Yes they are. Laura is pulling a Chris Wallace/Bret Baier sleazy fast one — leading the viewers to believe her gal pal Karen Robson is now ahead of Kari Lake in AZ’s gubernatorial race. What a shitty thing to do. Read on…


“Guys, I see a shitload of people freaking out and not reading anything before reacting. 

Fox News announced that Robson is leading Kari Lake IN MARICOPA COUNTY by 2,600 votes. Not in total. 

This means that of the ballots they counted, Kari Lake GAINED ground in Maricopa county. She was losing this county already. 

Kari is not losing AZ. 

But the fact that one county needs ANOTHER 24 hours to count their primaries… how more blatant can we make it?” 

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Nice save FOX I’m watching your ass! 😂 — Midnight Rider

You know, the cheaters don’t put all their eggs in one basket.  

As Seth Keshel and others have been demonstrating for over a year now, they inject thousands of fake votes in several counties, not just the big one.  3% fake votes is county A, — 5% in county B, — 4% in county C, etc.  

This is supposed to make it so they don’t HAVE to suddenly try to dump 20,000 votes into one county to make up a difference and give their candidate a statewide lead.

Which is what Maricopa is being tempted to do right now.  

To the cheaters’ utter shock, Lake is leading in every single county in the state except Maricopa.  

And another fun fact. Matt Salmon dropped out of this race MONTHS AGO

But by some arcane act of sorcery, Katie Hobbs and the AZ election officials kept his name on the ballot. 

Look how many votes he got.

–Brian Cates

This is how the left wants to run elections now. They get plenty of extra time for magical comebacks after the

election is long over

The local Shill Fox News outlet is saying Maricopa County(and a few others like Pima) will take up to 5 more days to count all the votes

They claim more than 120 thousand “early votes” were held & brought in on election day. This “new GOP phenomenon” is causing a backup in counting & a delay in results

Also the braindead news anchors claim the AP is the organization who decides when to call elections.