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“REMINDER: FBI, DOJ & Obama White House INTENTIONALLY misspelled key players names in internal documents & communications to hide them from Freedon Of Information Act & Congressional document production requests, in violation of federal law.

Try typing ‘comey’ on your keyboard. Now try typing ‘corney’ they LOOK similar when reading the documents but notice how different they are to type? Its not accidental; its purposeful. Try ‘obama’ then try ‘obarna’. Do you see it?”

When Did James Comey Become Corney?

I will admit that I had not even noticed this until it was pointed out to me, but an interesting thing appeared in the Inspector General report submitted by Michael Horowitz. James Comey’s name is spelled incorrectly throughout the document. Instead of being referred to as “James Comey” He is called “James Corney.” (C-O-R-N-E-Y)

I will admit that the error is hard to see. When one looks at the inspector general’s report (you can read it here) you will see that there is not one instance where his name is spelled correctly. However, the incorrect spelling appears 163 times. Check it out for yourself. Open the document and do a search of “Comey.” You will find no results. Then search “Corney.”

That is simply weird and not easy to see. Because the “r” and “n” blend together so well, they appear to be an “m.”

So, did Horowitz suddenly forget how to spell the former FBI director’s name? Did everyone who reviewed this document before its final submission?

The truth is that this may have been a subtle attempt to save Comey from future embarrassment. Maybe the IG didn’t really want to speak ill of Comey. It would explain how he could find 17 instances of how the FBI falsified documents or misled the court against Trump, yet did not believe there was any bias.

Fortunately, some watchful people out there discovered the discrepancy.

Now, before any of you declare that this document was sabotaged or not legitimate, look at the URL. This is the official site of the Department of Justice where this is being held. No person is registering a .gov address, so this is the official report.

No matter what side of the aisle you are on, literally everyone should despise this guy. I believe Comey had aspirations of being the next J. Edgar Hoover. He was thinking he was going to rule the country from the FBI. This is why he tried to sabotage Hillary Clinton and why he was spying on Donald Trump. He figured he would have dirt on everyone that he could use to blackmail and coerce them for decades.

If the IG was looking to save Comey embarrassment, it didn’t work. If you search “James Corney,” you will be led to James Comey. America’s sleeziest cop will continue to be exposed as a dirt bag. Now that is one thing we should all celebrate.

By Robert Pannier

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