As it Turns Out … Nobody

by Burning Bright

Change is coming. On many fronts and in many ways.

You only need to cultivate the eyes to see it, and sometimes, it helps to have someone shine a light on it, so that you might see it in a new way.

Brian Stelter. Liz Cheney.  Anthony Fauci.

Say those three names in a grouping, and in any order to your average citizen and they’re likely to look puzzled as to their implied relation. If they are plugged into the cultural or media zeitgeist, it is likely that they have heard of the first name. Whether or not they are plugged into the political zeitgeist, they have certainly heard the last name of the second.

And no matter who they are, from the most engaged liberal or conservative to the most despondent, out-of-touch ‘normie’ you could come across, they have almost certainly become intimately familiar with the third name, and they likely have strong feelings regarding him, for better or worse.

And therein lies the power of symbols, something that, if you have been following my writing for any length of time, you will know I find uniquely important when it comes to analyzing ongoing events in the fifth-generation war we’ve been caught in for some time.

You see, for all the ridicule self-described ‘awakened’ folks like us heap onto figures such as Stelter, Cheney and Fauci, it is worth reminding ourselves of precisely why they represent significant nodes in the collective mind of society.

They are touchstones, either confirming warped sociopolitical worldviews or standing as stark, infuriating and frightening examples of the decentralized, pervasive and shadowy enemies we track in the ongoing battle against globalism, Marxism and any other number of ideological scourges the powers that would be have visited on once-sovereign lands.

Instead of railing against these names today, however, I bring them up for an entirely different reason.

No doubt many of you are aware that Stelter’s ironically-titled ‘Reliable Sources’ program has been cancelled by Warner Media as the latest example of the ongoing purge of woke content at the conglomerate, something we discussed in the recent Brief concerning World War Woke.

Certainly it only makes us human to indulge in the schadenfreude the potato head’s fall from grace calls up in us, just as we did during the public disgraces of the Cuomo Brothers and other MSM and Deep State-aligned politico’s. Stelter and his ilk are more likely of the useful idiot variety than true power players in the sorts of shadowy back rooms we envision at the upper levels of the international communist alliance, and yet, their falls are meaningful from a cultural level, and signal an ongoing shift in the collective mind of American society.

Stelter, Cuomo, Don Lemon, Anderson Cooper and even some of your favorites at Conservative Incorporated (also known as FOX News,) are clowns dancing for a dark empire, but as they tumble over like flicked dominoes one after the other, they are left to dance for an empire that is increasingly being stripped of its clothes.

Sure, it’s satisfying for clowns to get the axe for open and flaunting corruption, just as it is satisfying to dance on the political grave of the heir of the corrupt Cheney legacy—a caricature of a congresswoman so partisan as to be nearly indistinguishable from the aforementioned talking heads—but this newer trend is indicative of a more foundational shift. As we discussed in World War Woke, these firings seem to be coming on the heels of fiscal failures rather than cultural, which, of course are ultimately one in the same, just as Cheney’s loss was not so much shocking for its occurrence, but rather for its magnitude.

When we dig into the ever-elusive and ever-compelling ‘why?’ regarding these failures on the part of our enemies, I prefer to group them into a few categories. The ideological ‘right’ considers Stelter, Cheney and the rest of their media-politico ilk to be partisan hacks. The ideological ‘left’ feels that they have cried wolf one hundred times too many, and have disengaged from exhausting and ultimately toothless talk of bringing orange men and Russian villains to justice, and the steady, disengaged center of society sees them as cartoons unworthy of respect, recognition or attention because ultimately, their voices no longer matter to the national conversation.

No matter the underlying and respective reasons for the loss of their narrative power, lost power they have.

This signals a most encouraging development with regards to media, political and cultural trends in the United States: the collective mind may be more ready for some sort of mass awakening than many of us have believed up until now.

Which brings me around to the final name on the list. The one I would be remiss not to discuss because he is not to be forgotten. Because he cannot be forgotten.

I am talking, of course about Anthony Fauci. The Doctor. The Saint, they would have you believe.

An angel who is much closer to a demon, in the estimation of myself and, I would guess most of my readers.

Anthony Fauci still has much to answer for once the American—and perhaps even international—justice systems are more directly controlled by sovereigns once more. Until that time, we should view his willing or controlled relinquishing of the media spotlight as the establishment’s concession that, following 29 months of intense, mass psychological and administrative bombardment … the COVID Beast is dead.

Fauci’s declaration is not to be underestimated, nor is the eventual effect of one of the greatest psychological boomerangs in world history.

COVID was the biggest mass psychological ‘event’ to occur since 9/11. If you’d like a preview of where I envision things going from here, check out my piece on Narrative Whiplash.

We will dive into these developments in greater detail in the future, but for now, my purpose is direct and simple:

Track these symbolic victories, for they are indicative of very real gains in the war for the collective mind of society—the war each side MUST win if they are to prevail, and usher in their vision for American life.

We lost this country over a period of decades. Perhaps longer.

But as you will see in the months ahead, we will take it back slowly … and then all at once.

Until next time, stay Positive, stay Based and most importantly … stay Bright.

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