Lately I have been checking in on Kyle “Just Human.”

Last night during his Just Human podcast, he conjectured about some legal documents connected to the raid on Mar-a-Lago.

Interesting, but what was even more intriguing was Kyle’s assessment of what he sees as the ‘kayfabe’ taking place between Trump and former AG Bill Barr. Utterly fascinating. According to his analysis, what we’re witnessing is nothing short of brilliant game theory by the best kayfabist of all.

You should understand that Kyle and his subscribers (followers, viewers, readers) are sleuths, curious Sherlock Holmes types who delve way beyond the obvious, spying around corners, over hills, way out in front and as a a result, always ahead of the curve, sharing their deep dive assessments and discoveries with the rest of us, presenting views otherwise overlooked. This is not for the casual onlooker. Kyle and his ilk are the original anons, parsing Q posts since the beginning. And they’re very good at it. What I thought I knew doesn’t come close to matching their investigative skills.

Kyle’s deliberations are well thought out, his assessments or ‘best-guesses’ are backed by proof, logic, and a seemingly inate ability to see through the fog. His talent has attracted anons who share that compulsion to know and understand, and many have been deep diving into rabbit holes even since before Q began posting hints/drops. It is fascinating to watch their minds work and behold what their dives expose.

Here’s last night’s show which includes the latest updates on Dark Biden in Philly, Updates on Mar-a-Lago Raid, a quick update on Danchenko case, NSA’s O’Brien in Israel, and more. And if you don’t have the time to sit through a typically two-hour show, Kyle thoughtfully abbreviates show segments into clips which you’ll find here:

If you want to know more about the kayfabe topic, Kyle has a podcast episode on it.

‘In professional wrestling, kayfabe, as a noun, is the portrayal of staged events within the industry as “real” or “true”, specifically the portrayal of competition, rivalries, and relationships between participants as being genuine and not staged. The term kayfabe has evolved to also become a code word of sorts for maintaining this “reality” within the direct or indirect presence of the general public. Kayfabe, in the United States, is often seen as the suspension of disbelief that is used to create the non-wrestling aspects of promotions, such as feuds, angles, and gimmicks in a manner similar to other forms of fictional entertainment.’ (source)

I posit to you, that not only does Trump use kayfabe, almost ALL of our politicians use kayfabe. 

It’s just that Trump uses it better than anyone ever has and he uses it AGAINST the Deep State.” – Kyle

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