“This is not a true story, except for all the facts.”

Daily Mail: ‘My Son Hunter’ a Hit at Hollywood Screening: ‘Not Your Mother’s Conservative Movie’

The upcoming film “My Son Hunter” “was a hit” with the audience at a private screening in Los Angeles this week, with one audience member telling the UK Daily Mail that the film is “not your mother’s conservative movie.”

While this subject matter may seem salacious, it is drawn directly from the public record.
My Son Hunter’s screenwriter Brian Godwa told the Daily Mail:

I drew dialogue from actual incidents or documents, transcripts or emails reported in
the media as the base language of Hunter and Joe’s characters, many of them actual
quoted lines. And many of them were taken from Hunter’s actual emails from his laptop.
I drew from Hunter’s eulogy for his brother Beau for his own description of his
relationship in the movie.


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