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@Kash on Bannon’s @WarRoomPandemic AGAIN!

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Kash Patel sat with Jan Jekielek from The Epoch Times for an explosive interview this past week at Kash’s Corner.

During their conversation Kash warned viewers on what is coming out next from the FBI whistleblowers. 

Kash Patel: “I think it’s going to be an explosive topic. I don’t think you’ve seen any real damaging information yet. And that’s scary, right? Because this is very damaging. Because when you put it in perspective you’re going to see so much more damaging information. One of the other whistleblowers that came forward was on Dan Bongino’s Show. And he literally said wait til you see the acts of sexual complicity that the 7th floor of the FBI was engaging (in) during this entire time… And I was the guy that exposed the Lisa Page, Peter Strzok thing. I know how that organization at that level of political operatives work. So, there’s a lot more coming.”

Via The Storm Has Arrived.