Energy Starvation

Here in Maine we live alongside two rivers that in the recent past were used to generate hydropower. They were dependable, and the dams with their turbine generators provided ample electricity for the needs of wood /paper factories and homes.

Idiot environmentalists decided that closing up those dams, turning off the turbines, and buying electricity from out of state would be smarter, because the fish…

So they (Maine legislature and Democrat-liberal governor, along with deep-pocketed coastal lefties) allowed bird-killing wind farms to be installed on Maine’s beautiful natural hills and mountain tops, blighting the landscape and smacking birds to the ground… when the propellers weren’t idle (most of the time).

Now, in their “wisdom” because not enough power is generated to satisfy the out-of-state-corporate energy providers, they’re building solar farms that spread over the landscape — in a state not known for its reliable sunshine…and significantly short days during a 6-month-long winter season.

Smart, huh? said no one ever.

By Radiopatriot

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  1. And once again…… artificial intelligence will NEVER overcome natural stupidity. Ignorance is not an excuse; ignorance can be trained /educated. Stupid CANNOT be fixed and time should not be wasted trying.

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