Same year the DS met at Jekyll Island to start the Fed.

Actually the Olympus, the ships were switched and JP Morgan collected the insurance money. Just like Larry Silverstein in 9/11. Evil. – TruthWarrior, Telegram

By Radiopatriot

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  1. Do any of us really know what’s going on? The latest Trump controversy makes no sense. Well, it does if he does not want to be president again and if he does not, I don’t blame him. The way he was attacked was exhausting to witness.

    Is this all just a big distraction?

    I can’t believe these rich guys got on that boat. They were players and they knew how evil the bankers were and still are.

    The last 3 national elections are 3 Titanics. And we are expecting the captain to show up and stop the disasters. Here is a news flash: those in control to not obey court rulings they do not like. Only an armed militia will pull it off. But who’s side will THEY be on? I don’t know.

    Is Candace Owens a plant?

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