Brian Cates:

It’s late September. 

Start rigging for the Red [CHINA] exposure.

Most people have no idea just how far Red China is into our local level county election systems.  How they’ve been allowed to just WALK RIGHT IN THROUGH AN OPEN DOOR for more than 20 years. 

But they’re about to find out.

30 years ago the very idea CCP vendors would be allowed to waltz right into the US, completely bypassing the US State Department, and make technology contract pitches directly to governors and other state officials would have been rejected as a ludicrous impossibility.  

It’s been happening since the George H.W. Bush days.

CCP vendors have been allowed to make their own direct approaches to do stuff like, oh I don’t know, I’m just spitballing here, selling ELECTION MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS APPS to several hundred US counties in key battleground states. 

From having Chinese programmers write the code, offer the apps & EMS platforms, to the election devices themselves, everybody was copacetic with it.  Because hardly anybody knew this was going on underneath the surface.  

But the whole country is about to find out. 

Stay tuned.

Imagine if for the past 30 years or so, behind the scenes, rarely commented on or covered in the news, Russian programmers were writing the code used to make US county Election Management System [EMS] apps and platforms.  

Even as it became increasingly apparent that Russia was a hostile foreign power.  

The fact we’re more than 30 years into allowing the CCP to be all up in our county election business is inexcusable.

The Chinese Connection is the one thing they’ve been so desperate to keep hidden. 

It’s the one thing they don’t want all of America to find out about.  

But they’re gonna find out about it.  

#ThePit  #PatriotGames #RigForRed  #TheChineseConnection

Watch for the people who try to attach themselves to the movement who insist on referring to themselves and to the Q movement as “QAnon”.  

They are not all that hard to spot.