We are all about to be armed for the battlefield.

Flynn’s digital army is about to be deployed into the battle.

The Pit

The Storm is here friends!

WE are about to FORCE the media to cover the stolen election and an act of war!

Gird your loins!

Prepare for war friends!


Sealed indictments actually mean it’s a REAL investigation and isn’t getting swept under the rug.

The reason they are sealed is because it’s a massive conspiracy.

These are people “already” indicted.

The fact there are now over 350,000 sealed indictments across the country when normally it’s around a thousand is PROOF there is a huge conspiracy investigation happening behind the scenes.

RICO case!


The 8chan/8kun QResearch Board Search:

22.8+ MILLION documents from 50 QAnon related sources!

We literally were given the name of the company (Konnech) directly tied to the CCP that was used to steal our elections – not just in 2020.

We know the company now. (Konnech)

We know the president of the company now.

We know the other business affiliates that this company is using to steal our elections.

This is the very “evidence” we’ve been waiting for.

Our job is to now spread this info everywhere – nonstop.

To dig for more evidence and share.

It’s very simple.

Each person gets to make a choice.

Join the fight and be useful in waking up normies and controlling the narrative — or wait for Trump to do everything.


were always part of the plan.

Flynn’s digital army.

Q woke us up to lead the way for normies.

To red pill as many people as possible.

That’s our mission!

We were just handed the ammo to join the fight!

Time to make your mark!

I also think this info was handed to (Gregg) Phillips by military intelligence, based on timing.

I think everything is being timed and it’s interesting that nobody has heard of this company (Konnech) and how deeply they are tied into our elections.

I believe the enemy was willing to sacrifice companies like Dominion in order to distract and hide the company Konnech from public scrutiny.

Looks like not all FBI are bad and it looks like the Trump priorities are still happening even with Trump on the sidelines

This guy Robert Storch is a key figure in the justice that’s coming and nobody is talking about him by design, I think.

Huber was always the big gun tied in with the IG office doing the investigations of every department under the radar.

Huber was tasked by Sessions to look into the FISA abuse.

Huber is responsible for the large majority of sealed indictments across the country.

He has a team of almost 500 people working for him and has been active from the start.

Durham is the public introduction of the corruption in our DOJ for the normies.

When Huber finally unseals and drops indictments on McCabe and others, then we have entered the justice part of this plan.

It’s coming.

And … a gold nugget in the drop on Mueller and Comey….thanks for playing.

“FISA goes both ways.”

This is key to the trap.

Both Mueller and Comey are part of the “band” Barr talked about getting back together.

They were all part of the team that used Trump as an FBI asset to take down large conspiracies.

There were four FISA’s.

Only two were ruled by the courts as fraudulent.


Because Comey and Rosenstein signed off on the other two, and FISA works both ways.

Mueller was used to discover the abuses and Comey and Rosenstein launched FISA-gathering against the enemy who abused the system and launched Russiagate against Trump.

The enemy are screwed.

Biggest trap in world history gonna be revealed soon.

This whole Mar-A-Lago event is about Obama, not Trump.

Don’t listen to any media.

Q often portrayed good players as bad for deception.


Same thing Trump is always doing.

Q told us the enemy followed closely what happens on the boards.

Here’s the evidence.

Comey said under oath that Trump was never under investigation. Even when the media story 24/7 was that he was.

Comey was part of the team working with Trump to bring down major conspiracies going all the way back to the 80’s.

He knew Trump was an FBI asset.

Comey “reopened” the Hillary email investigation very publicly just weeks before the 2016 election which torpedoed Hillary’s campaign. She was furious!

Comey “stepped over” Loretta Lynch on several occasions publicly.


Lynch was compromised and took a deal.

That meeting you talk about with Lynch, Comey and Obama was key.

We had the evidence of Lynch on the tarmac with Bill Clinton offering her a Supreme Court position to make the email investigation go away.

Admiral Rogers (NSA) mislabeled evidence purposely to hide it from destruction.

After that meeting with Obama and Comey she was trapped because Comey witnessed it all.

She flipped.

As for the FISA’s, you are believing the media narrative.

There were four FISA’s the media keeps saying were illegal.

That’s not true.

Two FISA’s the court said were legal.

