The Left Doesn’t Do Holiday Break


The 2022 midterms are, thanks to the foolishness of “early voting,” in progress.  They have been for some time, as far back as September in some states that are particularly lax in their voting processes and procedures.  Presumably, they would conclude on November 8, which we designate as “Election Day.”  We have already been forewarned that counting will take several days in many locations, which the reader should understand to read “states that need to be manipulated to obtain certain outcomes, namely the approved victors on top at the end of counting.

We have exhausted all midterm forecasts and possibilities.  In any sane world, in a Biden midterm, the Republican Party would obtain a 1994-style victory, with red covering the map, even in blue states.  In the post-2018 world of elections, especially in states featuring change agents, it is anyone’s guess.  The purpose of this brief piece is not to give strategy on how, or when, to vote.  It is to remind you that we will lose the country in the long run if we do not keep the gas pressed down.

Notice, I did not say we will lose the country if we lose the midterms.  We is too broad of a term when used politically.  Elections, and those elected, are often fickle things.  The success of nations comes down to actions and responses to events over long periods of time.  The institutional left and the order of global socialism focused on the institutions for many decades before becoming a player in the political field, through legitimate and illegitimate means alike.

The left is going all in on the fake polling and narratives for midterms.  But, since they are like undead zombies, they are already ready to go for 2024 without even needing to be motivated.  Truly, as soon as the final vote is counted next week, however many days that may take, the left will get to work on 2024, and implementing all tricks and shortcuts needed to throw the election their way, again.  They realize they are in a fight for the survival of everything we hold dear


Many on our side do not.  They still consider their involvement in “politics” (a shallow term for saving the country, in my opinion) to be a hobby, something to be done in the spare few hours that are available between the suburban shuffle to and from work and baseball practice.  It is akin to doing 20 sit-ups on a Monday after binging on Doritos and beer all weekend.  It gets almost nothing done.

The left pays full-time activists to rip away liberty in every single one of our 3,143 counties and independent cities.  Too many on our side complain about perceived “grifters” who have been cast into a role involving the restoration of the American way of life.  I nearly lost my mind in November and December of 2020, while our government agencies were breaking for long Thanksgiving and Christmas vacations with President Trump still fighting in the Oval Office for his own position.  It was very clear that they were not in it to win it.

I am a Christian.  I celebrate the true reason for Christmas, which is the birth of Christ.  I do not need a tree or presents to do that.  Likewise, I do not need a four-day vacation to give thanks for the good things we have.  I am to give thanks every day according to my Bible.  Maybe this is the writing of someone who lost both of those holidays to a deployment in 2010, or someone who is the son of a man who remembered the holidays as a somber time to remember the war dead of Vietnam.  He hated holidays and so do I.

But I hate passivity more than anything.  The left will be hard at work on the 2024 election the second that final vote is counted next week.  We owe it to this country to take a very brief knee for holidays and get back to work, in all 3,143 counties and independent cities across the country, pushing for sanity in elections, defying unlawful mandates, and competing for the future for our most vulnerable.

All future success in this nation depends on action, action, and more action.