Why is Trump mentioning the National Guard?

Are we getting closer to The Storm? Are we reaching a critical point where Trump is ready to bring on The Storm?

BREAKING: Trump calls for sending National Guard into the most violent criminal neighborhoods

“The federal government can and should send the National Guard to restore order and secure the peace without having to wait for the approval of some governor that thinks it’s politically incorrect to call them in,” Trump said during his speech at the America First Policy Institute’s summit in Washington, DC on Tuesday. He called for legislation that would allow the executive branch to call for the National Guard to be deployed in areas where “there is a true and total breakdown of law and order, where citizens’ most basic rights are violated.”

Expect to see the NG in major cities soon.

Q Post #3

Open your eyes.
It finally came out that Rod/Bob were key players in the Uranium scandal.
Don’t you think POTUS would be tweeting about removal given clear conflict.
Why did POTUS meet Bob under the cover of FBI Dir interview?
Bob is unable to serve as Dir per the law.
Gowdy comments on Comey (history will ….)
POTUS has everything.
Not everyone is corrupt (fewer than you think).
Follow Huma.
Operation Mockingbird.
Priority to clean out the bad actors to unite people behind the America First agenda.
Many in our govt worship Satan.
Not about Republicans v Democrats at this stage.
Where is HRC?
Why is the NG called up across 12 cities?
Trust in your President.
God bless, Patriots.

DJT: “…and something’s gonna have to happen, cuz people are not gonna take it much longer.”

Q post 4953

We’re Not Gonna Take It – Twisted Sister

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  1. Cannot be soon enough for Patriots who want President Trump to return to the White House as our Great and Honored Leader again!!

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