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THREAD: I am working on pulling this entire story together with a timeline, but everything is moving fast. I’ll drop a few things here on this thread now that I think are important and need to be out. 

The Trump RICO case out of S. Florida has had SIX recusals. SIX. 

1. 3/25/22: Magistrate Judge Shaniek M. Maynard recused, case assigned to Magistrate Judge Ryon M. McCabe

2. 4/6/22: Magistrate Judge Ryon M. McCabe recused, case assigned to Magistrate Judge Bruce E. Reinhart 

3. 6/22/22:  Magistrate Judge Bruce E. Reinhart recused (judge who signed warrant) Case reassigned to Magistrate Judge William Matthewman.

4. 6/27/22: Magistrate Judge William Matthewman recused Case reassigned to Magistrate Judge Alicia O. Valle

5. 7/1/22:  Magistrate Judge Alicia O. Valle recused, Case reassigned to Magistrate Judge Jared M. Strauss

6. 7/1/22:  Magistrate Judge Jared M. Strauss recused, Case reassigned to Magistrate Judge Patrick M. Hunt

The FBI story as fed to Newsweek today doesn’t hold water, as we know, but here are some interesting dates and coincidences I picked up. I will just break the entire story apart and debunk it here; what the hay! You can hand @CitizenFreePress more traffic for the link, they deserve it. is the #1 site for news junkies around the world.

So, the FBI and corrupt government losers are also talking to….. TMZ. That’s interesting in and of itself.. (TMZ had this yesterday) TMZ says that it’s because they would’ve had to detain Trump until they were finished, Newsweek says it’s because they didn’t want to give him the opportunity to “grandstand” or “Thwart” the RAID (they used the word raid) because they broke a ton of rules when they performed it, or because he is superman. Remember the Beast wheel?

“We wanted to keep this all low-key, and we promise that even though it LOOKS political, it wasn’t at ALL. Silly us, we really screwed up…sigh”

The “Classification” BS has already been handled. He had declassified everything, as @Kash has told us) but look at the language used here. Weeks ago they started planning this, and they waited until now because they wanted to do it before he came back. 

This brings up interesting theories for the “Warrant” v “subpoena” argument

Dersh talks about how easy it is to get a search warrant approved, although you’d think they would’ve been more careful. I learned in the Schulte case they can be 100% WRONG in their probable cause for a search warrant and it won’t matter, they can still take whatever they want within it. So someone could invent a story out of whole cloth, go to a judge, be wrong, get the warrant, and VOILA! But look what he says next.


What about FIVE judges?? Maybe 5 denials and the last one sticks??? (How many recusals on the Trump RICO case??) Just SPECULATING here, but is it possible they were judge hopping with their nonsense and that’s why all the recusals on the RICO case??? Recusal one was in March. The legacy media reported that the Archives went to the DOJ on 2/9/22. The case was filed on 3/24. 


Back to Newsweek. What they have said so far debunks this. They say they have been planning for months, meticulously thinking of when the best time would be, but they were also so afraid he would destroy things that they waited because of what nice guys they are. 

Look, this is complete nonsense because again, @Kash told us that those documents were the unreleased Crossfire Hurricance DECLASSIFIED documents. Why in the hell would he want to destroy them? Maybe the FBI wants to destroy them.

This can’t be true. They’ve already noted that the President hadn’t been there, and they knew it. So if that is true, how could their confidential informant be wrong? The SAFE WAS EMPTY. If the affidavit was this specific as they claim, why did they search an entire residence instead of where they were supposed to, and what did they take when they did so? This reminds me of when they went for the Ukraine call transcript, and it wasn’t there. Whoops. More on this in next post.

Very careful wording here, as you’ll see. “the info had to be solid, which the FBI CLAIMED”. Of course they claimed. They had a CHS you see, and those are ALWAYS above board. I mean, just look at how great Christopher Steele was. Perfection.

They just told us the FBI knew exactly where to look because they had a source, now they are using an account of the raid to further try to corroborate that, which wouldn’t be necessary if they were sure about their story.

Regarding the storage room, documents were already in there because the FBI had INSTRUCTED them to keep them there after they had visited the premises in June. See:

So, ermmm.. Not hard to know where something is when you told them to put it there.

They “misread” the impact. A few things on this– What did they think was going to happen?! Also, let’s pretend for argument’s sake he really did do something WRONG, and he was with these highly classified docs he was hell-bent on destroying; WHY WOULD THE FBI CARE ABOUT THE IMPACT!? 

The entire thing is ridiculous and a paltry, quickly thrown-together cover story so they can ferret out the rest later. A few more things I have to get to here.

If what Eric Trump told the Daily Mail is true, the FBI broke several laws when they conducted this “apolitical” raid on a former Presidents home for documents he had already given them and had declassified.

Let’s go through some of the things about warrants.

Eric Trump tells what REALLY happened in FBI raid: President’s son says 30 agents REFUSED to hand over warrant, kicked lawyer off property, rifled through clothes – and how Mar-a-Lago staff refused to turn off security cameras

Eric Trump revealed FBI agents refused to hand over the search warrant for their raid on Mar-a-Lago and kicked an attorney off the property in a new account of the Monday operation.

I see a few issues….

Now on to some other interesting things I have found in my travels. This is an aside but an important one. In the case of Joshua Schulte, the now convicted Vault 7 “leaker,” he still has several pending charges. He is using a gov. issued laptop to prepare his own defense. Recently, the government got a warrant to seize that laptop. They REFUSED him the ability to see the affidavit used to obtain it. Schulte’s other attorneys filed a motion: 

The government responded and told them they weren’t providing the affidavit they used to obtain the warrant because it was under seal, and basically said, “if we press charges on what we found when we seized the laptop, you are using in your defense, then we will show you the affidavit” So all of these talking heads on television demanding Trump release the affidavit? HE DOES NOT HAVE IT.

Now on to the juicy stuff and why that matters. The other day I shared a #Truth with a clip to an interview that @Kash gave.

This interview was uploaded on 6/22. That’s the same day that the judge recused himself in the RICO case, but it’s likely a coincidence. A really awesome person gave us the link to the entire interview here.

In this interview Kash says he will march down to the archives and begin releasing all of the documents that Trump had declassified that the American people haven’t yet gotten to see when it comes to spygate. I still have a GAZILLION more thoughts and angles I am working on this story, and this isn’t the last you will hear from me. But I’ll ask a question to end this thread: (CONT)

If documents are wrapped up in a “criminal” investigation, can the public see them??

I wonder if there’s surveillance in every room at Mar-A-Lago. . . 

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