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Dave Walsh, former President of Mitsubishi Energy Corp. on with Bannon this morning.

Watch and learn. 👇😎

“All of my neighbors with solar here in Florida will have to wait the same 9 to 10 days while our utilities work night & day to get their power restored, just like the rest of us. Difference is, thanks to “net metering”…they’ll get restored for free. Bad deal. They also routinely get their neighbors high cost natural gas fuel charge for free while being on the system 24 hrs a day. Really bad deal for all others bearing their system costs.

Significantly enhanced US production & exploration the answer….yes John Kerry….more holes drilled. More intermittent renewables = more nat gas to back up. Simple math.”

“California, Germany same intentional, self inflicted wounds of over reliance on intermittent, non reliable energy. While importing plenty of fossil fuels.”

“Understand this. Plants like these, (11%) of Hawaii’s electrical capacity, run 24 hrs a day. Electricity on this scale is not technically storable for the 14/16 hrs per day that unpredictable renewables produce nothing. The baseload, continuous duty solar/wind renewable technology necessary that would replace this kind of power density has not been invented. It does not exist. Burning wood yes…but incredibly polluting.”

“More issues than mentioned here. These are four hour batteries. Renewable deficiency time is average 16/hrs a day. Cost of these plus solar still 3X to 4X conventional generation.”

“Radical agenda to foster American dependance on others, wreck the US economy, transportation system & food supply.”

“Lack of gas, oil & reliable energy sources crushing German economic machine.”

“Complete loss of any context by many not paying attention, on the criticality of abundant, reliable and affordable energy to all aspects of a civilized society. A Return to technology of pre 1800 won’t do it. Biden’s Energy Policies Encourage Global Instability”

“Energy costs cited as huge at Ford. Ford Shares Drop After Warning Inflation Is a $1 Billion Problem”

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