In case you missed this report by Clandestine…

ClandestineJul 8

I’m detecting some battle fatigue. Im seeing some feedback expressing displeasure with the pace of holding accountability for those responsible for bioweapons production in Ukraine. So I’m going to address many of the questions about the timeline. This is happening MUCH faster than you might think and now is not the time to falter. 

For those that missed my report on June 30th, Russian Government officials announced they expect the final report from Russian MIL on US Biologically Activity in Ukraine “in Autumn”. Parliamentary Council announced they are compiling a dossier against the US with all the proof of BWC violations, and will present this to the UN Security Council to invoke Articles V and VI of the Biological Weapons Convention. If these articles were to be invoked, and the Nations of the UN agree with the findings, those responsible for the crimes committed would be put before an international military tribunal for crimes against humanity. 

So for those wondering “when something happens”… I don’t know what you define as “something” because what’s happening now is unprecedented. But the “big” domino falls in Autumn. Which is only 2 months out. But what’s going on between now and the final report is still vital to the operation. We are in the normalization period. 

The repeated doses and compilation of evidence is imperative to conviction as well as public acceptance. Many instances of malfeasance are MUCH more difficult to deny than a couple. 

A great example is Deshaun Watson and his sexual assault allegations. He has 24 civil cases and hired 66+ female masseuses in a 17 month period. No matter what happens in the legal process, the court of public opinion has decided he’s guilty, simply do to the volume of accusations. It’s one thing to have a couple masseuses, but 24 accusers and 66 in total? It’s safe to assume there’s something nefarious going on. 

Apply this same line of thinking when it comes to winning public opinion about DNC biological malfeasance in Ukraine. If there were just a couple labs it wouldn’t be that out of the ordinary, but the US DoD admitted there are 46 of them. Much harder to deny nefarious activity with that absurd amount of biological activity on Russia’s border. 

Russian MIL are compiling the evidence from these labs, which takes time since there are so many of them. And they are doing so in the middle of a war, while trying to do this with as little collateral damage as possible. So please try to be patient, thousands of people are dying in the name of exposing these bioweapons labs. 

In addition to Russia sacrificing the lives of their soldiers to clean up the US Deep State mess, Russian MIL are also being extremely precise in their allegations, making sure to direct them at the DNC and not at Trump. Russia have been very careful to direct this at a specific faction within the US government and not the US as a whole. Meaning we aren’t getting nuked and Putin/Russia are keen to the Deep State and in all likelihood working with Trump in some capacity. 

So for those asking “where is the US Military?”, I believe you are seeing it. They are strategically standing down in this situation, allowing Russia to carry out the operations in Ukraine. I believe them to be working with Russian MIL and sharing intelligence to clean this mess up. For optics purposes, they could not send the US MIL into Ukraine to expose what was happening.

In conclusion, Russia are cleaning up the DNC bioweapons, are pushing to put Obama, Hilary, Biden and Soros in international military tribunals for crimes against humanity, while fighting literal Nazis, and will release their final report right before the 2022 midterms. Literally making every Anon’s wildest fantasies a reality. 

If there is an avenue to hold the Deep State players accountable via military tribunal THIS IS IT. Final report is in Autumn, then it goes to the UN Security Council. If they don’t entertain it, then it goes to “non-diplomatic measures”.

That’s the timeline. If you have problems with the pace, we’ll thats just too damn bad. This timeline isn’t about any one individual, it’s about saving the world for all of humanity.