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And already people are wondering if Judge Dearie is a ‘deep state’ guy and if  this is a ‘deep state’ appointment.  

Listen carefully: 


He’s Trump’s pick.

And now commenters are spitballing that Judge Cannon and Judge Dearie are about to do a huge rug pull of Donald Trump and trick  him. 

You can’t fix stupid.  

I’m going out to dinner.

She doesn’t trust them.

After the election

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Brian Cates:

She head the DOJ and the FBI out and then…ruled against them. 

sad trombone

Judge Raymond Dearie named special master

☝️☝️☝️Allow me to translate what Judge Cannon is saying there for those of you in Rio Linda: 

“I am not buying what you’re selling.  I already rejected your argument against my granting Trump’s request to appoint a Special Master, and after hearing you out again, I’m still not buying what you’re selling.  

Your motion for a stay is denied, I hereby appoint the Special Master, and I’m going to make it Trump’s own pick.”


‘Judge Cannon:  ‘You guys aren’t helping your case when you  cant even get your leakers under control who are supposedly leaking classified info about your investigation to the news media” but she says it NICELY in legalese.

The biggest news of the day was that the  Durham Special Counsel’s Office is going to be introducing internal FBI system LYNC chats as trial exhibits in the Danchenko case.  

Any chance the FBI 7th floor was stonewalling Durham’s investigation into the conduct of Crossfire Hurricane team members just died with a theatrical scream.

If Durham’s doing a cover-up for the FBI, he’s sure going about it in an exceedingly strange way.

[phone rings] “Hi. FBI HQ.”

“Yo, it’s John Durham.”

“Oh hi John.  How’s that coverup for us going?”

“Yeah well about that. I’m gonna be revealing a court filing today that Danchenko was your CHS for 3 1/2 years and you were hiding him from Congressional investigators.” 

“B-but you can’t….!”

‘And tomorrow I’m gonna unseal a filing showing I’m all up in the Crossfire Hurricane Team’s LYNC chats as they discussed their strategies and handling of Danchenko. While they were hiding him.” 

“Y-You can DO  this…how do you call this a cover up?!” 

‘I don’t. DOOM ON YOU.” [click

Amazing while he’s supposedly helping the FBI cover up it’s crimes, Durham keeps revealing new bad shit that they did.  

But I’m sure I’m the only one that sees it that way.

I’m sure this is the most clever coverup of all time and it’s so deep and clever that I just can’t see it yet.  🤷‍♂️😬

Seriously though, how many former and current FBI people shit themselves when they discovered today that the Durham SCO is all up in the FBI’s LYNC chat system going back to at least 2017?

Any FBI personnel who said ANYTHING Danchenko related from January 2017 to around October of 2020 is right now wracking their brain trying to recall everything they put into the LYNC chat.

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BREAKING: Democrats have sprung into action and built an outdoor living center complete with beds and healthcare services for the 50 migrants at Martha’s Vineyard.

Just joking! That’s the tent Barack Obama set up for his birthday party!



👆👆👆”We’ll raid Mar-A-Lago!”

We’ll raid Bannon! 

Hell, we’ll raid Lindell, Sidney Powell…



That will get Trump to go on the defensive, pull his horns in, stop the rallies, retrench, get in the bunker, play it safe!” 

Donald J. Trump:   “Gigglesnort!”

Democrats and DOJ/FBI goons today as Trump announces another rally  in Michigan after he’s done with his rally this coming Saturday in Ohio











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New filing in the Igor Dancenko case – 

Reveals Special Counsel Durham intends to introduce as evidence the internal LYNC messages of FBI Analysts/Agents. 

This includes the messages of FBI Analyst Brain Auten – who helped “manage” Danchenko and helped cover-up  Hunter Biden evidence.

👆👆👆Danchenko is objecting to Durham’s planned introduction of internal FBI LYNC chats between agents involved in handling his interviews and his status as a CHS.  

Good luck with **that*, Igor.

Right about now some FBI personnel are discovering that the Durham SCO is all up in their LYNC chat system archives going back YEARS.  


Let’s hope they take this well.

All I have to do is wait. 

I’m really good at it.

Right now FBI/DOJ people are pouring over this filing to see what Durham has got and what he plans to introduce in the courtroom. 

[disclaimer: Just because a prosecutor has an exhibit listed pretrial does not mean it will actually be introduced and used in the trial. But it does mean the prosecutor has possession of it.  ]

President Trump is choosing not to release the video footage of the raid because he “cares too much about the agents, and the enforcement that were just doing their job.”

A very interesting comment….

But why though?