Me: I watched the RSBN replay of the first part twice. What I learned from True the Vote’s Gregg Phillips and Catherine Englebrecht and the other speakers about the election fraud is shocking. (I thought I couldn’t be shocked. haha…) Especially what has been going on in New York State. OMG.

Patel Patriot:

“Still gathering my thoughts from the PIT. Will share details soon. 

They presented another avenue in which China had their hands all up inside our cookie jar. Connections still need to be made. 

The biggest question I had for Gregg last night was whether he believed Trump knew about what they found prior to Gregg’s team finding it. 

His answer: “no question”


One of the things people heard loud & clear at #ThePit was how dire our election situation is… and how important it is that we perform in 3 critical areas:

1) legal challenges to force election laws be followed

2) citizens staffing every election worker & observer position nationwide (never leave another one vacant)

3) voter turnout breaks some of the cheat models

Jordan Sather:

“Gregg & Catherine told a detailed story about some of their findings that they haven’t revealed publicly (for their own safety). They gave the Pit attendees the information and resources to continue digging and exposing this story. It involves foreign interference in local and state elections around the country. Names were named. They told us after the Pit was done, which it is now, that we can blow it up – but we’re all wondering what we should post and how we can do it with respect for Gregg & Catherine’s safety. You’ll hear about all of this in the coming days.

Catherine said they will work to post information about this story on their new website,, by Monday. The citizen journos at the Pit will be telling it within the coming days, too. It will all get out there. MANY will be digging into the questionable company involved in this that may have been rigging elections on behalf of the CCP.”