Guess which two?

The two that the two “band members” who have worked for years with Trump as an FBI asset, Comey and Rosenstein.

That’s why Q said FISA goes both ways.

Comey and Rosenstein launched legal FISA’s back at the enemy.

We have monitored everything they’ve done ever since.

All just my opinion though.

Another name to watch along with Robert Storch.

Jay Bratt.

I think there’s more evidence that this raid on Trump is all about Obama and Hillary, not Trump.

Did Trump sell weapons technology to foreign countries like China or Russia?

Of course not.

Does Trump have the ability to declassify any documents?


So then who is Jay Bratt really investigating and what evidence did Trump just give him to introduce into investigations?

Ongoing investigations.

Look into what department of the DOJ that Jay Bratt runs.

Can you say Uranium 1?

Iran deal?

Hillary emails with an unsecured server?

This whole story is cover for the real investigations happening under everyone’s noses in my opinion.


“DOJ urges judge to keep Trump search warrant affidavit sealed to protect national security investigation

Federal prosecutors investigating former President Donald Trump asked a judge not to unseal an affidavit related to the FBI’s search of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home.”

Guess who was head of the DOJ?

The initial two (FISAs) were invalid and Barr had alluded to it in interviews too.


FISA’s go both ways?

Two of four FISA warrants against Carter Page declared invalid

The Justice Department has declared invalid two of the four surveillance warrants against former Trump campaign associate Carter Page, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court said Thursday.


That statement by the FISA court is true but does not name Comey or Rosenstein.

Both can be true.

FBI agents lied and misrepresented (McCabe) and two FISAs were turned on the enemy in a conspiracy sting operation that is still active.

It hasn’t ended.

Comey at that time achieved the exact reaction that was needed for the cover and deception.

But remember the timing.

His words meant nothing.

The damage was already done to Hillary’s campaign when he reopened the investigation with just weeks before the election.

That painted her as guilty just as the normies began paying attention to the election.

For me, it’s always about connecting dots given what I know is the ultimate goal.

People aren’t thinking big enough to what Trump is actually accomplishing.

It’s all just my opinion cause I’m not an insider, I’m just a very good observer with pretty good discernment, critical thinking and deductive reasoning skills.

That’s my opinion too! 

As I say on my Truth Social account sub heading.

“All my opinions are based on historical facts.”

The CIA controlled North Korea and always have.

We needed a threat to stay in fear and panic to continue to feed the military industrial complex.

Question nobody asks:

Given how long we have had a large standing army in South Korea, how many trillions were laundered through that military operation over the years to the elites?

That Q post emphasized the word “director.”


Who did Trump name director of the CIA before he became Secretary of State?

Coincidence that after Pompeo became director of the CIA that the money to the Kim government got cut off and he (Little Rocket Man) quickly came to the peace table?

We are at war with the military industrial complex that JFK began fighting, which is only a puppet to the Rothschilds.

That (Q) post is about Obama’s nickname given him by the Secret Service.


The raid on Trump is not about Trump.

It’s about Obama.

The CIA controlled North Korea going back to Kim’s father.

That’s what would shock normies.

Trump appointed Pompeo as CIA director and he cleansed them. Cutting off and exposing all their control over governments, people and illegal money streams.

Pompeo hollowed out the CIA.

That’s what forced Kim to the peace table.

Pompeo cut off the money supply that propped up Kim’s government that the CIA had been providing for years.

Same with Iran.

Forgive me friends but I have to pat myself on the back.

Finally listened to PP interview with Greg Phillips.

Did you hear him mention that we are fighting an insurgency with counterinsurgency tactics?

Counterinsurgency manual.

From Q post 2546

These two posts I believe are pointing specifically to what we are witnessing play out on the raid on Trump.

He said he would gladly take the arrows.

He knows he’s not the real target of this investigation, in my opinion.

Remember the FISA judge that was friends with Obama and met him at the WH(visitor logs) was forced to recuse himself.

That’s when the tables turned.

PP (Patel Patriot) has never followed Q and says so. That makes his perspective different because he’s relying on proof in documents instead of Q who was pointing us in the direction (of) to find evidence and expose truth.

So Patel comes at things a lot different than those of us who followed Q.

