Bright Brief – Collapse of the Old Guard

The RINO’s Come Home to Roost

By now it’s old news.

Cheney is out, as if she was ever really ‘in’ in the first place.

But, if you’ve been following my writing for any length of time, you know that I don’t break news around these parts. I analyze it. More specifically, I analyze the narratives at work IN said news, because I recognize the news cycle for what it is:

A story.

Sometimes that story is mostly true and sometimes that story is mostly false. As you develop your cognitive filter in this fifth-generation war, you begin to develop a knack for guessing which is which before you even engage with a given narrative deployment based on the source alone. Most of my readers understand this.

So then, if you can largely guess at the given intent of a ‘media’ source before engaging with the story they’re selling you, why engage with it in the first place?

Because if someone is telling you a story, whether that story is mostly true, mostly false or some mix of the two, you can learn a lot—you can learn everything you need to know—about the storyteller.

And we have had few storytellers occupying the collective mind of the politically-engaged since January 6, 2021 than Liz Cheney, doomed heiress of one of the more toxic and morose political legacies in the United States.

Just as a recent Bright Brief concerning Kari Lake’s victory in the Arizona primaries was cause for celebration, Cheney’s defeat tolls a bell with a different timbre, but which manages to run a parallel tone.

For surely the defeat of an enemy can be counted as a victory for us all, can it not?

Just as Lake’s victory was much less about the future of Arizona than it was a ‘go’ signal for the America First movement—specifically, discouraged and disenfranchised voters within the America First ideology—Cheney’s defeat and the defeat of other RINO’s across the nation signal that the sea change overtaking American politics for the better is not relegated to introducing the bright and bold ‘new,’ but also in tearing down the corrupt and clinging ‘old.’

Cheney had a muted, uneventful political career before the largely-manufactured and undoubtedly misreported events of 1/6/21, but following this grand PsyOp, she was activated in a way so many have been before her and a diminishing number of political operatives will be after her, as their numbers are running thin.

You see, the defeat of Liz Cheney has much less to do with the first name and much more to do with the second. Cheney is American political royalty.

Yes. You read that right. Even in the west, where we once claimed to be stunning paragons of Republican virtue atop Democratic cities on the hill, we have political, establishment royalty. Fat and greasy hogs polished and preened by MSM politico’s and clownish talking heads, who themselves are in the midst of stunning and entirely-satisfying exposures and failures of their own, as discussed in Wednesday’s Brief: Who Watches the Watchmen?

You know the names.

Bush. Clinton. McCain. Obama. Romney. Cheney.

Some of the most ubiquitous and reviled names by the truth community, and as difficult to dislodge as the barnacles that forever mar the faces of the blue behemoths that glide through our eternal seas.

Now, they have been dislodged. One by one. Very slowly and then, as we have discussed with many of [their] failures of late … all at once.

But the prospect of Deep State electoral defeats are less stunning than the sheer magnitude of Cheney’s defeat. This result was not simply a trend gaining in steam against one of the admittedly-weaker of the globalist figures still infecting the Legislative Branch, it was a referendum on the idea of the two-party system in the first place.

Recently, I authored a spontaneous thread on Truth Social recounting my own political journey over the course of the last 20-odd years, from Obama voter to centrist doomer to full-on MAGA to … whatever it is I am now.  

Read the whole thread, if you’re interested in that journey, but I wanted to pick out the point most salient to our topic today.

I stand by the assessment I made in that thread: Donald Trump is no more a Republican than any of you are, or should be. These political labels mean nothing to some, and everything for the wrong reasons to many others. They are tribal labels that can ensnare one into the bipolar emotional sociopolitical climate this nation has been trying to claw its way out of for a generation.

Trump rode the relative strength of the Republican electorate to the most stunning—and timely—political upset in the history of this world, and we are all glad he did. With the strength of Republican and centrist support behind him, he spent the first four years of his (to be continued) presidency exposing the malcontent, Marxist nature of the ideological left for the nation—and by extension, the world—to see.

Now, during the silent-running phase of a Biden term some see as fraudulent while others see as something of a planned demolition of the vestiges of Deep State American corruption, Trump has set his sights on the most insidious enemies within the U.S. political system:

The elusive, evasive and utterly detestable RINO.

In this way, Donald Trump continues to eschew the traditions of recent American politics by becoming precisely what we need him to be at any given time, and in exchange, the American people are becoming precisely what Donald Trump needs us to be.

[They] pulled the wool over our eyes for decades, confusing otherwise-discerning patriots with a false dichotomy of a political system that our Founding Fathers warned us about on the eve of the birth of this once-great and future-great nation.

In order to free the collective American mind of the bicameral chains of political duality, Donald Trump and those behind him shattered the one first only to turn their attentions to the other—the one more deeply rooted and cemented—with the growing and gathering might of a reborn sovereign spirit behind them.

Liz Cheney is not the first disgraced charlatan to see the corrupt legacy of her forebears come crashing down around her, and she will not be the last.

Trump helped to expose them.

As recent victories in the primaries should have shown you by now … it’s up to us to do the rest.

Until next time, stay Positive, stay Based and most importantly … stay Bright.