Stings, Doesn’t It? Kari Lake’s Victory is Our Go Signal

Burning BrightAug 4

(DISCLAIMER: As is often the case with elections these days, the powers that would be are dragging their feet in declaring Kari Lake’s victory. Should the steal occur, we will revisit the situation from a 5th Gen. Warfare perspective. Still, nothing will have changed regarding the following analysis.)

Today, we’re mapping out the various victories inherent in Kari Lake’s earning the GOP nomination for Governor of Arizona.

First, let’s focus on the practical and the political.

Kari Lake Has Arrived

She’s been coming for a while. The female Trump? The Femme Fatale version of DeSantis?

No. She’s Kari Lake. Based, poised and most importantly, American to the core, Lake has won over virtually every red-blooded American who’s had the pleasure of watching her eviscerate MSM vultures, corrupt county officials and—my personal favorite—establishment RINO’s with startling efficiency and even glee.

She’s a fighter, this one, and while she undoubtedly had help behind the scenes in both running for and eventually securing the GOP nomination for Governor of Arizona, the fact that she did so while competing with both a hostile media environment and (very likely) overwhelming election fraud is impressive, gratifying and, most importantly, highly motivating for the America First movement.

Before the primaries, Donald J. Trump told us that Kari Lake was not only his preferred candidate, but that she would go on to be the best Governor in the United States. And, as I now have a habit of saying in these Briefs, Donald J. Trump has a knack for getting these sorts of things right.

As we project forward and consider the fallout of Lake’s true arrival onto the governmental—not just the political—scene, let us allow ourselves to look beyond the Midterms and into the future I believe Trump and his fellow patriots want for us.

A nation returned to its Federalist roots, wherein States are true sovereigns, serving the rights of their citizens and, while cooperating with the other States in the union, utterly independent from them. These United States should not be subservient to anyone but their own citizens. Ron DeSantis may have provided the foundation, but I believe Lake will begin to demonstrate not just to America First patriots, but to the nation as a whole, just how powerful, just how effective and just how life-changing a just, motivated and, most importantly, sovereign governor can be.

Kari Lake is the start. She’s far from the end.

The Fraud Wasn’t Enough

The Red Wave is real. Very real. [They] always knew it. But the real danger for them is that now we all know it.

Now, it might seem obvious in hindsight. Of course there was going to be and is going to be a Red Wave from August straight through to November. Fair enough. But, here’s the kicker: now we know the Red Wave is so tall, so deep and so overwhelming, that even the combined might of the Media, DNC and RINO industrial propaganda and voting complexes were powerless to stop it.

And you know what? I can guarantee you there were patriots who abstained from this election after the morale-crushing defeat that was November 3, 2020. These need not even be blackpillers, who we’ll get to shortly. These are often the victims of blackpillers. Patriots who mean well, but who don’t follow the moves and countermoves as those of us in this community do. Patriots who tell themselves there’s nothing they can do until they actually believe it. Patriots who stopped fighting the information war, the sovereign war, because they assumed it was already lost.

Guess who turned on the morning news or refreshed their social media feeds on Wednesday morning and spit out their damn coffees when it turned out the fraud wasn’t enough? Guess who just unfollowed their collected blackpill accounts from Facebook to Twitter to TRUTH (after leaving some well-deserved victory meme carpet bombs, of course?) Guess who just got the biggest charge to vote their asses off in the Midterm elections, after nearly two years of internalized losses?

Which brings me to my next point.

Now that we’ve got the obvious out of the way, let’s dig a little deeper and use a bit of projection. Here, we’re looking more at the potential rather than the actual. 

(For a deeper dive on how the potential can be MORE important than the actual, in some cases, read Wednesday’s Brief.)

Blackpillers Need Not Apply

In the aforementioned scenario, we’re assuming patriots that did not go out and vote for Lake in the primaries were well-meaning, but blackpilled/demoralized.

That said, there is a massive and insidious difference between being blackpilled and being a blackpiller. Similar to the difference in being offered a vice and offering the vice. Both parties share some culpability, but those who tempt us toward the dark paths will only ever wander them.

Tuesday night’s victory was the first in a long, powerful series of victories for us, and the first in a long, utterly humiliating series of losses for blackpillers who have either infiltrated our movement, or who have genuinely come to believe there is no hope, and yet, continue to wield influence.

As many in this community understand, these folks are some of the most damaging to the nation, as they seek to spread doom and gloom, criticizing those who trust in plans they fail to understand while simultaneously discouraging the very same from participating in the political and constitutional processes of their Republic.

It could be that some of these folks will start to see the error of their ways in the weeks ahead, and will come back to the light and urge their followers to do the same. It could be that others realize the game is up, and fade into the gray.

It is very likely, however, that the most faithful of the black-robed, blackpilled contingent will only dial up their demoralizing rhetoric in the face of this momentum shift.

So be it. We’re just getting started.

The Sting is Still Going on …

Finally, I think we’ve seen enough out of Gregg Phillips and the nation-wide campaign against election fraud to be relatively comfortable making a few assumptions.

We can assume that patriots—from Kari Lake herself and her staff, to America First patriots across the nation, to county officials, to patriots installed and laying in wait in both the intel agencies and, more importantly, the U.S. military—knew everything we knew heading into Tuesday night and an absolute METRIC TON of ‘and then some.’

Now … Lake came through with the nomination anyway, despite [their] best efforts to muck things up through various means, some of which we already know, some of which we’ll learn in the days, weeks and months ahead, and some of which will likely remain under seal, only being trotted out when the time is right for the fortunate few who are selected for Arizona Grand Juries in the months ahead.

Did you really think the Sting of the Century started and ended on November 3, 2020. Did you really think [they] weren’t going to try again? Did you really think WE weren’t going to wait?

As many in this movement understand, winning is meaningless if the win isn’t for the long-haul. Squeaking some America First candidates through to nominations will mean nothing if they don’t WIN those November races. Further, even winning said races is not enough, as long as there is an ounce of meaningful and organized election fraud taking place.

But don’t take that as a black pill. No. Take that as a promise.

We will catch every one of them. We will prosecute every one of them to the fullest extent of the law, and we will secure our elections for a generation (and more) to come.

Thus, in closing, we can see that, as many victories as we got on Tuesday night in Maricopa County, Kari Lake winning was toward the bottom of the list.

That’s no knock on Lake. That’s just how much damn winning we got done this week.