Karli Bonné, Midnight Rider, on her BIG Night out on the Town!

Karli was invited by Steve Bannon as his guest to sit at one of his tables at the NY Young Republicans gala held last night in NYC.

Karli’s posts began as she was getting ready for the BIG night!


“Almost Ready!”

Pics/selfies provided by Karli, whose indefatigable video work is depended on by this site and likely millions of others.

Congratulations, Karli! A well deserved treat – a SPARKLING night on the town with conservative MAGA stars!


VIP baby!

My Mayor

By Radiopatriot

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  1. Karli is the best at getting clips, news, and memes out to the people from sun up to sun down, if I miss something important, I know I can find a clip of it on her truth social page. Love this MAGA Patriot!

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