US Jews better get their act together

I know many Jews, several of them friends. They typically hate Trump and voted for Biden, following a generations-long tradition of voting Democrat. They are not spiritual people. My closest friend believes life ends at death, there is no accounting for their actions on earth, and no eternal life thereafter. My friend thinks we are here to make the world a better place while we exist on this plane. After that? Done.

Explains much, doesn’t it?

By Radiopatriot

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  1. A jew is a jew is not true
    Kazarian jews are not true jews.they run the world banking system
    Talmudic jew s are people like the british royals
    Hasidic jews… kabbalah jews…etc.
    I invite you all to go straight down the rabbit hole on this issue
    Guaranteed to blow your mind 😉

  2. Messianic Jews… the 12 tribes… infiltrated the world and society both good and bad? History, Jonathan Kahn writes it well.

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