Why Trump pushed the Vaccines

Keys to unlock the mystery why Trump pushed the vaccines

The following key insights will unlock the door of confusion to a brighter world of understanding, and hope

Trump was asked to run for president by high level military intelligence services who are fighting against world tyranny. Trump’s background in the inner circles of the cabal, and his decision to not go along with their evil plans, gave him insider knowledge needed to take them down.

He was informed that the pandemic was coming, and learned that the plan was to have two full years of ongoing lockdowns.

This would wipe out the economies of the world, and pave the way for a Great Reset, resulting in permanent worldwide tyranny. The agenda was to suppress all treatments for the pandemic disease, because the world had to stay in lockdown for two years. After those two years a vaccine would be released.

The pandemic agenda

✔︎ Release the pandemic 

✔︎ Suppress all treatments 

✔︎ Two years of lockdowns 

✔︎ Devastate the nations 

✔︎ Wipe out the middle class 

✔︎ Impoverish all people 

✔︎ Transfer all resources to the cabal

✔︎ Make humanity dependent on them 

✔︎ Release vaccines after two years of lockdowns

✔︎ Be praised as the “saviors” of the world

✔︎ Establish permanent worldwide tyranny

Trump and his allies were aware of this agenda, yet had no way of stopping it. The cabal had prepared their plan for decades, and had everything in place: government agencies, health organizations, news media, mind controlled population, every little detail…

The heart of the agenda are the two years of lockdowns to destroy the world. This had to be prevented by all means. There was only one way to end the lockdowns: a vaccine. 150 years of non stop mind control of humanity had convinced virtually every single soul on earth that a vaccine is the one thing that protects them from illness.

Mankind demanded a vaccine. They would not accept anything else.

Trump could not change the minds of billions of brainwashed people. Saying publicly that vaccines are bad, would destroy his credibility, and he would waste all chances of saving America and the world. So Trump gave orders to work on vaccines, prior to the pandemic. His plan was to cut the lockdowns short by releasing the vaccine way ahead of the cabal timeline. This would accomplish two objectives:

1) Save America and the world from destruction

2) Forcing the cabal to rush their agenda, which causes critical errors, while they expose themselves

It was the only option. Nothing could prevent the vaccines. Mankind demanded it. They would be released anyway. All Trump could do, was pull them forward, to thwart the plans of the cabal. Meanwhile he fiercely opposed vaccine mandates, defended personal choice, and supported his allies who warned humanity about the dangers of the injections.

Trump promoted treatments 
for months on end

A central element of the cabal strategy was to hide all treatments. The WHO ordered all governments, news media, and social media to censor, and ban information about treatments. Humanity was not allowed to have hope. Everyone had to be kept in total despair, locked down for two years, waiting for a vaccine.

Trump smashed this plan, by shouting from the rooftops there are treatments.He posted 26 tweets (!) about hydroxychloroquine, and promoted doctors who use it.

This is a list of the 26 (!) tweets in which Trump tried to tell humanity they don’t need a vaccine, because there are safe and very effective drugs. 

Trump also made personal videos in which he told the world about powerful therapeutics. He repeatedly told the world not to fear, and not to let C0VID control their lives.

Essentially Trump removed the need for a vaccine by saying there are cures. Who needs a rushed vaccine if there are proven drugs? He promoted these drugs for many months. The significance of this evades most of us. The cabal insisted there are no cures, and governments worldwide banned every treatment. Trump severely disrupted their plan by touting cures, as loud as he could, for months on end.

Eventually, however, he had to do the inevitable: save America and the world from complete destruction, by pulling the vaccine more than a year forward.

Again: the vaccines were not his idea. It was THEIR plan. He simply released them 1,5 years sooner, to end the lockdowns, which saved the world.

The genocide is not his fault. The adverse events are not his fault. This would have happened anyway, and far worse, on top of the total wipe out of America and the nations, followed by a tyrannical Great Reset.

Keys to open our minds

✔︎ The vaccines would have come anyway 

✔︎ Trump had no way of preventing them 

✔︎ Humanity demanded a vaccine to end lockdowns 

✔︎ Trump pulled the agenda more than a year forward 

✔︎ By doing so, he saved the world from destruction 

✔︎ He constantly promoted cures,
which eliminate the need for a vaccine 

✔︎ He constantly opposed the mandates 

✔︎ He said nobody has to be afraid of C0VID 

✔︎ He supports his allies who warn about the vaccines

Recently Trump announced to outlaw censorship, which means: those who warn humanity about the vaccines, will no longer be silenced. If he was on the side of the cabal, he wouldn’t do that, as a main message of patriots today, is: stay away from the vaccines! 

Imagine what will happen once all medical doctors worldwide are able again to warn humanity about vaccines? That will be thanks to Trump. 

May this insight help you understand that Trump is not evil. He has been fighting an impossible war. Let’s learn to dig deeper, look beyond the surface, and gain an accurate understanding. Don’t listen to negative voices. 

