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  1. I pray Soros shwaub gates and all the other bastards die….every day this is my prayer. God help us. POTUS knows everything. God is in control. These morons I believe have tried to take him out in more ways than one but he has God’s blessing. My state primary is tomorrow and if I have to friggin CRAWL to the polls I will
    Folks please pray for America to be saved.
    I just finished watching a film about the CCP titled
    The walking dead of china and wish it was mandatory for all American people to watch.
    Chinese people mean NOTHING to their regime
    Control and money are the CCP only goal.
    Chinese defectors call their countrymen the walking dead because they have given up. If you or anyone else in this country think it can’t happen here you are mistaken.

  2. Completely agree with Valerie. It CAN happen here in America…it’s just that God is not going to LET IT happen here in order that through America, the world might be finally spared of the evil ones additional attacks. The Plan to Save the World is definitely Biblical – Revelation 17:17 – Q chapter AND verse!

    17 [a]For God hath put in their hearts to fulfill his will, and to do with one consent for to give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God be fulfilled.

    Revelation 17:17 A reason rendered from the chief efficient cause, which is the providence of God, by which alone S. John by inversion of order affirmeth to have come to pass, both that the Kings should execute upon the harlot, that which pleased God, and which he declared in the verse next beforegoing: and also that by one consent and counsel, they should give their kingdom unto the beast, etc., verses 13, 14. For as these being blinded have before depended upon the beck of the beast that lifteth up the harlot, so it is said that afterward it shall come to pass, that they shall turn back, and shall fall away from her when their hearts shall be turned into better state by the grace and mercy of God.

    For much more as to how recent history and current events are all recorded in the Book of Revelation see: Revelation 16:12 – 19:16 Historical View Timeline: https://storage.googleapis.com/gator-users/user-684547/documents/28c4ee1181344a45a9451cb920a2f144/Copy%20of%20Revelation%20Historical%20Timeline%20-%20Rev%2016_12%20-%2019_16%20Historical%20Timeline.pdf

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