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Exascale Computing Reader Comments:

Radio Patriot I “get” what you’re saying (or implying). Based on your info, I’m pretty sure I know how Q was able to map out every event well in advance. I arrived at that conclusion even before I hit your reference to “Looking Glass,” super computers with the ability to forecast the future by modeling those suspected (known for) for treasonous crimes against humanity, and all manner of heinous activity. I recall reading some time ago about eight (8) super computers in existence worldwide, and that the US military runs two of them. So your article explains it. Thank you for sharing with us the benefit of your knowledge, without coming right out and telling us what the Looking Glass is and what are its capabilities. Brilliant!
Patriots Quest Excellent article! Thank you so much for posting this. The statement “Through the looking glass” in Q post No.9 always intrigued me and I came to a similar conclusion a couple of years ago, though my theory focused more on the idea of a global mesh AI network that relied heavily on satellite technology. But essentially it’s the same. I rememberSo many anons were playing around with the possibility of time travel and quantum string theory in regard the “looking glass” statement in the post when it really had to do with quantum super computing, global data collection in real-time, and digitally predicting future events using global intel databases and artificial intelligence. When one considers the possibilities, the “looking glass” could truly be the most powerful weapon mankind will ever create.
Base1Aransas Liked by CognitiveCarbon. OK. How many of you thought 1984 was running ‘behind’ schedule?
SocialismAlwaysFails Nice article and scary speculation.One nit. in the sidebar on zebibytes some formatting was lost as it is not 10247, but 1024⁷ (a kibibyte to the seventh power). . Though personally I find 2⁷⁰ to be a better representation.Regardless it is a really big number. Puts the 25 PiB I manage at work to shame.
Brian. Liked by CognitiveCarbonEthics and morality in relation to technology: Just because something can be done; should it be done? Jaques Ellul had a lot to say about that.
Joe Weikel. Liked by CognitiveCarbonExcellent and highly edifying for me. Raises a very important issue what ARE they doing with such capabilities, who exactly is exercising them, and what (if any) oversight (ok I’m dreaming there)?Another battlefield for certain.Kit & kaboodle? Love it. Must be same circa.
VA Carlos Once again a well written article. I like your humble approach of explaining super technical stuff to us non-techies.