I haven’t heard PP talk about whether he thinks Trump is an FBI asset or if he’s even looked into it.

Not sure.

The person who woke me up to that fact with proof was @JustHuman_Kyle who did several shows on it.

If Trump is an FBI asset and not the target of this investigation, then doesn’t that change everything?

Wouldn’t that make the whole media narrative a lie?

But this is an unconventional war.

It’s a clandestine war where many aspects will never be admitted.

What we wait for is the outcome to prove what really happened, though it might never be admitted.

Check out @JustHuman_Kyle .

He has some real good discernment and takes on things a lot (of others) don’t talk about, but puts the puzzle together.

But here’s the real question.

The question none of us have an answer to.

What was in the FISA Rosenstein signed?

None of us have seen it or ever will.

That’s the point.

We are watching a show.

They turned the tables on them and that’s why Q said FISAs go both ways, these people are stupid.

The media narrative is speculating and assuming all four FISAs were the same.

In my opinion they weren’t.

But you don’t know, that is my point.

None of us do.

I have helped make the case that Comey and Rosenstein are part of the band AG Barr was talking about “at Rosenstein’s retirement.”

They are all part of the team that worked with Trump to bring down massive conspiracies in the past.

If they are working with Trump, then they are not on the enemy side and that changes everything considering the right wing media has demonized them both.

It’s a cover narrative for a trap that Trump also promoted.

It’s all part of the plan.

What if there are no passports?

What if Trump is lying?

What if he’s trying to bait them into revealing something?

What if it’s just COMMS cause all the enemy’s passports have now been flagged as Q mentioned because we are entering the final act?

Lots of possibilities.

I don’t believe anything anybody is saying about this event but that’s just me.

What if this whole story is just to control the narrative to make Biden and the democrats look bad. 

Look into the guy leading it. Jay Bratt is the same guy that looked at the documents with Trump’s lawyers in June.

Look into what part of the DOJ he heads, then ask yourself who is really under investigation, Trump or Obama?

I don’t think of everything as a conspiracy theory at all. I know we are in a media war and both sides are fighting to control the narrative.

That makes me question all of it.

I know we aren’t being told the true story by either side in the media.

I think Huber is the main investigation that’s gonna bring justice to the big names.


Who knows, but pressure seems to be building.

I’ve always been of the opinion that the election is overturned before the midterms, which will change everything.

I also still see lots of cheating in the primaries and the only way that will ever stop is to overturn the 2020 election.

This is eye opening.

The narrative is changing.

I’ve noticed people around Trump are becoming more vocal about the cabal and the puppet masters who are Trump’s real targets.

The democrats and RINO’s are the easy part. They are the low hanging fruit.

The real enemy is the hidden enemy Trump has always mentioned.

Rothschilds, Rockefeller’s, Soros etc

Understand what had to happen first.

Q told us long ago.

The top of the FBI and DOJ had to be cleansed first.

It was.

First the Q post on sealed indictments and the Huber / IG investigations, then the post listing a lot of the top of the FBI and DOJ cleansed.

Is the FBI and DOJ working behind the scenes to help the investigations now?

If Trump is not actually the target, then the answer is obvious to me.

Spit Ball 

How long have we been ruled?

By an elite class?

How many of us were hoodwinked into supporting one political dynasty or another in America?

All that changed when Trump was elected.

He isn’t just a bull in a china shop of American politics.

He’s a Wrecking Ball to the elitist political dynasties that have ruled this country for at least a generation.

Clintons destroyed!

Bush’s destroyed!

McCain dynasty that controlled Arizona destroyed!

Cuomo dynasty that controlled New York destroyed!

I think we are about to add the Cheney dynasty that controlled Wyoming to the list.

Liz Cheney and the Cheney family will now be thrown in the trash bin of history with all the rest!

Trump is truly giving power back to the people and I don’t know about you but I’m enjoying these elitists weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Judgement Day also approaches! 

This is perfect!!!!

Liz Cheney bashing Trump and the 2020 election fraud accusations!

This is beautiful!

It just opened the door for Trump to bash her and paint her as part of the stolen election problem!


Wray already cleaned house at the top of the FBI

Trump isn’t the target.

Wray already cleaned house at the top of the FBI

Trump isn’t the target.