “misinformation agencies”. It isn’t always possible to prevent damaging information from being leaked; for this reason, counter-intelligence operations are set up with trained operators who first try to suppress the leaked information, but failing that, begin to purposefully work to undermine the credibility and value of the leaked information to adversaries by diluting and weakening it. The goal is to coat a gold nugget of information in a ton of bullshit, so as to limit the damage caused by its release. 

That’s how you get, for example, from “Air Force personnel who were present that day in 1941 say they recovered alien craft at the Roswell crash site” to “Two-headed aliens from Zeta Reticuli, working with Elvis— who is still alive, by the way—abducted my baby.” Or consider the array of implausible JFK assassination theories. 

Or the takedown of Q. Consider, for example, how many “Q personalities” cropped up since 2018, and note carefully how many of them appear to be purposefully deployed to distract, disillusion, dilute and destroy the original Q community. There is a method to their madness.

The counter-intel types stir up counter narratives and bullshit to distract and deflect serious inquiry so that eventually the “problem” information that wasn’t supposed to be divulged gets buried in a mound of “conspiracy theories” and slowly dies under a blizzard of confusion and disinformation.

Let’s get back to one of the associated claims that was attached to this video in order to weaken its credibility. The claim was made that the presenter in the front of the room speaking was Bill Gates. 

This is obviously not true; but this claim was ‘stapled’ to the video and talked about in a number of online forums, and this bogus claim was then used to mock and discredit people who shared and discussed the video and were trying to talk about it on its merits. This is in fact a big part of the substance of the Reuters May 2020 “fact check.”

The way in which this was done, and the way in which this video was mocked and ridiculed makes me highly suspicious. It has all the hallmarks of a counter-intel OP. 

So now let’s turn the spotlight back to the potential bad actors who might have been willing to try to develop something like this gene-therapy via respiratory virus. 

It’s well known that the Chinese Communist Party has an intense dislike for religious groups; the reason is that the belief in God means that the State is necessarily subordinate to the will of God. That is an intolerable situation for communists who view the state’s authority as absolute and all powerful. 

We have seen what the Chinese have done through the years to their native followers of Buddhism; Catholicism; Falun Gong; and to ethnic groups like the Uighurs. They are ruthless, and history shows they have no compunction about genocidal actions against groups with religious foundations.

Consider the possibility that the CCP learned about the existence of the so-called “God Genes” from Western research, and decided to develop a ‘vaccine’ to eliminate religiosity by altering the genes and brain centers involved. Do you think they would have chosen not to pursue this for reasons of morality or ethics? 

Not a chance. What is more likely is that they developed bioweapons with this purpose in mind, and tested them against their own population to see if they worked. Tested them knowing that eventually they could be used to target the Christian foundations of the US and Western Europe, when the time came. To deploy a realmind-virus.

It is entirely possible that the origin of “COVID-19” began in a Chinese bioweapons lab, although its purpose wasn’t to kill off an adversary’s population: but rather, to eliminate the ideological impulses, through genetic manipulation, that are aligned in a death struggle with the ideology of Marxists and Communists. 

The CCP decided to try to kill God, and we across the world are the victims. Could that be the underlying narrative for the COVID-19 story, and could this video about the Fun Vax be a clue to the kinds of evil anti-human thinking that could lead to experimentation on this scale?

I shudder to think about this; but I have no choice but to consider that it may be closer to the truth than we know. It is a horrifying thought; but given the inhumanity that we have seen through the centuries, particularly in the last century on the part of Marxists and Communists and Nazis, we have no choice but to consider the possibility. 

Carefully consider the mindset of the people behind this:

and consider the broader implications of this:

There is a darkness in the soul of some “humans” that is almost beyond comprehension to many of us. We must not be afraid to look into dark corners, but instead strive to find the courage to expose the darkest fringes to disinfecting sunlight.


MERS stands for Middle East Respiratory Syndrome which appeared in Saudi Arabia in 2012.


SARS stands for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. It was first “discovered” in China in November of 2002, causing the 2002-2004 SARS-1 Outbreak.

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  1. Leviticus 18:24-25: “Defile not ye yourselves in any of these things: for in all these the nations are defiled which I cast out before you: And the land is defiled: therefore I do visit the iniquity thereof upon it, and the land itself vomiteth out her inhabitants.”

  2. Yes, it is conceivable that it is already in the works. After all there’s cocaine, anti-depressants & an array of drugs that could lead someone down this path. I remember when Prozac first came out & so many ppl couldn’t take it due to extreme reactions. The evil doers just need to keep practicing to get the right formula.

  3. The minute you take that first injection you have changed your DNA forever. You are on the road to forever weaken your immunity that cannot be repaired.
    Imagine down the road if you need a transfusion or organ replacement, do you want to accept either from someone who is not a lifeblood like you?

  4. This is clearly evil and is clearly of satan from all those who have decided to go all in with him, take his mark and help carry out the ‘experiment’ satan’s been running ever since he tricked Adam and Eve: given enough time he could become God, which would require that he be able to kill off the image of God in US. This is something God will never allow and is where your trust in God as our loving Father comes into play. Satan has ALWAYS used doubt and fear b/c it worked w/Adam and Eve and has worked with much of fallen humanity. Satan is ONLY spirit, not triune like us and he’s always been jealous of this. Just like a bully, he will ALWAYS try to make himself look bigger and more powerful than he actually is…and he teaches his toadie followers to do the same.

    Matthew 10:28 says “And fear ye not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him, which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.” It is ONLY God who decides who goes to hell, not satan or any of his followers. They can damage us with these attacks and sometimes kill the body, but it is decaying and dying anyway due to sin marring God’s perfect creation. Lastly, for anyone who was deceived into getting the jab, Matthew 15:11, 17-19 are worth considering to relieve your concerns. It is not what enters in from outside that defiles, but what comes out of a corrupt soul/heart!

    “11 That which goeth into the mouth, defileth not the man, but that which cometh out of the mouth that defileth the man. 17 Perceive ye not yet, that whatsoever entereth into the mouth, goeth into the belly, and is cast out into the draught? 18 But those things which proceed out of the mouth, come from the heart, and they defile the man. 19 For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false testimonies, slanders.”

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