White Squall

Kash Patel joins the @mgshowchannel and speaks on using WWG1WGA when signing his new book with *impeccable finesse*

“They don’t get to define what we mean when we say something.”

“It’s from a great movie that I watched a long time ago [White Squall] and people took to it — and so what!”

“Many people subscribe to the WWG1WGA mantra — and what’s wrong with it??”

By Radiopatriot

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  1. AMERICANS love this phrase. Where We Go One, We Go All! It has been repeated many times over our Long Preserved and Honored History, and WE STAND BY IT, even today.
    If you do not personally like it, feel FREE NOT TO USE IT.
    God Bless America and ALL of our Great Patriots, Current and Past.

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