from a comment left at Monkeywerx 11.14.22 report

Tom Noyb

1 hour ago“baraq” means ‘lightning’ in Hebrew/Aramaic. “Bamah” means ‘heaven.’ Specifically, a place in heaven called, “Higher-Ground of iniquity.” When satan claims to be higher than the most-high, it stems in part from hailing from “Bamah.” When Michael eventually boots satan out of heaven, it’ll be from “Bamah.” When Jesus sees Michael throw satan out of Bamah (as prophecied in Luke10:18), it appears as lightning. Jesus said, “I saw satan fall like baraq o bamah.” Baraq started a Netflix-affiliate company called, (wait for it…) Higher-Ground Productions. “Symbolism will be their downfall.” (said Q).

Tammrae, [Nov 14, 2022 at 7:51:36 PM]:

SITREP 11.14.22 – Is Something Big Coming?

MonkeyWerx talks about the MarALago TFR. Cued up.