November 2, 2022

Biden was literally telling us they were gonna steal the election.

“Just be patient. Let them keep counting the votes.”

It will be real interesting to see what happens.

There will be cheating.

How many elections will they steal?

That’s the question. 

We need to make it difficult to steal elections by voting in OVERWHELMING numbers!!

November 3, 2022

Here’s a link. The OIG is looking into everyone including the Fed members 

Agency Clears Fed Chair of Wrong

November 3, 2022

Powell is pretty straightforward in what he says. 

The clowns on TV and politicians trying to pressure him into a pivot or a pause just got slapped down.

I’ve been telling everyone for a few years now that Trump controls the Fed and is doing to the democrats what they tried to do to him in his first year in office. They jacked up rates on him trying to crash the market on his watch.

He stopped them and is now doing it to the democrats.

November 3, 2022


I had a friend I work with who was a huge Beto supporter tell me last week that Biden, who he voted for is destroying the country.

It was an unsolicited response out of the blue from a union guy who has voted democrat his whole life.

The democrat party is literally being destroyed before our eyes.

November 3, 2022

It is called the Exchange Stabilization Fund.

It was said to be used to stabilize currencies with the dollar.

It was actually a slush fund used for a lot of different things including dark CIA operations off the books.

The cabal used it for whatever they wanted before Mnuchin audited the Fed and took control of it.

November 3, 2022

It’s funny, the Exchange Stabilization Fund was controlled by the NY Fed. It was a corrupt slush fund used for all kinds of things.

Trump rolled the Fed into the Treasury and they took away the cabal’s slush fund.

When you click on this link to the NY Fed Exchange Stabilization Fund it now redirects you to the Treasury.

November 3, 2022

This is so great!

CNN taking Katie Hobbs to task and Jake Tapper getting demoted.



Don Lemon called out Katie Hobbs for not debating Lake and then doubled down asking if she’s ever debated anyone. 

Interesting that 6 days before midterms, CNN This Morning starts asking tough questions.

November 3, 2022

When CNN is bashing a key democrat candidate that even Obama was out trying to rally support for then we know we are winning.

This wasn’t a normal puff piece for Katie Hobbs.

The CNN panel seems really angry that she won’t debate cause they think that’s why she’s losing.

The truth is, if Katie Hobbs did debate Kari she would get destroyed but at least CNN could spin it and use the debate to badh Kari Lake.

They know the race is over😁😁

November 3, 2022

I agree. He repeats a lot because it’s mostly for the normies who are fleeing the democrat party by the millions. He knows he’s getting new viewers all the time.

But for those of us who know what’s happening, us anons, he is always giving comms in hints that are very specific to what he knows we are aware of and he builds on the comms from the previous rallies.

November 4, 2022

I agree. The UK is screwed. The tax cuts they were going to do would have been smart cause it would have put more money in the pockets of tax payers to survive the high inflation.

The debt doesn’t matter cause none of it is ever going to be paid back.

But now the Queen is dead and “Charles is in charge.”

Now they will do the opposite. They are calling for massive tax increases with high inflation.

When people can’t afford to eat revolutions begin.

A revolt in the UK is coming.

November 4, 2022

I don’t think anything surprises Trump and things are happening on his timing.

I’m not worried about anything but that’s just me.

November 6, 2022

A new Q drop!


Timing is everything.

This entire drop tells me one thing.

Hunter flipped which means Biden is leveraged.

As I’ve said for a long time, I believe Trump has leveraged Biden as a millstone around the democrats necks in order to destroy the democrat party.

We know a huge red wave is coming in a few days.

We also know the democrats are desperate and will still cheat.

It will be much harder to get away with.

The keys to watch will be in the blue states like NY, Washington and Oregon.

A massive red wave will give us surprise wins in those states.

Arizona, Georgia and Pennsylvania are also key.

The democrats have ingrained systemic cheating systems in place in key cities in those states.

It will take overwhelming numbers to win. Close races they will try to steal.

We need to win by at least 2-3 points to hold off the cheating that is planned in my opinion.

What will be great about this election is that it will give us a strong indication of just how unified the country is.

Not for Trump necessarily, but against the democrats.

November 6, 2022

With the timing of the Q drop I think there is another great possibility.

Is Hunter going to be indicted right after the midterms?

Can you imagine that happening after the democrats lose the House and Senate?

I also think Durham is waiting to drop his next big indictments till after the midterms. Maybe the Friday after.

Possible Joffe?

November 6, 2022

Yes, Weiss who has been investigating the Biden’s has been quiet for a long time.

It’s a rule in the DOJ to not drop indictments before elections if they involve politics.

November 6, 2022

With new stories dropping of “new” evidence being revealed on Hunter that tells me something.

It’s a big clue my friends.

Might tie directly with the new Q post today.

If new evidence is being leaked and made public that means the grand jury investigations are over.

Indictments incoming?

November 6, 2022 

Just a spit ball guess, but what if it was Trump calling up the NG in those states for the election in order to confiscate the machines right afterwards?

November 6, 2022

This is a great decode.

Q back now for these important times.

Hunter and Biden strings cut as I have suspected for a long time?

We The Ultra Media ⛈⛈⛈

Withold misspelling 

missing (H) 🤔

Drop 3355 (H) also mentions Blackmail and

Welcome Back Q

What happens when those who held positions of POWER (& INFLUENCE) no longer pull the strings? What happens when ‘BLACKMAIL’ no longer works? Do you become a LIABILITY? 

(H)> C, D, I

Welcome back Q 

So good to see you 

Are you returning publicly again now

November 6, 2022

Great Spit Ball JJ!!!



I think you’re right. I caught that Trump phrase at the rally too and it was a big deal.

When he said it’s time to make America great again it wasn’t about the midterms because the republicans can only stop the destruction.

What makes America great again will be the exposure and arrests of the enemy.

I do think it’s not far away and because of political considerations both Durham and Weiss are waiting in the wings to drop indictments right after the midterms.

Big changes, historical changes are about to happen in my opinion

November 6, 2022

What’s interesting in your post was the drop about the big declass coming.

We know that declass has already happened because Trump announced it and we’ve seen evidence of it in court cases by Durham.

But is there a time coming when there will be a public drop of huge critical evidence putting the enemy in a panic to cause them to fight or flight?

It’s still possible

ovember 6, 2022

A big heads up.

I’ve been waiting patiently for the turn in gold stocks.

It’s coming.

Too much evidence to deny it.

Just a matter of time.

Story #1

Story #2

I’m no financial expert and I don’t tell people what to do with their own money.

I’m going to share a personal holding of mine that is dirt cheap and holds a lot of value in my opinion.

Do your own due diligence.

Lion One Metals

Good times ahead my friends.

The central banks global debt systems days are numbered.

November 6, 2022

I’ve always used TDAMERITRADE and I can buy it there.

It’s usually one of those pink sheet stocks you can’t trade pre or post market.

LOMLF on the pink sheet.


November 6, 2022

Here’s that story on the NG in 14 states overseeing cybersecurity of elections.

Will be interesting to see how elections turn out in these 14 states.