TRUTH Social posted this four days ago on Instagram.

Notice the storm in the beginning of Trump’s latest Truth. 

It had to be this way. 

Only when their plans are exposed, will the people wake up. 

Every single plan of theirs has been systematically exposed. Step by step. The children, the indoctrination, the puppet nature of politicians, globalism, the pharmaceutical industry, the FBI, the tyranny. 

The awakening is happening at a light speed yet we are still standing. 

This is all meant to spur you into action and Awakening. Only as the light shines on what they did in the darkness can we finally win.

If you are an anon, fight back in your own calling. But you also have permission to enjoy the show. 

God is doing something spectacular and no one can convince me otherwise.

This video was played right before President Trump came out to speak yesterday at CPAC. 

Notice the video starts out with it storming and ends with a quote from DJT, “the best is yet to come.” 

I would say this is a pretty clear reference to The Storm. 

Did Scavino make a post foreshadowing the FBI raid at Trump’s door three days ago? 👀


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