Look at this list of what Trump has been doing…

✔︎ Expose media corruption

✔︎ Expose government corruption

✔︎ Expose Big Pharma corruption

✔︎ Expose Big Tech corruption

✔︎ Expose FBI corruption

✔︎ Expose CIA corruption

✔︎ Expose DOJ corruption

✔︎ Expose DHS corruption

✔︎ Expose IRS corruption

✔︎ Expose election corruption

✔︎ Expose judiciary corruption

✔︎ Expose Supreme Court corruption

✔︎ Expose RINO corruption

✔︎ Expose the Deep State

✔︎ Expose the Cabal

✔︎ Expose child trafficking

✔︎ Expose the transgender agenda

✔︎ Expose border invasion

✔︎ Expose WHO crimes against humanity

✔︎ Expose WEF domination agenda

✔︎ Expose climate change hoax

✔︎ Expose New World Order

✔︎ Expose the “destroy America” agenda

Trump has been doing nothing but expose evil. Not only did he expose all of it, but he is personally confronting it. That’s why he is constantly under attack.

This is an incomplete list of the unrelenting attacks on Trump:

✔︎ Russian collusion hoax

✔︎ Two impeachment attempts

✔︎ Mass media slandering campaigns

✔︎ Facebook and Twitter accounts deleted

✔︎ Mass election fraud

✔︎ January 6 trap

✔︎ Kanye West set up

✔︎ Tax return investigation

✔︎ Constant public discrediting

✔︎ Controlled opposition accusations

✔︎ Republican Party betrayal

During conferences of the World Economic Forum, the think tank of the cabal, Trump was repeatedly named as the greatest threat to their plan. George Soros called Trump their nr. 1 enemy.

The message of the dark realm, has been from the beginning: “Hate Trump! Hate Trump! Hate Trump!” When you insist on hating Trump, you are doing the very thing the dark realm has been shouting to humanity for years. Don’t side with evil, please. 

May we all learn accurate discernment, and choose the side of truth.

United we stand, divided we fall.

David Sorensen

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By Radiopatriot

Retired Talk Radio Host, Retired TV reporter/anchor, Retired Aerospace Public Relations Mgr, Retired Newspaper Columnist, Political Activist Twitter.com/RadioPatriot * Telegram/Radiopatriot * Telegram/Andrea Shea King Gettr/radiopatriot * TRUTHsocial/Radiopatriot


  1. As well and worth mentioning, Trump made a deal with Prime Minister Modi of India. In exchange for the promise of treating Indian Nationals “like his own” during the pandemic India would produce enough Hydroxychloroquine for everyone in America. Trump made arrangements for Americans to have access to HCL and he was going to give it away, just like the vaccines. Within a very short span of time every HCL producing lab in India was burned to the ground, one after another. Then getting HCL became problematic. The entire pharmaceutical industry in America stopped distributing it so they had a supply for those deemed “worthy”. President Trump really did try. The mistake he made was being so public with his plans. If only he had operated on an adjusted, alternative timeline as he does now, many of his plans would have been successful.
    It is common knowledge in the “truther” community that the White Hat military replaced as many of the vaccines with saline as they possibly could, however, there were many that got past them. This is why millions more who took the vax did so without terminal outcomes.

    1. That’s one I hadn’t heard, but it makes sense. I did a quick search and found this:
      Fire Destroys Research Lab Of Pharma Company; None Hurt
      A devastating fire on Wednesday destroyed the research centre of a pharma company in Thane district, but no casualty was reported, officials said.
      Written By Press trust of India
      January 28, 2021
      Here’s another, this one in Taiwan:

      Liberty Times reported that the factory produces hydroxychloroquine APIs, and is the world’s second largest HCQ raw material supplier.

      Pharmaceutical factory on fire after explosion: 2 injured – Taiwan …
      Dec 20, 2020An explosion at a pharmaceutical factory in Taoyuan City left two injured and caused a fire early this afternoon, December 20. People as far as Tamsui District in New Taipei City reported hearing the massive blast shortly after noon. Immediately after the blast, thick black smoke could be seen pouring out of the SCI Pharmtech factory.


    1. WillyVictor please, please, please be patient….YES….MORE PATIENT!!!

      Have faith and trust what is right, good and true in this world and add to it in any way you can. Your inane questions are without merit, since none of us have the omnipotence, omnipresence and omniscience of the ONE that made it possible for us to be here, witnessing this incredible renaissance we are seeing glimpses of and feeling the rush of excitement in our hearts for.
      I know, I know, we are all a little tired. We’re all feeling the heaviness of those who refuse to look more deeply within themselves for the sake of healing. We all vacillate in and out of disgust and upset at the sad truths being revealed to us, SO WHAT?
      It is our duty as humans to hold HOPE even when there seems no reason to.
      It is our duty to hold the line for those who can’t stand, for those who stood and lost, for those too ignorant to conceive of it and, especially, for all of the innocent lives taken, ruthlessly, setting this planet on its side because the preciousness and innocence in this world was being taken faster than it could multiply.

      We have much to be thankful for. Even if you don’t believe in God, you must believe in something greater than yourself or whoever you hope will receive your inane questions in these blogs.

      A few questions: what did you do today to make this world better? How did you assist in maintaining what is necessary for humanity to get through this birthing process we’re in? What are you willing to do to get your own question answered? How hard will you work to get to a deeper understanding and, consequently, the silver lining?

      1. Beautifully stated, Lisa. WillyVictor and others need to spend more time carefully reading what I post. Most of the answers are there from anons and others who are doing the laborious work of researching everything. they don’t have time to complain and whine, or “take the black pill.” They understand that this is huge and will take ALL of us to uncover and share the corruption that is found on a daily basis. Whining is for those who find it easier to complain than to do the heavy lifting to lighten the work of all those who are mining and unveiling truth.

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