FTX Scandal unfolds…

And as it does, we’re learning more and more.

MAGA hater Benny Sasse also took cash $$ from FTX fraudster Sam Bankman-Fried

Quoting from my previous post about this:

FTX Crypto Exchange > Ukrainian Money > Democratic Donations.

A billion dollar crypto Ponzi scheme that existed with this guy who was a fake philanthropist who was the vehicle for $$$ the US sent to Ukraine, sent to crypto exchange FTX, which which was then given to Democrat Super PACs in hundreds of millions of dollars. That exchange has now collapsed.

This ties into Ghislaine Maxwell /Epstein thing. Another Democrat slush fund has collapsed, is destroyed. This proves what we’ve been saying about Ukraine all along, that Ukraine is a proxy money laundering swamp. And the OIG and DoD are sending US troops to Ukraine to follow/monitor the $$ and weapons and assets we’ve sent over there. Interesting how this exchange suddenly collapsed, causing us to wonder if the DoD IG and the US troops over there poking around and monitoring our money supply lines had something to do with it. 

Did someone (major investor) panic and get out, causing the collapse? Anons are asking… Ukraine = Piggy bank where our tax dollars flow into. 

Going back to 2014, Ukraine was being used as a money laundering operation by Obama & Co. (Biden was the front man). Victor Shokin, Porochenko… The money ends up in Democrat Super PACs, Foundations, DNC, crypto marks an easy way to do that in a decentralized, difficult to trace manner.

Seems to map onto the Devolution paradigm.

Elon Musk tweeted there will not be an investigation on this guy because he’s a major Democrat donor. Elon is putting a massive spotlight on there’s something political on FTX. Pay attention to this.

Garrett Ziegler is tracking this closely:

The mother of the FTX scam artist gives seminars on “moral/political theory”

Please send an iMessage to this leftist academic at Stanford and ask her how she feels about raising a total fraud and thief



Bankman-Fried is one of the most disgusting creatures of 2022, truly. And that’s a hard honor to crack

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