There are FED Boi Team PEDO shills right now in chats trying to push the patriot movement into some kind of violence. 

ANONS who have followed the Q drops and know the Plan all say the same thing – our movement is peaceful and this is an information war. 

Every Patriot holding the line right now are heroes fighting for the light. 

Our victory is inevitable. 

Also Trump has never conceded 2020 so anyone who is trying to spread that in chats is a Team Pedo FED Boi shill and needs to be called out.

WWG1WGA. This was posted on Mr. Truth Bomb


Kinda shocked by the negative, downer, black-pill, “I’m giving up” reaction of so many anons here and on TS and Twitter. Wow. 

This is the cabal we’re dismantling, not some playground bully. Exactly how long do you think it’s going to take? If you have a better plan and shorter timetable, please feel free to execute it. 

So he didn’t talk about election fraud. So what? We know, he knows, and he knows a lot more than we do. It wasn’t the night for that. Can we give the man who gave up his entire life for us ONE NIGHT OFF to celebrate doing what he does not have to do — taking on 2 more years of hell, and then 4 more when he wins? Can we give him that?

I’ve been fighting child trafficking for 2 decades. If I gave up when it got difficult or discouraging, I would have given up long ago. I’m less wearied by the fight to take down the deep state than I am by the negative words from anons. Seriously. 

Brush it off and get back in the fight. Please.


They can’t censor him on Facebook. I think that’s humongous.

It sure is. That’s where the normies hang out. 😂


Today I came to the conclusion that neither of my sisters will ever wake up.  And they will continue to be abusive and disrespectful to anyone who sees anything differently than they do.  They are lost and it’s going to take them (and therefore me) a lot of pain if they are ever going to wake up.  I’m trying to figure out whether it’s worth the effort.


We haven’t hit the big stuff yet.

The normies I know don’t think the plandemic stuff was a bad thing.

They still think this is all just politics and don’t care. 

How will things change?

When the very people they voted for are arrested and on trial for corruption and worse?

Things will completely change

(Joe Lange)


Imagine this – you buy a broken down home that has termites, mold, asbestos, water damage, no working electricity, and a bunch of dangerous criminals that refuse to leave

Do you send in the home builder to start repairs on top of the existing rot who will have to obey what the criminals want him to do?

Or do you send in the experienced demo man first to level the place and leave a clean foundation for the builder to expand upon?

Trump 2024

Destroy the Deep State