“Armed Trump supporters protesting outside FBI office in Phoenix”

Did the Fedbois dress up in their MAGA suits and walk outside for a photo op?

Can confirm this was NOT anyone associated with the Pit. “

–Jordan Sather

“All I’ll say at this point is millions of Americans are directly involved in this coming scandal via a massive nat sec breach and when Gregg and Catherine drop the full story all Hell is going to break loose because these Americans are going to demand answers about how they were compromised by a foreign hostile power in this manner. 

Elections systems are a vital part of our country’s national security.”

–Brian Cates

“Gregg & Catherine told a detailed story about some of their findings that they haven’t revealed publicly (for their own safety). They gave the Pit attendees the information and resources to continue digging and exposing this story. It involves foreign interference in local and state elections around the country. Names were named. They told us after the Pit was done, which it is now, that we can blow it up – but we’re all wondering what we should post and how we can do it with respect for Gregg & Catherine’s safety. You’ll hear about all of this in the coming days.”

–Jordan Sather

“Guys. I’m personally processing all the info I just heard myself. 

Please be patient. It was a lot of info and we’re waiting on further instructions on when we can all talk about it. More information will be given to the attendees but until then, I’m not going to say much out of respect for Gregg and Catherine. 

Just know we have our work cut out for us. 

And I’m so ready for it. “

— RedPillPharmacist

“I’m not prepared at this time to comment on the information presented at the pit. I would suggest keeping your eyes on The Epoch Times. Several of their reporters attended. They have information related to past and present Chinese influence operations that provide additional context for the story Greg and Catherine are telling.”

–Praying Medic